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Sin Is Coming Prepare To Swoon Torn From Her Native New York City And Dumped In The Land Of Cookie Cutter Preps, Candice Is Resigned To Accept Her Posh, Dull Fate Nothing Ever Happens In Swoon, Connecticutuntil Dice S Perfect, Privileged Cousin Penelope Nearly Dies In A Fall From An Old Tree, And Her Spirit Intertwines With That Of A Ghost His Name Sinclair Youngblood Powers His Mission Revenge And While Pen Is Oblivious To The Possession, Dice Is All Too Aware Of Sin She S Intensely Drawn To Him But Not At All Crazy About The Havoc He S Wreaking Determined To Exorcise The Demon, Dice Accidentally Sets Sin Loose, Gives Him Flesh, Makes Him Formidable Now She Must Destroy An Even Potent And Irresistible Adversary, Before The Whole Town Succumbs To Sin S Will Only Trouble Is, She S In Love With Him What Do You Do When The Boy Of Your Dreams Is Too Bad To Be True

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    Swoon is another book from Simon and Schuster s spring release list the hardcover hits bookstores May 2009 And all I can ask myself is why I tried to like this book I really did I told myself it was edgy, and tried to look at it from a teen s perspective The premise grabbed me malevolent, vengeful ghost takes possession of a teen and wrecks havoc on the town that wronged him in the 1700s The teen s cousin is the only one who knows about the possession and she s in love with the ghost Great premise The back cover copy sold me on this book And then I read it, and it just didn t deliver I was expecting terror and complicated intimacy and an exploration of what it means to be dead And Malkin tried you can see her trying But what I got from this book was a love story with nothing to back up that emotion, a cast of shallow and purposeless supporting characters, and sex Lots of sex While I understand that Malkin was aiming to explore sin in all its aspects, the worst of humanity, I feel she got hung up on lust All of the seven sins offered fantastic topics that could have been beautifully explored here, while supporting the ghost story The ghost story, however, got roughly pushed around, mangled with the myth of the golem, and shoved into a neat little package at the end At the same time, Malkin throws in drug use and depression other edgy teen topics in a way that, to me, feels like it belongs in a different book Indeed, both stories would have been better served if she d separated them and slowed down just a little bit.This might be one of those things where I m being nitpicky again, so if you want to read it and form your own opinion, go for it But I can t recommend this book.

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    1 starWhen Twilight was released, there was a rise in YA paranormal romance It was already there, but Twilight jumpstarted the surge of paranormal romance Post Twilight brought many new authors into the fray of writing stories of the main character meeting the paranormal hottie Whether they be vampires, werewolves, or any other type of paranormal creature, many readers were enthralled by it.But of course, there are the ones that are done bad that makes us question what the author was trying to write Two perfect examples are Fallen by Lauren Kate and Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick Both books had the same recipe for creating a YA paranormal romance But what I ve noticed is that most people didn t like how Daniel was mean to Lucinda or how Patch was a creepy stalker to Nora When I see authors writing these types of characters or love interests, it makes me wonder why they would give them such a bad first impression Daniel and Patch sound hot, but I wouldn t exactly be falling head over heels in love with them if they re being mean or creepy Though I can see the appeal for them There s no shame in loving these books if they re your favorite.Then came Swoon and I still can t get my head wrapped around it I think Swoon is a perfect example of how NOT to write a paranormal romance I m wondering how this book got published in the first place.Swoon is bad insert every synonym for bad There is no saving grace of this book I tried to give it a chance and I was left with a crappy book Swoon makes Fallen and Hush, Hush look like masterpieces while Swoon is a pile of crap left in the garbage Swoon tells the story of Candice Dice Moskow who was plucked from New York and dumped in the Connecticut town of Swoon Yes, that is the town name One day, her cousin Pen climbs up a tree because she s stupid and falls from it Unbeknownst to them, the spirit of a man, Sinclair Youngblood Powers, who was falsely accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend from the 1700s was resting there and when Pen fell, he saw the opportunity to possess her and swears to take revenge on the descendants of those who murdered him So now Dice has to stop him from causing harm to the people of Swoon The only problem is, she s in