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4.85 starsOnce again an old gem has come up trumps, a fabulous romance which would still be languishing on my shelves I don t know how I could have forgotten about reading it, the best thing to come out this absentmindedness Good friends inquiring and gently pushing me to read it and it all came back to me I adored the guys and its not sappy, of a romantic love story which has all the ups and downs when dealing with difficult, frustrating, stubborn boneheads who suffer needlessly for their idiotic behaviour. Updated final review July 28, 20135 Huge Stars emotional and tender about not knowing and then dare to sayI love yougrandly good If I could, there would have been many great glittering stars because this is a wonderful and lovely novel in just 154 pages It s about two guys who are getting and mixed up in each other s lives Eventually, it may only be ONE single life, a joint life Jake is a famous photographer, a loner with a bit of agoraphobia In comes the lively and adventurous Aaron and becomes his assistant Aaron does blue pots, is witty in the jaw, has many boyfriends and feel a lot of trust in the sometimes stubborn and abrupt but so reliable Jake Years pass and a very special friendship and a strong relationship grows BUT Jake and Aaron is two stubborn, a bit sluggish made men who don t see that they have what they want next to them Wake up boys please Although Aaron had declared it an unremarkable dude moment, Jake remembered it down to the minute Even now, nearly five years later, if anyone asked him when he had first touched Aaron, he could say with certainty, 10 37 Monday morning, August 22, 2001 Exactly It s about two quite odd but nice guys to really care for, a story to really love and feel with Their feelings and thoughts are so beautifully described, it s very funny banters, wonderful kind hearted friends and so tenderly about longing and need My heart bursts, but heals some tissues may be needed for every reader Very, very readable and a perfect book for all the girls and romances readers who are still hesitating a bit before reading the books in this wonderful M M romance genre This is a traditional old constructed romantic story and you have to wait While doing so, it is both longing, dreams, laughter and tears.Highly recommended to all romantics this stands out and should not be missed I LIKE fun, emotional, super romantic and just perfect for this romance hungry Swedish lady Thanks for the excellent recommendation Bev and Vio. Ok, I m going to admit something and then I m gonna duck This book, in the beginning, annoyed the crap out of me I absolutely HATED the banter between Aaron Jake It was just trying SO HARD to be witty, exchanging zingers, and frankly I was traumatized Everyone loved this book so much I feared I was going to loathe it how do you turn around a book when you can barely stand the 2 MC s talking to each other.Next thing I know, I m hooked And here s what did it as sick as this kinda sounds, I m a SUCKER for a functionally codependent relationship When 2 people not only WANT each other but NEED each other and in ways that don t seem sane or normal crawling into each other s beds at night Walking around aimlessly only to find comfort if a light is on Turn down your boyfriend in order to comfort your boss for no reason Erm I know, I know the point is that they were in love before they even admitted it to each other Still, it was weird and I love that sh t I m gaga for that deep need And I love when someone is just THERE for you without question of what you re asking.So, I fell for their crazytown love and damn THE DESPERATE SEX so, so, so HOT I was beyond I was so engrossed by the end of the book, I immediately started it over And the 2nd time well, I still hated the banter, but this time I could skim that stuff and just get to the sick obsessions And I loved it.I would not call this book sweet as a lot of people do, or fluff nope not at all There s a kinda sickness to this relationship and there s also some damn that hurts angst in the story But, the payoff was so good Me likey so much sowell, I read it a 3rd time right after This book was reviewed for The evens, I cannot.This is a story about two grown men who are apparently literally unable to find each other s cocks.Aaron took his hand away from his cock Touch it then Jake tentatively reached out and pressed his palm flat against Aaron s stomach, his fingers fanning out then staying still, letting the heat soak into them He was deathly afraid to move them any further Aaron stayed still as well, unnaturally still for him, letting Jake simply touch him The only thing moving either of them was Aaron s steady breathing as his stomach rose and fell slightly under Jake s hand Beautiful, Jake whispered The pictures could never hold you This is mine this is what I was trying to find Now that it s found, Aaron replied as his fingers combed through Jake s hair, don t lose it again Suggest alternative title for this book How to Lose a Guy s Cock in Five Years.Thankfully they have a sassy straight woman for this is what straight