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In Strange Angels, Dru Anderson Has What Her Grandmother Called The Touch Comes In Handy When You Re Traveling From Town To Town With Your Dad, Hunting Ghosts, Suckers, Wulfen, And The Occasional Zombie Then Her Dad Turns Up Dead But Still Walking And Dru Knows She S Next Even Worse, She S Got Two Guys Hungry For Her Affections, And They Re Not About To Let The Fiercely Independent Dru Go It Alone Will Dru Discover Just How Special She Really Is Before Coming Face To Fang With Whatever Or Whoever Is Hunting Her I wanted this to be something other than it was What I really wanted was Supernatural the show but with a teen girl Dru grew up hunting the big bad thing in the dark Her dad allowed her to be put into those situations but in a half hearted way Care, one way or the other I d prefer the scary way The revenge angle was watered down Dru s motives were boring old inherited Dru summed up I m gonna do what I wanna so buzzzz off It could have been girl versus un nature Struggle with than destiny What about outside what has been decided Not special teen girl again Her home life should have been than flashbacks Where were the overriding influences It felt too textbook explanation like point a is b rather than a real person Pity parties for the sake of the pity Dru never formed much in my mind Also, the love triangle Graves is in permanent puppy dog position and Christophe He is so cliche that I almost named the similar Ash from Julie Kagawa s series I dislike love triangles cause they remind me of when I two timed Usher and R Kelley luckily my twin helped me out Too bad Usher did the same trick with Justin Bieber I dislike same as everything else without using the good stuff Another school story More bad vamps Mythology rammed down our throats to swallow I spit. So I have this habit that drives my family nuts My husband just accepts it now and even does it himself because he s just so used to it I ALWAYS put the subtitles on when I m watching a movie It s not because I have a hearing problem or anything But sometimes important words are muffled, or they re odd words that I understand if I see written but wouldn t understand if they ve only been spoken Sometimes the background noise is too loud to hear what people are saying or maybe I m just really going deaf like my family accuses me of all the time.The thing is, I hate to ask, What did he just say only to have the other person go, I don t know, just a sec Then of course the press reverse and we go back and try to catch it but can t so we have to try again I save this time but just having the damn subtitles on in the first place.I hate missing parts of the movie I hate not knowing what s going on and that s just the thing that annoys me so much about Strange Angels The book is well written and the characters are fresh and very original, but the action scenes are enough to make me pull my hair out They are so ill conceived, there is so much information and description missing Graves and Dru managed to kill a Tracker and take down a werewolf and I have no idea HOW They say they drowned the tracker but the scene was like well, like.Okay, this is the best example I can give Do you remember watching The Little Mermaid Remember when Ariel is getting chewed out by her Dad for missing the concert and Flounder comes to her rescue recounting why it wasn t her fault For those who don t have young children and therefor HAVEN T seen this movie a THOUSAND times But it wasn t her fault Ah well first, ahh, this shark chased us yeah yeah And we tried to but we couldn t and grrrrrrrrr and and we whoooaaaaaa oh, and then we were safe But then this seagull came, and it was this is this, and that is that, and Unless you d seen what had happened to Ariel and Flounder, his little speech would have made no sense Strange Angels is often like missing the scene and getting Flounder s colourful retelling You re left thinking, Well, I get that something scary and dramatic just happened and that there was a werewulf involved but fucked if I know Which brings me to my next sour point Dru was not TSTL except she was Am I making sense I got so sick of her asking stupid questions, pausing and taking too long to shit herself, asking the same redundant things over and over again.Take this for example A half vampire has saved her life, knows about her father and comes to her house to offer her help Okay, I wouldn t really trust him either But I would at least allow him a dialogue so that I could ease him into talking so that I could get information out of him instead of holding a gun to his head and asking the same inane questions again, and again and again Fuck woman He didn t answer them the first time Or if he does, she only asks him again, to receive the same fucking answer He told her he was half vampire like FOUR TIMES I think, and I may be wrong about this, BUT I THINK HE WAS A FUCKING HALF VAMPIRE Then there is the internal monologue saying the same damn things fifty million times Don t even get me started on the point in time at which THEY ARE IN IMMINENT danger they all KNOW they re about to die then they stop to have a bitch fight about who gets to drive Kat