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As The Early Morning Mist Clears On Thanksgiving Sunday, The Homes Of Three Pines Come To Life All Except One To Locals, The Village Is A Safe Haven So They Are Bewildered When A Well Loved Member Of The Community Is Found Lying Dead In The Maple Woods Surely It Was An Accident A Hunter S Arrow Gone Astray Who Could Want Jane Neal Dead In A Long And Distinguished Career With The S Ret Du Quebec, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Has Learned To Look For Snakes In Eden Gamache Knows Something Dark Is Lurking Behind The White Picket Fences, And If He Watches Closely Enough, Three Pines Will Begin To Give Up Its Secrets

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    Middling books are the hardest to review, dontchathink Maybe it s the recent time change is there any point to Daylight Savings Time any , maybe it s the fact that I feel like I m swimming uphill in my nursing clinical trying to get hours in, but Still Life kept putting me to sleep A blurb or a review, I forget which compares her to Agatha Christie, which I suppose could be true, only it s a version of Christie that was being paid by the word and operates only inside people s heads, which really isn t Christie at all Consider Christie s brief character description from Crooked House about Uncle Roger, an emotional gentle giant He collided with a screen, said I beg your pardon to it in a flustered manner, and went out of the room It was rather like the exit of a bumble bee and left a noticeable silence behind it In Still Life, we get characters musing The studio was growing cold and Clara wondered whether Peter, sitting across the hall in his own studio was also cold He would almost certainly, she thought with a twang of envy, be working too hard to notice He never seemed to suffer from the uncertainty that could freeze her, leave her stuck and frozen in place He just kept putting one foot in front of the other, producing his excruciatingly detailed works that sold for thousands in Montreal It took him months to do each piece, he was so painfully precise and methodical She d given him a roller for his birthday one year and told him to paint faster He didn t seem to appreciate the joke Perhaps because it wasn t entirely a joke Goodness, no wonder I kept falling asleep There is a great deal of telling and hardly any showing Dialogue is employed when it comes time to discover items of significance or sum up progress Inspector Gamache, who I liked strictly because his name bears a resemblance to ganache, holds an informal inquest and meets with all the villagers togther, reviewing the circumstances of the death Later, he convenes with his team, reviewing clues brainstorming solutions For those who fell asleep earlier, it s a nice chance to catch up.The plot is fine nothing unusual It is possibly even a bit predictable as I ve mentioned before, if I can figure out what the mystery is, it must be relatively simple I did like a development near the end that further fleshed out a character However, many of the characters were one note the urbane gay couple that ran a bistro and whose main conversation seemed to be joking about being gay the petulant, money grabbing niece the caustic village witch I mean poet There was also a junior detective whose characterization was particularly strange I thought perhaps she was involved to block a crucial plot point, but I think I was wrong Overall, I d have to say the Christie comparison wears thin It s not that Christie wouldn t have had weak characters, just that in her best works they would have felt a little less farcical.Overall though, it s a nice little study of the small village of Three Pines in Quebec, and of the talented Inspector and his team A bit too pastoral for my own tastes, it s a bit like a painting of a haystack at sunset instead of a group of women dancing To combat the sleepies I started reading from the end, hoping to find a strong finish that would invigorate me it s kind of like hopscotch, a chapter or two, then flip back further And while it did, I have no real interest in re reading.I ll give the next couple a try, because my mom wants to give them a go and because my friends seem to enjoy the series Of course, your own mileage may vary Note that it won a first book award or two.Two, two and a half stars.