women are for to help them find their knobs again.I suppose I should see it as turnabout being fair play that after many years in which the only possible role for a gay person in the media was the desexualised, wrist flopping best friend of a heroine that women are now the m m equivalent of Grindr.Helping gay men get laid since 2009.But, look, this is not okay.Firstly we can honestly get ourselves laid We ve been doing it for a long time now, and I think we ve got it sussed.And, secondly women are not sexual intercourse mediation devices If I need a friend to negotiate my shagging for me, I should not be having sex.Now, I realise the role of women in m m is difficult, and a Sassy Straight Woman is infinitely better than an One Dimensional Bitch Queen From Hell, but I genuinely believe it s messed up that the default role of Valued Woman Person in m m is love pimp to incompetent homosexuals.Obviously I m not a monolith but I m sure I m not alone in being able to genuinely value, admire and form friendships with women who have better things to do with their lives than facilitate my orgasms.Anyway God This book I don t know what to say There s nothing alienating than humour you don t find funny I think this is supposed to amusing, but we were not amused.And that s not a criticism of the book, as such, it s merely an incompatibility of temperament Stuff like this She s not going to get you fish, you know She ll than likely get you the chicken salad sandwich I always get on Tuesdays from the deli down on the corner You eat the same thing every Tuesday And Wednesday and Thursday and Friday do you see a pattern I think you and your Ho Hos need to branch out And eat trout Maybe even bear Yeah, uh uh, I m thinking no on the bear You gotta live dangerously, Mozart there are only so few days each year bear is in season, you know When exactly is bear season How the hell should I know You re the one who reads Field and Stream, for chrissake This conversation is going nowhere fast It s not my fault you re a conversation killer Is that in any way, shape, or form like a serial killer Aaron grinned A little, only with slightly less body parts in your freezer That s good, because then there would be no room for the bear Exactly I get what it s trying to do and I get that it s meant to hint at the fundamental compatibility of these two nauseating manic pixie dream boys but to me it s just trying so hard to be quirky that it comes across as excruciatingly lol random, and leaves me wanting to punch myself in the face It s like y know that bit in Garden State where Natalie Portman all like makes Zack Wossname make a funny noise because nobody will ever have done that in that spot and it ll be like totally unique and special, like a fucking goddamn snowflake And with exactly zero conviction Nat does this weird wiggly dance thing that makes you feel actively embarrassed and uncomfortable, because it s just so self conscious, awkward, and trying too hardy, and you re left shaking your head, being all like oh girl, no You know that bit This entire book is like that for me.But here are some less personal things that I felt didn t quite work I guess for UST to be interesting to me it has to be Unresolved for what seems to be a plausible reason Not just plot necessity, ineptitude and lack of basic communication skills.I know there are plenty of readers who don t enjoy their menz with even the faintest flicker of emotional intelligence or verbal competence because it s the wrong sort of gay and that s fine taste is taste, is what it is but I think even the most muscular and wang focused human male can just about manage to grunt out shall we bang Possibly while cupping himself if he s concerned the message might not be, ahem, received.And I m totally fine, in principle, with oh, it might damage our friendship or but I m not sure he likes me back that way or I m worried he s not the right sort of person for me BUT REALLY HE IS which are the usual obstacles causing UST in friends to lovers type stories But I need them to be embedded in something that feels like a genuine concern, or an understandable perception, otherwise you have a book in which the characters are just marking time until a certain number of pages have gone by, and they can bonk But the only thing keeping MPDB 1 and MPDB 2 apart is the fact the hobnob I just dipped in my tea probably has a mature understanding of human relationships So when MPDB 2 decides to move in with his boyfriend, this is an actual conversation that happens in the book As in a conversation between grownups, who presumably have voices and brains, and agency over their lives and actions Jake He didn t say a thing He didn t argue He didn t tell me no, you can t He didn t say anything at all What did you tell him, Aaron Alyson asked in a low voice I told him I said yes Yes to what He didn t fight for me, Aly I thought maybe he would Goddammit, Aaron, tell me what the hell you re talking about What did you say yes to and why isn t Jake talking to you Matt asked me to move in with him Three nights ago He told me he loved me and wanted me with him all the time