claws her eyes out Some people just deserve to die.There is one last bone of contention I have with this novel and it s Dru s constant and repeated racial comments about Graves Yes, we get it that he s half Asian Yes, we get how you ve described him Please stop making gross generalizations about his looks compared to, what is a VERY broad term because frankly asian covers SO much ground, others of his race FFS I suppose all of this seems silly considering I gave this book four stars It is I enjoyed this book I enjoyed the characters, I enjoyed the story, I enjoyed the fast pace It s a pretty good read Just don t say I didn t warn you about the other stuff Cover Dru Anderson s life is deeply entangled with the paranormal She s got a bit of the touch from her father s side of the family, which amounts to a sixth sense for supernatural creatures and a little bit of something extra from her mom s side of the family as well She uses these gifts as her father s helper in hunting and killing supernatural creatures that prey on humans Dru is also pushing a midlife crisis even though she is technically written as a teenage girl She called every human being her age kid as often as she could This was meant to sound jaded and world fatigued but it made me agonizingly aware this was written by an adult who saw all teenagers as being one step out of their diapers I really do understand the intent here Dru has seen shit than you have, kid Unfortunately, I didn t feel like I was reading about a world weary teenager It didn t work and it should ve been edited out or tempered with other teenage moments, of which there are few unless you count the ZITS The author goes through great pains to let you know that Dru is not extremely attractive She s got zits and greasy hair so she is totally not a Mary Sue but that s where the line begins and ends Dru is borderline too stupid too live and she s one of very few supernatural girls in Saintcrow s mythos Frankly, I almost preferred Bella Swan stumbling around in a world she was too small to play in to Dru s condescending look at anyone who didn t know about the real world Yeah, the supernatural world real world and the rest of us live in the normal world I found the character annoying, which sucks because I really wanted to like her, but I couldn t Dru doesn t give a crap about how she looks, because that s for normal girls I really hate how Dru kept equating girls who gave a crap about their appearance as food for the things who bump in the night There s a line between vanity and using zit cream or running a brush through your hair It s a huge line I don t know who the author was at Dru s age, but I wasn t one of the girls who had a mirror in their lockers and watched every calorie they consumed and still managed to run a brush through my hair without feeling shallow Beyond Dru, there were some writing quirks that annoyed me For instance every fucking thing halfway mentioned in the novel had a smell Okay, we get an explanation for why Dru s sense of smell is on overdrive sort of , but it was still totally distracting There was less scene setting so much as olfactory torture setting and if I had a nickel for every time she mentions how one of the boys in her love triangle smelled like pastries I could get the next three novels without dipping into my own pocket The minor characters were okay, although there weren t a lot It was really just the love triangle There were a lot of borderline racist comments made about the appearance of one half Asian character Who really calls people of mixed race half breeds Like, where is that socially acceptable Every time she talked about his half breed skin color I kind of wanted to strangle Dru I have a cousin who is half Chinese and half Irish from my uncle As a baby he had beautiful copper colored hair and green eyes with an Asian slant Saintcrow s description of Graves make all half one race and half another race children sound slapped together with broken bits and pieces rather than anything that could possibly be genuinely attractive although she does say Graves might be pretty someday when he s 40 like she is okay she didn t say 40 but it s so effing distracting for her to keep saying when he grows up he ll be cute NOTE FOR THE AUTHOR SOMETIMES TEENAGERS ARE ATTRACTED TO PEOPLE THEIR OWN AGE OH THE CRAZINESS I say all half and half very specifically because while it was Graves being described it was still done in such a BROAD way that it came out as racist Also, some of the world building and character outlines are sloppy I know this from reading the second book I won t include the details here, but seriously sloppy world building I suspect Dru having the touch on her father s side is something that ought to have been edited out when the direction of the store changed, but then the writer decided what the hell, I ll make her super special on both sides What fucking ever I m so over the Supernatural Supermagical Vaginas Listen, Paranormal authors, having magic breasticles had been done before Rachel Vincent s Faythe, Kelly Armstrong s Elena, etc If your character can t be special without being the ONLY ONE OF THEIR GENDER then perhaps your character just fucking sucks nuts.