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    4.5 starsWith the encouragement of several of my Goodreads friends, I finally decided to pick up Still Life, a novel I bought 3 years ago I don t know why I waited so long to dust it off, especially since it has won multiple awards, but I can tell you it won t take 3 years for me to read book 2 of what I believe will be a highly enjoyable series.Some readers called this a cozy I respectfully disagree I think this story is in the category of literary mystery There is so much depth The setting is a small village nestled somewhere in Quebec, not terribly far from Montreal Three Pines is inhabited by a somewhat quirky group of people who have layers upon layers of interpersonal relationships Having no local detective, the town calls in Chief Inspector Armand Gamache from Montreal when a woman is killed was it an accident or murder I have fallen in love with this guy He is not your usual law enforcement protagonist with demons seeping out of his pores In fact, he seems very well adjusted and even has a wonderful relationship with his wife we just get a peek at the latter and I am hoping to see of Armand s and his spouse s marital relationship in future books Armand is highly intelligent, extremely perceptive, kind and gentle, yet firm and no nonsense when called for His integrity is impeccable I also became quite fond of his right hand man, Jean Guy Beauvoir Overall, characterization is excellent, but not quite strong enough to pull me hook line and sinker into the lives of the villagers, perhaps only because of the sheer number of players I do feel that Ms Penny s writing is such that this will come with later installments as we get to know the townfolk better The plot is engaging and had me changing my mind right and left regarding whom the baddie was I never did get it right I did have to suspend belief just a bit regarding the intricacies of the crime, but this didn t lessen my enjoyment of the journey.I enjoyed this novel than my usual 4 star reads, but I have a feeling Ms Perry is going to get better and better Thus, the round down from 4.5 to 4 stars.Will I continue with the series Absolutely Do I recommend Still Life I sure do to all readers of crime fiction interested in something a little different and with emphasis on characterization.

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    I am a little sad that I can t give Still Life than 2 stars It was recommended to me and it s not a pleasant task to trash someone s suggestion, but what can I do, this book was just a barely OK read for me.Still Life is a traditional cozy mystery set in a Canadian village Three Pines One Sunday morning a body of 76 year old Jane Neal a long time resident of the village is found At first, it appears that Jane was killed in a hunting accident, but later we find out that quite a few seemingly ordinary and upstanding villagers have some secrets to hide and maybe reasons to murder the old lady.On a positive side, I enjoyed learning a little about Quebec I personally never knew that there was a tension between Quebec and the rest of Canada and also a lot of friction between francophones and anglophones Archery hunting details were interesting as well And, the most exciting thing, I could practice my newly acquired basic French skills I even knew what boulangerie was As for the rest, the book didn t live up to my expectations Poor characterization simply killed the story for me The characters were drawn in a strange way and their back stories were introduced awkwardly I couldn t understand their motivations and actions Too often they acted immaturely Yvette Nichol or weirdly hysterical Clara Morrow, Yolande Dialog was very stilted at times too, often I had no idea what people were talking about and why they found certain things funny.I suppose I should have cut Louise Penny some slack, it was her first novel after all But the book was rather poorly written even for the first effort I am surprised Still Life managed to receive so much critical recognition and mainly positive Goodreads ratings Did the mystery standards go down since Agatha Christie s death I guess the success of this book is the biggest mystery to me

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    Sometimes a memorable read needs to be revisited for a multitude of reasons.Louise Penny lost her husband Michael this year Her loss was so apparent in her latest offering, The Great Reckoning As I turned the initial pages of this first book in the series, Still Life, I came upon the Acknowledgements that almost made me weep This is for my husband Michael, who has created a life for us full of love and kindness He allowed me to quit my job, pretend to write, then gave me unstinting praise even when what I produced was drivel I ve realised that anyone can be a critic but it takes a remarkable person to offer praise Michael is that person So you see, than just words have gone on every page by Louise Penny Far, far .Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Surete du Quebec is introduced to us in Still Life as well as the tiny village of Three Pines When an elderly former teacher has been found dead along a woodsy path, shock reverberates throughout the village Was this a careless hunting accident or was there something sinister going on If so, who could ever have wanted the kindly Jane Neal dead As you enter into an Armand Gamache book, you will pull back on the reins and slow the pace Your eyes adjust to finite observations and attention to detail Gamache s eyes sweep over every gesture, every careless article, and every door ajar He tunes into every bit of dialogue with the words Tell me about it And each storyline of every book in the series will sharpen your own sensitivities and your own sharpened skills.The truth is hard hitting in Three Pines One of their own is responsible in some way for Jane s death Houses left unlocked at night soon become fortresses Fear permeates like heavy smoke Gamache brings along his trusted inspectors They will soon discover that Three Pines will give up, unwillingly, multi layered secrets You will also meet the main characters who weave their way throughout the series.the heart and the core of Louise Penny s offerings.Still Life begins the journey and is a must read to set the stage The following books will grow in intensity, subject matter, character development, and heavy duty crime The Inspector Gamache Series is certainly not fluff as you will discover It will expose you to the dastardly deeds at the hands of the respected and the not so respected of humanity Ask any die hard fan of Louise Penny and they will broadly smile at the mere mention of her name.