because he missed me when I wasn t No one has ever told me that no one has ever wanted to be with me all the time No one You honestly believe that What then do you call Jake calling you in the middle of the night because he needs to know you re there What do you call him coming to your place when he barely goes anywhere at all because he knows you ll be there What the hell is that if not missing you and wanting to be with you all the time I know, but he s never told me He s never said the words like Matt did I never know with him So he s not moving in with Matt because he wants to, or he thinks it won t work with Jake, or even because he thinks Jake isn t into him it s because JAKE NEVER SAID THE WORDS.And because passive aggressive emotional backmail is a wonderful reason to co habit.Also what the hairy balls is this He didn t tell me no, you can t nonsense Since when did passing arbitrary judgement on what you can and cannot do with your life become a sought after trait in a partner And, yes, of course negotiating your mutual happiness is important and involves compromise, but specifically agreeing to do something in the hope that your partner will forbid it that is so completely deranged it s honestly no wonder these men need a woman to guide their cocks together.She probably has to tie their shoelaces as well. OMG, love this book and LOVE these characters.I want from this author and story about Moz and Flip So much , it was too short but even with that it was so fulfilling It was a rollercoaster and there was a moment where I had to put the ebook down because of the intensity I almost felt like Joey in the Friends episode where he had to put Little Women in the freezer because he was upset about Beth I loved their banter, I loved their relationship and I felt like Alyson who knew these two guys were meant for each other but they just couldn t get to that point The frustration level is incredibly high here but only because you want good things for these men.It s so wonderful So many of their interactions just made me want to melt but it never came across as too sugary, it was just right for me One of the best reads I ve had this year. What do I say about this book I say Five Wonderful Golden Stars and bring on the dancing girls A delightful story, I cried buckets of happy tears , I was forever gnashing my teeth , and there were many Homer Simpson moments when I just wanted to slap both Jake and Aaron upside the heador bash my head against a brick wall they were so frustrating Jake and Aaron, or Moz and Flip, were a really good comedic double act, but their attempts to deny their feelings for each other.yes, that huge male elephant in the corner.bordered on the ridiculous sometimesall I wanted to do was kill them both and have done with it How the wonderful Aly put up with them I ll never know , and Matt was an absolutely fabulous character, who although he loved Aaron himself realised that until Moz and Flip admitted their feelings for each other, their lack of communication was very unwelcome third in his own relationship with Aaron, and when Aaron finally confirmed he loved Jake, Matt graciously stepped aside Wonderful, wonderful story. what this book did to me I ve been blindsided Thrown for a loop Call it what you will, but this book came out of nowhere and knocked me right on my ass.I expected humor I expected snark and smut SMARK What I did not expect was to cry for the last half of the book both happy and sad tears I didn t expect to feel so damn much for these two men.Stupid, stubborn boys are stupid And I ate that shit up like it was the first meal I ve had in years.This immediately goes on my Best of the Freaking Best shelf.Fucking bravo, man Damn. 4.5 Starsif you don t think he gives you sonnets, then you re not paying close enough attention Every photograph he takes of you is a sonnet And every day he writes you one, whether you know it or not Five years worth, Aaron Thousands of sonnets just for youThis book is filled with buckets and buckets of feels And I loved every single second of it Aaron and Jake are flawed, stubborn, snarky, quirky and ridiculously endearing Their bond is instant and their connection is obvious from the very first encounter, gripping you right from the prologue I applaud the author because she managed to pack in a shit load real unit of measurement of emotion into such a short book Aaron is an aloof and fly by the seat of his pants guy He takes each day as it comes and floats through life with his own unique look at the world However, he doesn t feel like he truly belongs anywhere, has roots or a home of his own.until he steps into Jake s world Jake is an incredibly talented photographer whose entire world consists of his apartment and studio Anything outside of those walls scares him, overwhelms him and feels like too muchuntil Aaron comes along and pushes the boundaries of his walls further and further outside of his comfort zoneNow that Aaron had tunneled in, creating an escape route, Jake had found there was a sun and stars and fresh air all around him Some days he couldn t even see the walls for how far away Aaron