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Read Prime Super Mario Series for Guitar: 34 Super Mario Themes From the Nintendo® Video Game Collection Arranged for Guitar TAB (English Edition) –

After Decades Of Anticipation, Alfred Is Proud To Release The Officially Licensed, Collectible Sheet Music Companion Folios To The Super Mario Bros Video Game Series This Collection OfThemes Is Arranged For Solo Guitar Performance With Full Notation And TABEach Song Is Arranged In Easy Guitar Keys At An Easy Intermediate Level, And All Pieces Are Suitable For Recitals, Concerts, And Solo Performances Beloved By Generations Of Gamers Around The Globe, These Instantly Recognizable Melodies Are Drawn From Than Two Decades Of Nintendo Video Games, From Koji Kondo S Iconic Super Mario Bros Ground Background Music To The New Super Mario Bros Wii Themes Adding To The Fun, Graphics From The Corresponding Games Grace Each Page Of The Sheet Music Impress Friends, Family, And Audiences Of All Ages By Playing From This Magnificent Collection, Which Makes A Great Gift For Every GuitaristTitles Super Mario Bros Ground Background Music Super Mario Bros Underground Background Music Super Mario Bros Underwater Background Music Super Mario Bros Invincible Background Music Super Mario Bros The Lost Levels Ending Super Mario BrosMapSuper Mario BrosGround Background Music Super Mario BrosBoss Of The Fortress Super Mario BrosSkyship Background Music Super Mario World Title Super Mario World Castle Background Music Dr Mario Chill Dr Mario Title Background Music Super Mario Kart Mario Circuit Super Mario WorldYoshi S Island Athletic Super Mario WorldYoshi S Island Ground Background Music Super MarioMain Theme Super MarioWater Land Mario KartCircuit Super Mario Sunshine Dolpic Town New Super Mario Bros Title New Super Mario Bros Giant Background Music New Super Mario Bros Battle Background MusicNew Super Mario Bros Battle Background MusicSuper Mario Galaxy Ending Staff Credit Roll Mario Kart Wii Rainbow Road New Super Mario Bros Wii Title New Super Mario Bros Wii Ground Background Music New Super Mario Bros Wii Underwater Background Music New Super Mario Bros Wii Desert Background Music Super Mario Bros Time Up Warning Fanfare Super Mario Bros Course Clear Fanfare Super Mario Bros World Clear Fanfare Super Mario Bros Power Down, Game Over For the price, this book is a good deal for the right person a diehard Mario fan with advancing guitar skills You get a lot of theme songs that span different games from different consoles.You have to a be somewhat advanced in your guitar skills to be able to tackle this book If you re just starting out with your guitar education, this book will be beyond your skill level and may prove to be a bit frustrating Most of the songs require a fair bit of quick chord changes and advanced picking techniques as well as the ability to move up and down the fretboard.I also think that only a diehard Super Mario fan will fully appreciate this book I grew up with Super Mario and have fond memories of some of the games but I have to admit that I m not completely well versed in the Super Mario universe and so many of the themes in the book were pretty unknown to me The themes that I do recognize were enjoyable and the others that I didn t recognize, I found on Youtube to familiarize myself If you aren t a big fan, these theme songs will mean nothing to you and may not be particularly enjoyable because some of them are short snippets and fanfares.The book is printed on nice, glossy high quality papers with small artwork on each page Unfortunately, both the notation and tablature are rather small and difficult to read I guess to keep most of the themes on a single or half page I would have preferred that they spent their budget onpages of decent quality with a larger font rather than less but high quality paper with barely legible font Also, the way the book is bound makes it difficult to keep open Those are my only complaints Also, nothing was included from Mario Kart Double Dash GameCube which was my favorite Mario game.In sum, it s great for diehard fans who really know their guitar Casual guitar players and video game fans as well as beginning guitarists will probably have a lukewarm reaction to this guide. This made me laugh when I saw it My 8 year old son is in love with Mario everything When we put him into guitar club, and he enjoyed it I took him to a music store to find a kids beginner book And he found a Mario book for the piano He was so upset by this, and really wanted a book for the guitar So when it can time for SANTA to do his thing, will let s just say that he was no longer upset In fact it made his Christmas the best ever Thanks Alfred Publishing Staff for thinking if the younger players. I m a collegiate level classical guitarist I got this for students expecting it to be simple and some of the songs are, but I have begun using several of them as exercises for myself Well arranged Notation style tab for those of you that really don t read music except rhythms Great book.