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    A well loved member of the Still Pines community 76 year old Jane Neal is found dead in the woods Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is brought in to investigate the case Is Jane s death an accident, or could it be murder I thoroughly enjoyed this book I liked the setting, the small village of Three Pines, located near Montreal I enjoyed getting to know the cast of characters and I had fun guessing who the culprit could be I liked Inspector Gamache and his team, except Agent Nichol who was very off putting and rude at times.A captivating and engrossing read

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    An intriguing and intricately woven mystery, I was sucked in by this book from the start Chief Inspector Gamache has been sent to a small town outside Montreal to investigate the murder of an elderly lady, to find she has been shot on a hunting trail during hunting season Accident Probably not, as she was shot by an arrow through the heart, something only a skilled archer could do And with a thriving archery club in the town, there is no shortage of suspects.As we get to know the quirky folk from the township, we find many people are hiding things But who would want to kill a harmless old lady Does it have something to do with the painting she s entered in the local art competition Gamache and his team have their work cut out for them as they sift through the information they gather to try to get to the truth.Louise Penny has written a little gem here The characters are all so realistic, we could be sitting down to a cup of tea with them The quaint setting of Three Pines comes to life and jumps off the page, and the story itself has me wanting to read of this series Recommended to all mystery lovers.

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    This was a pleasure to read Imagine a detective who is happily married and is not an alcoholic Discovering Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is a pleasure in itself I really enjoyed the setting, a small town in Quebec, and I became quite attached to several of the characters They were quirky and a couple verged on going over the top but overall the author held it together.An easy, comfortable read with just a bit of bite to it to keep it interesting Consider me hooked on the series

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    Easily a 4.5 star read A strong recommendation from a friend helped me decide to embark on a binge of the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series, penned by Canadian author Louise Penny Her writing style and setting this novel in the bucolic community of Three Pines, Quebec, pulled me in early and kept me enthralled until the very end Local artist and retired teacher, Jane Neal, was loved by many, which made the discovery of her body all the troubling With no known enemies, Jane s death could only have been an accident, though the small pool of blood and no visible weapon open many questions and require some police presence Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, head of Homicide with the S ret du Qu bec, is called to Three Pines to investigate Alongside his regular team is Agent Yvette Nichol, so new that she has never worked a scene Gamache is sure to have his hands full trying to teach her while wrapping things up swiftly With Thanksgiving turkeys cooking in ovens across town, no one wants to spend much time on what looks to be an accidental shooting with an arrow While this might be the case, Gamache is worried that no arrow was found at the scene it having been removed from Jane s body and no one has come forward to admit to the accident As Gamache and the rest of the Homicide Squad begin piecing things together, they are confronted with a number of local citizens, all with their own flavourful take on events and tidbits about others in town Gamache must parse through what he is being told and, at times, sift through the lies that some present to protect the vulnerable in this community Still, with Agent Nichol bumbling along and ostracizing herself from her superiors and others pushing for an open and shut case, Chief Inspector Gamache must be thorough and patient, for that is how one catches a killer Penny pulls the reader in with this stunning debut story, which has me eager to see what else she has in this lengthy series I will definitely be grabbing Book 2 in short order Fans of police procedurals and Canadian mysteries will also find something worthwhile.I am so pleased to have found yet another Canadian author whose work falls within one of the genres I enjoy so much Set in rural Quebec, the series opens with a lovely Canadian flavour, something that will enrich the reading experience and have it stand out in the genre With this strong debut novel in the series, Penny provides the reader with some interesting backstory and some character development of Armand Gamache that will likely develop thoroughly as I delve deeper into the series Gamache is highly intelligent and down to earth as he investigates the crime before him, but seems to expect much from his team, no matter their time under his tutelage He does not appear to suffer fools, but can extract information out of an unknowing suspect while enjoying his Tim Horton s coffee Penny s descriptive nature has me highly interested in learning much about the entire homicide team, all of whom will surely play important roles as the full series develops, but have laid the groundwork for being full of their own nuances The story moves slowly, but there is no lack of momentum as Three Pines comes alive with each passing segment of the story Penny keeps the reader in the middle of the investigation, dropping hints throughout as she pushes towards the reveal, which ties the entire experience together With a new novel set to come out soon, I am happy to commence binge reading to catch up in time to enjoy the latest release alongside series fans I cannot wait Kudos, Madam Penny, for intriguing me greatly I am ready to take the challenge and see what Gamache does for me.Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge

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    Film ReviewBook Rating 4.5 of fiveThe Publisher Says Winner of the New Blood Dagger, Arthur Ellis, Barry, Anthony, and Dilys awards.Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the S ret du Qu bec and his team of investigators are called in to the scene of a suspicious death in a rural village south of Montr al and yet a world away Jane Neal, a long time resident of Three Pines, has been found dead in the woods The locals are certain it s a tragic hunting accident and nothing but Gamache smells something foul this holiday season and is soon certain that Jane died at the hands of someone much sinister than a careless bowhunter.With this award winning first novel, Louise Penny introduces an engaging hero in Inspector Gamache, who commands his forces and this series with power, ingenuity, and charm.My Review Oh, the raptures of a first novel that also inaugurates a mystery series It s like your first piece of birthday cake as a kidOMIGOD this is good wait whaddaya mean I gotta wait another whole year to get another one you stink and you re mean waaahIwantmymommy But crafty old fifty plussers like moi wait We lurk behind the bakery, sniffing the ineffable esters of birthday cakes destined for the inexperienced and the impatient and the indiscriminate, mentally filing away those scents most closely followed by moans and slurps of ecstasy, biding our time and hoarding our book calories aka money to see which annual yumyums consistently produce those sounds and smells.Here it is, ladies and what all else, the first birthday cake from Canadian cake baker Louise Penny, and my GOD was it worth the wait A friend sent this to me as a Christmas gift It came after self same friend raved and jumped up and down and yodeled the praises of the series, featuring Inspector Gamache of the Quebec Surete I can t help myself, I hear Gestapo jackboots and Euro sirens every time I see that word and the odd, off kilter inhabitants of Three Pines, Quebec I was practically panting with eagerness to get this package, which when it arrived proved to contain several of the Gamache series.Being a good Virgo, I snatched up the first in the series, and applied eyes to page Steadily For four hours I was 2 3 through with the book then, and forced myself to put it down because a I had to walk the dog, b I had to feed my 91 yr old aunt, and c I had to pee.Let s talk about mystery series for a minute I like them, as readers of past reviews will yawningly recall, because they satisfy my need for order, for the world to work right for a change I think a lot of people feel similarly to me But a series, iteration upon iteration of similar plots characters motivations dialoguewhat makes a well read consumer of Lit rachure such as I, and so many fellow Goodreadsers, am are seek these books out Comfort Yes, but Ease Yes, but Quality.Some of the best storytelling going on in literature today happens in mysteries and thrillers.Yeup, you can love or loathe Grisham s writing, but you CANNOT fault, in any way, his eye for a story You can fairly say it s not to your personal taste, but don t even TRY to say it s not good Likewise James Patterson, Stephen King, Iris Johansen, et alii There is a reason these folks are bestsellers, and it is NOT that the People got no taste It s that these are storytellers, entertainers, creators of worlds we the people want to inhabit if only for a moment.As was Homer, may I remind the snobs No one thought much about Homer s stuff, except that it was rollicking good fun Nobody even bothered to write it down for a few centuries after writing was invented Somewhere on the Times bestseller list is the work of the Homer our culture will be remembered for, and it s not likely to be Faulkner Horrible thought What if it s HEMINGWAY Louise Penny s Three Pines is a place I want to go and stay, eating Gabri s bounteous cooking and flirting with Olivier and lusting from afar at unattainable Peter and gossiping unkindly with Ruththen settling in for a long, quiet snifter with Gamache and Beauvoir and Clara, to think it all through and come to a reasoned conclusion about life I am there with these people, these words on page creations that have the life only a deep well of talent can water into existence I believe them I think you will, too.I offer this moment from very near the end of the book, when Clara realizes who murdered her very best friend Clara stared at her reflection in the window of the victim s kitchen A ghostly,frightened woman looked back Her theory made sense Ignore it, the voice inside said It s not your business Let the police do their work For God s sake, don t say anything It was a seductive voice, one that promised peace and calm and the continuation of her beautiful life in Three Pines To act on what she knew would destroy that life.What if you re wrong cooed the voice You ll hurt a lot of peopleBut Clara knew the voice lied Had always lied to her Clara would know and that knowing would eventually destroy her life anyway.If that doesn t make you sprint out to get this book, nothing else I can say will Rating 2.5 of fiveThe Filmmaker Says When a beloved