love with him.This does sound like your stereotypical YA paranormal romance from the late 2000s While the plot may not sound too good, it did have the opportunity to be at least a mediocre book that has lukewarm reception In actuality, Swoon is badly written, has bad characters, has a bad plot, and has a bad love interest My 1 star rating is not a joke This book was just bad in general.Swoon was trying way too hard to become like Twilight that it s laughably bad There is no saving grace for this book None whatsoever.Let s get on with the negatives And there is a lot.Characters.The characters are lifeless, dull, and stupid Not one of them is likable and are about as interesting as a plain houseplant Actually, that would be an insult to plants Dice is just another boring protagonist who is in love with Sin despite not knowing him and is a threat to everyone in Swoon but she still wants to jump on that dick because he s hot.Speaking of Sin, he is a pathetic excuse of a love interest He doesn t have a personality other than seeking revenge on the descendants of those who murdered him which is stupid considering the descendants are NOT their ancestors He s described as hot and every girl wants a piece of him because he s hot Did I mention he s hot because that s all there is to him Plus I don t buy the fact that everything was handed to him on a silver platter when he gets his own body A boy from the 1700s cannot adjust to the 21st century in a matter of days His arc was nonexistent These two characters have no life in them There s also that the characters go by a monosyllable nickname Candice is Dice and Sinclair is Sin Which is completely unnecessary The idea of a monosyllable nickname is not a bad thing overall But every character in this story has that nickname and it just feels redundant The writing.The inner monologue of Dice is strange There are teens out there who have a wide vocabulary and use those words on occasion More than likely, you ve met one Dice, on the other hand, is not one of them She is a character that belongs in the 1800s Her use of words and vocabulary made her sound like she grew up in the 1800s instead of the 21st century There were moments when I had to go back and re read sentences just so I could understand what had happened It couldn t have hurt for Malkin to use regular words instead of words that made her 17 year old character sound like a woman in her 30s from the 1800s The romance.As mentioned earlier, Swoon was trying too hard to be like Twilight and other YA novels with a mysterious bad boy love interest Except Sin is not a bad boy He is just a bad character And for some reason, Dice is in love with him because he s hot Give me a fucking break.This also brings another problem with the romance and that is the instalove Yes, this is an instalove book I ll admit, there are a lot of hot guys out there and if I think they re hot, I think they re hot However, that does not mean I will also love them at first sight They could be a dick and when I find out they are like that, any attraction I felt goes down the drain and I move on.Dice, on the other hand, completely ignores all logic and cognitive thinking and falls in love with Sin at first sight Here s where I get angry at Dice for being a complete idiot in love Sin wants to take revenge on the town of Swoon At a party for the elderly, he starts a fire at the banquet they are at and kills two people He was seen laughing And what does Dice do Forgets that ever happens and is still in love with him This made me angry at her Dice, he killed two people and laughed at their deaths That is a massive red flag for you to get rid of him and fall in love with a regular guy But no, she is still in love with him She wants to jump on that golem dick because it s the only thing that gives her life any meaning Sin is not a bad boy character trope He s a bad person Nothing about him is redeemable.The plot.You re not missing out on anything by skipping this book There are a lot of better YA paranormal novels out there Yes, even Fallen and Hush, Hush are better than this And that s saying a lot considering not many people like those two Dice falls in love with Sin, that goes on for a good chunk of the story and that s it Nothing , nothing less Just a boring, derivative, and a waste of time.Positives There s none Verdict Swoon tried to hard to be like Twilight How this was even published and seen the light of day, I ll never know This was just a bad book Would not recommend.Thanks for reading my review Cesar