had pushed themIt s plain to see to anyone around them that they are irrevocably in love with each other Their daily lives consist of unspoken affection and unconditional support But neither will admit their feelings, and once the severity of how deep these feeling run is truly felt, that s when the fear sets inespecially for Jake What happens if the walls start closing back in He couldn t live with himself if they trapped Aaron and stifled his spirit The denial and stubbornness of both guys could have frustrated me, but with the level of emotion the author evoked and the pacing of the book it just added to the angst I understood each guy s hesitation and could sympathize with both the fear and need clawing through them And when they finally did come to their senses, it was beyond rewarding Five years of pent up desire and need exploded on my kindle It was frenzied and tender, gentle and passionate, and filled with crazed devotion and lovetheir bodies were nothing than a tangle of limbs that were too entwined to claim a single owner but were rather an extension of this new sweating, grunting, fucking creature they had createdThere were so many little things to love about this book From blue clay pots to middle of the night phone calls, to snarky banter that was almost spoken in a language that only Aaron and Jake could understandI gobbled up every bit of it I laughed, I cried and I blushed This book delivered so many things in so few pages My only wish is that we would have had of Aaron and Jake as a couple A couple of chapters just didn t feel like enoughI never denied I was a greedy whore If you re in the mood for witty, quirky and funny banter, heart stutters and butterflies in the stomach, two flawed characters that you can t help but root for, and a heartwarming and endearing story about finding your other half, I highly recommend you pick this one up Aaron Has No Idea What He S Walking Into When He Shows Up To Pose For A Famous And Famously Bad Tempered Photographer He Certainly Doesn T Expect To End Up Working As Jake S Assistant For Five Frustrating, Thrilling, And Crazy Years Instead Of In Front Of The CameraIt All Works Until Jake Realizes Aaron Has Become The Focus Of His Life, A Life That S Threatened When Aaron Actually Leaves Him To Start A Relationship With Someone Else Though It Breaks His Heart, Jake Realizes He Has To Set His Beloved Muse Free To Have Any Chance Of Winning Aaron Back Reprint This Short Story Was Originally Published In The Dreamspinner Press Anthology Size Still Matters Flawed characters are a given in any story but Aaron and Jake have issues that went beyond flawed to quite disturbing I considered abandoning the story several times but somehow I still wanted to know whether the story would redeem itself in its conclusion It didn t.What bothered me 1 Aaron and Jake s non communication and quirky rude banter was annoyingly immature 2 Jake hired Aaron as an assistant who then spends most of his time behind a potterywheel in Jake s studio made no sense whatsoever , displaying rude behaviour to Jake when he is with clients, throwing hissyfits when he has to run an errand or change a role of film for him I don t care how much Jake wanted to support Aaron, this was unrealistic 1 for me Jake comes across as an idiot and totally unprofessional Also, the way Jake went about recruiting an assistant was awkward and unprofessional unrealistic as well I ve worked in this field for several years, trust me, no professional will allow any of the above to happen in his studio 3 Jake has had a crush on Aaron for about five years and they sleep in each other s beds on a regular basis, yet nothing happens Yeah right They re virile young men No one s going to try or say anything for FIVE years Not even cop a feel Don t think so This from someone who s been in a similar situation it took me two months to reveal my feelings.4 The disturbing Jake frankly needed professional help The sleeping together and midnight phone calls to alleviate Jake s anxieties reached toxic levels The repeated sitting on a bench in front of Aaron s new place had both of them acting like victims and there was a lot of wallowing in self pity going on They both had umpteen opportunities to express their feelings yet neither man showed any balls at any given time and seemed to think it was up to the other to do something, hence a ridiculous stale mate In their interaction both characters acted evasive, passive agressive, immature and as I just said, quite cowardly Neither character managed to win my symphathy 5 When the characters finally said their ILYs, they go off on a lengthy sex fest, which didn t feel like a celebration of love to me but another aspect of unhealthy obsession and non communication In short, this story seemed to enable its main characters to keep up their toxic patterns instead of breaking out of or facing them in any way Jake s female BFF seemed to enable them as well, she certainly wasn t able to give Jake the kick in the rear he so badly needed I read this because it came highly recommended but there is no accounting for taste, this certainly wasn t mine.