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[[ Lesen Online ]] Starry Speculative Corpse: Horror of PhilosophyAutor Eugene Thacker –

fun and intelligent Not as engaging as the first volume but still very interesting if you re into philosophy and the pop culture elements of darkness and horror. A study in nihilism and pessimism that is supremely interesting If you like deep introspective study and want to know about the darker side of philosophy as it relates to literature, the books in this series are perfect for you. A really interesting look at philosophers such as Nietzsche, Kant, and Schopenhauer This book focuses much on philosophy itself than the first volume of the trilogy, In the Dust of Planet As a result it s a bit slower reading, but even if you don t have much background in philosophy at all it is still approachable. Philosophy Meets Horror Against The Backdrop Of An Indifferent, Unhuman Cosmos