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Amory Wars Volume 1 The Second Stage Turbine Blade PDF

From Coheed Cambria's Claudio Sanchez comes a deeper look into the saga behind their best selling debut album The Second Stage Turbine Blade Coheed and Cambria lead a seemingly normal quiet life with their four children Yet when villainous forces behind the mysterious keywork reveal hard hitting truth's behind the couple's real nature a battle begins that crosses all worlds

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    First and foremost I read all of the books in this series so I will be posting a full series review if that’s possible thanks The Amory Wars The Second Stage Turbine Blade starts off running you are thrown into the dream of one Coheed Killgannon who you later learn is part of an anti terrorist group called the KBI He dreams about killing a space crew and escaping a space station He later learns that the dream he has is part of a disease called Monstar which he passed on through heredity to his children His wife Cambria also has this disease and is also part of the KBI About halfway through the first volume you meet Deftinwolf who tells Coheed that he has to kill his children because it is the only way for the universe to survive The children of the couple have the Sinstar Virus is an evolution of the Monstar Sinstar is able to shut down stars by cooling them down So it could potentially destroy the universe It becomes increasingly difficult for the two because Coheed poisons his first two children and can’t make the decision on how to kill the other two The book however primarily focuses on Claudio the only surviving child and his experience through heavens fence The Universe My opinion about this book is really positive I loved this series it was absolutely perfect Every word fit the situation and it was really exciting While also showing how much it would suck to be chased 3 superpowers It shows love really well too this is one of the books you can’t really explain accurately because too much happens to really explain in under an hour Or in this case in under 10 pages The entire story seems unbelievable but borderline realistic If I was able to rate this book I would rate it considerably higher than the rubric allows At least 205 but for purposes of this review I will keep it to 55 As I said in my opinion the words fit seemingly perfect together It also gives you the option to listen to music by the band Coheed and Cambria to further understand the story