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    Beware fellow readers The blurb may seem promising, but DO NOT BE TAKEN IN I d love to meet the person who wrote the blurb, as I think I can safely say all who read this book have done so because of it I picked up Swoon expecting a pretty generic but hopefully enjoyable read.Sadly, I was misled I wanted to be a trooper and bravely carry on reading this book, but it got to the point where I just couldn t make my poor mind take in any .For me, it was the spanking scene Yep, you heard right IN FRONT OF CHILDREN God, there s only so much of a story I can ridicule before it gets too much For all those who are attracted by the seemingly hot hero, DON T BE The guy is a masochistic nutjob whose origins are so weird I couldn t explain it s awfulness even if I tried Let s just say it makes Genesis seem plausible in comparison.The characters are terrible too Dice is ridiculous pining over the creepily perverted Sin, and Pen is just a vapid bimbo desperate to have sex with said creep Malkin seemed to add sex, drugs general debauchery into this novel to make it modern edgy Alas, she failed Miserably.It ended up as a pretty pathetic and transparent device to lure young YA fans into buying this For those extremely few people who may like this book, I m not some kind of Christian y prude who doesn t like sex and thinks all young people are evil I just hate it when someone assumes all young people do and think about is take drugs And have sex What was it even about anyways Ghosts, golems Even the plot was stupid Which is a real shame, since the premise was actually very smart It s just sad that Malkin took it and twisted it into something so bad it should be used as a guide on how NOT to write a book It s like the ultimate spoof of YA novels, except it s FOR REAL.Move over Stephen King, Nina Malkin inspires the most fear in me fear for the sanity of publishers who thought this book was actually fit to be read shudder

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    Swoon was totally not what I was expecting And not in a bad way, just much dark, edgy and sensual than I had anticipated In the vast sea of ya paranormals this one definitely left it s mark on me Malkin has a way with words, originally I was intimidated by the size, well actually, I was just afraid it would take me awhile to read it, but essentially it took me no time at all, it was surprisingly addictive The pages were turning non stop It s one of those novels where you just have to know what s going to happen next, what does the ending hold It was an obsession, and I had to know As twisted as Dice s feelings for Sin were, I could help but understand her reasoning And even though Sin was wicked, wickedly handsome I mean I couldn t help but like him too Call me crazy I didn t really feel like I connected with these characters, instead of feeling like I was part of the story, I felt that I was a spectator watching from the sidelines, but for some reason I didn t mind It was just different, I can t really describe it It s like eating sour candy It so sour but so good There are sexual references, nothing descriptive, anatomy is mentioned, certain acts are mentioned, but nothing that a teen hasn t heard walking down the halls of their high school, maybe that s presumptuous of me It s been a few years since I ve been in high school and I was classified as a good kid and it wasn t anything I hadn t heard before Just thought I d mention that if it isn t your sort of thing Swoon is something to behold Awesome story line, original plot Prepare to swoon indeed.

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    I didn t really care that the content was adult and by adult I mean I ve read cleaner sex scenes in trashy adult romance novels It was just the extent of it On EVERY PAGE Fondlingsexorgies Seriously This is Young Adult Lit I thought the beastiality in Tender Morsels was bad This was soft porn for teens We didn t get a full description of Sin s manhood but I am sure that is what the sequels are for The story could have been cool, minus the possession via tree fall bit The Dice s obsession, or, dare I say it, LOVE for Sin It was just a bit, you know, dodgy And the names Good God the names Dice Pen Sin Marsh Wick No and Way REALLY It was distracting and and in my opinion just silly Pen s shortening of Penelope Works Marsh for Kristin Marshall That was her name right Kristin Because I think there was a Kristin in the book and it could only match up with Marsh By the time her REAL name was mentioned again outside of the second chapter , I had forgotten who the hell Kristin was I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone.

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    I am sort of sad that Nina Malkin is not a Goodreads author, because this review will be somewhat in vain and this crazy tour around Inansityville will continue unhindered Because, seriously This piece of trash has a sequel and where there is one, there are many This I have learnt from Twilight and Shiver.Basically, this one reads like a Mills and Boon Blaze novel and Twilight were left to their own devices and managed to procreate even though the parts were not quite compatible.This is YA erotica And like most normal erotica, the plot is a farce The characters are stupid The plot Wait Covered that point.It is The Worst Book Ever And I have experienced plenty of bad.

