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The many springs that jewel the landscape of Florida are translucent openings into a dominion very rare a crystalline world of fresh water at the edge of the sea The deepest and largest known springs in the world are found in Florida This book is a guided tour of these beautiful environments with an emphasis on the many strange and wonderful natural inhabitants The photographs are the result of hundreds of hours under water during both night and day in springs large and small and at varying seasons of the year This new edition is completely updated to serve as a guide to the many spring parks throughout the state Indispensable for canoeists kayakers divers snorkelers and those who just want to stand at the edge and admire

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    Absolutely love this book on Florida Springs It has maps history and detailed information about the springs and the surrounding wildlife Plenty of information on the springs that allow diving canoeing and other activities The book also contains beautiful photography of some springs and the types of fish that live in them