schoolteacher is found dead, the possibility of murder leaves the quaint town of Three Pines aghast in this crime drama based on the award winning novel by Louise Penny The Film at Acorn.tvThe Film Review Well now I don t know what cause Louise Penny to distance herself from the film made of her first novel, and so far as I am aware, she hasn t been public about the cause of her breach with the filmmakers.The only actor I recognized in the cast was Gamache, played by Nathaniel Parker I had a dizzy moment or two when I first saw Peter Morrow, playd by one Gabriel Hogan I was sure as sure could be that it was Henry Rollins with a bad dye job and after a facelift Then I wondered if permaybehaps Mr Hogan was, errrmmm, a product of Rollins rock star yearsno, born in 1973so no go.And do you now see the problem I was able to trace these arabesques and follow these fancies because I was so very not wrapped up in the film Parker does a rather blah job as Gamache, the lady who plays Clara is nothing special, we don t so much as hear BOO from Myrna, Gabri and Olivier appear to be acquaintances with a formal past And then there are the police Lacoste looks just right and isn t terribly busy onscreen, Jean Guy is edgeless, but then there s Agent Nicol She s perfectly cast for attitude, is Susanna Fournier Manages to be just like Nicol in the book.Whatever the alchemy is that makes a film adaptation great is missing from this one It s pretty to look at The actors aren t bloody awful in the roles The screenplay has the events in order And at the end of the 88 minutes, I was utterly uninterested in seeing .Bad, bad sign This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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    Three Pines wasn t on any tourist map, being too far off any main or even secondary road Like Narnia, it was generally found unexpectedly and with a degree of surprise that such an elderly village should have been hiding in this valley all along Anyone fortunate enough to find it once usually found their way back I ve seen this book and others in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series pop up so many times in my friends reviews and lists And yet, I hesitated to read it for some time since I didn t really consider myself a series reader any longer I felt that if I got hooked on a series, I would get tied down and feel like I would have to set aside too many other wonderful books in order to continue with a series Well, I ve since become older and wiser, and series are no longer a thing of the past but another delightful option in a world where I can read whatever I want, whenever I choose I ve started several series over the past year or two, and have had my eye on this one for some time now thanks to the favorable feedback of many Goodreads friends Having read this first in the series, I have to say I m in for the long haul I won t rush through them, since as I mentioned, there are so many books yet to be read but I plan to commit fully The village of Three Pines is so charming as in the quote above, I believe I am one of those folks who have found it and am hoping to be fortunate enough to find my way back I m not sure that Louise Penny intended that for me, but I m reading into it that way regardless I loved the descriptions of the little town, the surroundings, and the somewhat quirky characters Sent to investigate the death of a gentle old soul named Jane Neal, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache from the S ret du Quebec is respectable, intelligent and a true gentleman Such an appealing leading man all around I am eager to learn about him in the next several books It seems no one would ever want to deliberately harm Jane or would they Inspector Gamache will do what he does best listen and watch by inserting himself smack dab in the middle of the goings on in order to determine if her death was an accident or gasp a murder Before his eyes the village of Three Pines seemed to slow right down The insistence of life, the bustle and energy became muffled The voices dropped, gaits slowed Gamache sat back and did what he did best He watched The cast of characters is quite entertaining, and I enjoyed getting to know each of them even the not so pleasant ones I would likely sidestep in real life Jean Guy Beauvoir, Gamache s second in command, is another I am keen to watch develop further in later installments, and the pair make for a satisfying duo I loved popping in at the bistro to see what everyone was eating and drinking, visiting the quaint little bookshop who wouldn t love that , getting a glimpse inside some of the resident homes, and traipsing around in the local woods Louise Penny also touches on some Quebecois culture which I hope she expands upon in later books, as this is an aspect that really appeals to me as well Despite the idyllic aura of Three Pines, there are some complex relationships and dark secrets that draw the reader further into the intrigue A well written and delightful debut, Still Life is one I wouldn t hesitate to recommend to anyone that loves a good little mystery set in captivating surroundings with very pleasing characterizations 4 stars.