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    Soapbox Review to come I told myself that I was doing very well this year without having read a single book that I thought was worth one star or less, and then I picked up this YA title from the library It was a quick read, but my mind can t wrap around how many things are justwrong with this story, and it includes, but isn t limited to, the graphic content Nina Malkin s Swoon takes the title of being the worst YA novel I ve ever read Not just one of the worst, but the worst novel in its particular class, if not beyond it I rarely say that about any book because I try to give every novel a fair shot in terms of what it brings to the table I can ascertain that it s not just because this wasn t my cup of tea No, it goes far beyond that, because I can t, for the life of me, figure out how such a disjointed, oversexed, fantastically Mary Sue shallow novel with utterly no point to be made other than having a boorish female character fall in love with a boy ghost so horrid that it takes the definition of gender and character fail to the next level if there are even levels to consider would make it to publication in a genre that has far better material to offer There are some great paranormal urban fantasy novels to be had in the YA genre, some even involving ghost stories with wonderfully imaginative settings, developed characters, beautifully written relationship dynamics and other things that make them memorable And even if they may not excel in some or most of those categories, there are still some paranormal novels that manage to be enjoyable reads in and of themselves.This is not one of those stories I wish there were a silver lining to be had in Malkin s novel something to be said in her writing voice, or something distinctive that would at least, to the author s credit, allow me to recommend her future works or ascertain her potential in other degrees Unfortunately, nothing about Swoon convinced me of this not the characterization, not the handling of the themes, not even the so called attempts at edgy writing N.B Edgy writing does not entail throwing together explicit scenes with no rhyme or reason to them, and especially not without repercussions The story revolves around Dice, a seventeen year old young woman who realizes her best friend Pen is possessed by a malevolent ghost The aforementioned ghost, Sinclair Youngblood Powers a.k.a Sin , seeks vengeance on a town that accused him of murder and put him to death The premise seems intriguing, even considering the measure that Dice falls in love with the ghost knowing what a bad influence he is.From the beginning, despite my reservations about the naming of the characters, I tried to get behind the idea that Dice calls her friends and companions by abbreviated names I had no problem with that in theory, though I ll admit it made it harder to connect with the characters trying to remember who was who The only characters that I consistently followed without referral were Dice and Pen, and of course, Sin Sin I remembered because of his oh so obvious naming And the author proceeds to tell us so As it turned out, Sinclair adopted a tidy truncation too Can you guess I ll give you a hint It wasn t Clair Authorial intrusion much This isn t the only instance, but it was one of the ones that stood out to me I think it might ve been intended as a joke or something of a cute statement, but then again, the humor in the progression of this was awkward collectively speaking I cringed when I read something akin to the character s smile being incorporated with a statement about a brillo pad, and a statement that her hair had to look like Helen Keller styled it after a particularly blunt scene And don t get me started on the attempts at ghetto speak Another thing, I can understand an author taking a medical condition and crafting it in a way that ties in with either mystic or paranormal inclinations, that s fine, many authors have done this in inventive ways But I don t know if I was all that convinced of Dice s particular diagnosis with epilepsy because it didn t ever feel like it was tangible or handled well enough to make me empathize with the character I felt like I was told about them than shown It was less intimate to the character, generic And even with that, I think there were several moments when I actually forgot that Dice had a psychic ability, so I don t even think that was tied into the progressive plot well.I suppose that should lead me into how loose disjointed of a plot this book really had Chapters end incongruously and on awkward transitions, and while Dice isn t a perfect character, she makes insufferable decisions which make no sense and the supporting cast isn t much better While the plot does deliver some of its basic promises establishing a character that falls in love with a very bad ghost , the way it s told is largely disjointed and the characters never fully come to fruition They re cardboards that engage in all kinds of deviant behavior without due repercussions, so it makes it hard to find what message Malkin intended to send in this novel, if there were such a message at all.Even those considerations didn t make my blood boil as much as when I considered some of the disturbing parts of this novel I suppose it boils down, primarily, to the amount of drug use and sex some of which border to rape or near rape When you have a scene with the love interest of the novel commands other characters to pull down the female lead s pants and spank her to elicit a sexual reaction from her.I think that speaks for itself as far as a line being crossed I don t think Malkin considered her audience very well, and it s painfully clear that those scenes had no purpose in and of themselves except to be for lack of a better term shocking This is too much for anyone under 18 years of age and it should not be considered YA While the novel concludes in a stand alone format, I had no investment to continue reading in this particular universe.Suffice to say, I will not be reading the sequel the fact that this even had a sequel baffles me And I would not recommend this work to those I know Save your time and hard earned money for a book that has better contributions.As far as whether I ll read another work by this author, I m still grappling on that decision.

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    Is it just me, or do YA authors strive to disprove everything they teach us about drugs in high school I mean, first it was Holly Black in Valiant, now it s Nina Malkin Not to mention Alyson Noel s Ever, where heroine Ever Bloom gets over her budding alcoholism in less than a minute I mean, are they lying to us in school when they say it takes one go to become a cocaine addict or are these authors bullshitting with us I m well aware that alcoholism isn t something you just shrug off, so I m inclined to side with the latter Miraculous addiction cures aside, this book was fine Though I agree with Kira, Nina Malkin definitely shelved it under the wrong genre Just because there is a teenage protagonist in a book doesn t make it YA If that were the case, Jane Eyre, the Bronte sisters and even William Shakespeare would have been bumped into the same genre and what a delightful asset that would have been to the YA mafia discussion.Here s the thing, I actually liked this book, although the first time I heard of it was in that essay by bookshop which discusses rape culture in YA Dice was a refreshing change from all the Mary Sues, if only because she realizes the consequences of her actions and tries to be responsible about it The characters seemed flesh out and their problems drug addictions aside felt real.But having read the book, I can see where Aja comes from The author seemed to be going for realistic and edgy, but whereas some books chicken out of it in the last minute, Swoon is almost aggressively adult And by adult, I mean it s really heavy on the sex topic Fine by me I complain about chaste romances all the time, it s nice to see the heroes getting some action for a change But here s where the problem comes in our main hero, Sin, is a rapist Maybe an unlikely one at the beginning, but he s definitely aware of the sway he has over people and uses it to his advantage Ok, I m not being fair here According to the book, all Sin does is bring out people s darker side, their unsatisfied cravings, and lets them loose It has a sort of Dr Jakyl and Mr Hyde vibe to it But really now do the entire city s unsatisfied cravings have to be about sex And how is this for a revenge plot make people do all sorts of crazy, socially unacceptable things, which would ultimately contribute to their inner welbeing confused I m willing to cut this book some slack, since it is pretty entertaining and I liked the characters I genuinely felt for Marsh and what she had to go through, and Pen too, although to a lesser degree And I had a lot of respect for Dice, because she realizes all the crazy shit she s done and struggles to fix it I was inclined to give this book a four star rating, too, but one major aspect of it bugged me all the way through, and hasn t stopped even after I reached the last page.From the get go, we hear that Dice is in love with Sin She recounts the story after it is finished, so there can be a lot of doubt as to the actual timing of the falling in love, but then she specifies it And in the time between their first meeting or through most of the book, actually , Sin does almost nothing that could merit Dice falling in love with him unless you count saving her from a racist bastard and complimenting her singing Yet, over and over, throughout the book, whenever she realizes what monster she has unleashed upon the town, she counters it with this motivation I m in love with him WHY What has he done to impress you so What in him, apart from his good looks and sob story, do you like It would have made sense if he were using his powers of persuasion on her and she was being duped all along, but no the book chickens out of it, even though Malkin makes hints that this might be what s going on Why is she in love with him for no reason That doesn t make sense And I am sick of it Seriously sick of it Sick of characters falling in love just because Sick of having the same old love at first sight bullshit explain everyone s motivation Sick of having people get their happily ever after without actually having to work for it You wanna know why Twilight has such a huge fanfic database Aside from Meyer giving her readers epic blue balls with her tales of abstinence and black out moments, it s because people are sick of these easy romances People on write crack fics with chemistry than most of the books out there, and then some There s a reason for that people want actual romance to happen I was really going to let this one slide with three stars I was But then I saw there was a sequel and my heart just broke Cause here s the thing this book is good It s self contained And in spite of all my issues with it, I think that the ending wrapped things up pretty well and seemed like the logical way things would come to a close But no YA law dictates that every book, no matter how good or bad it is, must be part of a trilogy Why do I have the horrible suspicion that Swoon will end up sharing the fate of so many books out there having the idea beaten to death and barely struggling for the sake of milking the cash cow

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    I got to that rape scene and was done I just couldn t do it Two women I love and respect to my very core who I shall not name are rape victims One of them has talked about it with me It almost ruined her life And to see a author of YA romance fiction treat it like a joke made me cry I m serious, I cried I cried because young girls are reading this and think that rape is funny They might think that no one will care if they scream for help Or maybe, the one that really gets me, those young girls will think that they deserve this punishment.That scene was a big FUCK YOU to people men and women, mind you like my friends Ms Malkin, it s people like you that make me sick It s people like you who give me no hope for the future Think before you write, especially in a genre like YA Rape is a terrible act that haunts many people around the world It has ruined and shattered lives beyond repair It has caused people to kill themselves And you treat it like a joke I don t know if I can do it any Read these awful YA books that have been coming out sense Twilight The same formula, the terrible morals, the TSTL heroine and the love interest always being the bad boy or jackass Fuck it all.

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    Swoon, Connecticut, population 500 or so and with no cell phone reception, seems a pretty dull hamlet to 17 year old Candice Dice Moskow, whose parents have moved her there from New York City due to its proximity to family However, things get a little interesting when Dice s gorgeous cousin Pen falls out of a tree while doing acrobatics after smoking pot don t try this at home, kids Pen has been possessed by the spirit of 21 year old Sinclair Youngblood Powers, who was hanged from the tree in 1751 for a crime he did not commit Sin immediately begins to exert his personality over Pen, and the rest of the town Dice, who has some psychic ability, is able to perform a sort of exorcism which brings him out of Pen and into his own body but with Sin bent on revenge upon the whole town, has she just made things worse This is a major mess of a book It was a fairly good read, as the author gives Dice a strong, sassy narrative voice with a lot of attitude and some clever lines However, the pretensions a town named Swoon, and the idea that all the high school kids are going by one syllable names Dice, Pen, Sin, brothers Crane and Duck, sisters El and Em, hockey players No and Way are strained and a bit much to swallow There s alot of casual drug use among these kids constant pot smoking and underage drinking, and some Ecstasy And Sin s idea of revenge consists solely of filling the townspeople with lust, so there s quite alot of sex going on, although it is not described in any detail.More of a problem is that there are two Mary Sues in the story Dice herself, who looks exactly like the author photo, and the unbelievable and incredibly gorgeous Sin, who can drive a car, play a harmonica although, Dice even points out in the text, the harmonica wasn t invented until 1821 , and has amazing, um, powers of charm and persuasion Everyone loves him He fits in with every crowd at school Everyone buys his crazy stories and lets him do whatever he wants.Even of a problem for me was that Dice is madly in love with Sin who is a complete jerk throughout the story, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever other than a sob story about his dead 18th century girlfriend It s not as though Dice is blind to all this, either I found myself laughing every few pages as she would go into yet another moan about how awful he is, but she loooooves him anyway What exactly does it take for a modern teen heroine to decide that a hot boy really is bad news Or does hotness just override anything else I considered for a while in the middle that the book might be meant as a farce, but unfortunately, at the end the relationship between Dice and Sin is pretty well presented as Real Love Yuck The thing that really kept me reading was the other ghost in the story Ruby Ramirez, Dice s best friend from New York The reader doesn t learn what happened to Ruby until the very end of the book, which is a shame, because I think this subplot could have been used to give the story a genuine emotional depth it sorely lacks.This is kind of a trashy beach book for teenagers, somewhat enjoyable in a very trashy way, but I honestly can t recommend it.