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Soul Sisters Is An Urban Fantasy Novel About African American Twin Sisters Ani And Dana Who Have A Rather Unique Secret One Sister Is Human While The Other Is A Vampire While The Sisters Have Lived Peacefully With Each Other For Many Years One Fateful Night Will Change Both Their Lives Forever When A Drunken Man Tries To Attack Dana The Human Sister Ani The Vampire Sister Protects Her Sister With All Of Her Ferocious Power However, When The Vampire S Leader Donovan Finds Out About The Public Display He Calls For The Sisters To Be Assassinated For Disobedience Ani And Dana Now Are In For The Fight Of Their Lives To Protect Each Other As Well As The Lives Of Their Dedicated Friends Who Have Joined Them On Their Mission For Survival If Dana And Ani Can Make It Through This Time Of Uncertainty, Ani Can Take Her New Place As Vampire Queen Soul Sisters Is Expected To Be A Trilogy The Book Also Features A Multicultural Cast Of Characters That Brings A New Edge Of Chic To The Vampire World

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    It took me way to long to read this book I had no problems putting it down and I just had to force myself to finish it so I could move on to something else The twist on how vampires were created wasn t enough to keep my interest Several times I thought, Oh, I think it s going to pick up now, only to have my attention held for 2 or 3 pages It needs editing or even proof reading would have worked better because the author got her facts a little mixed up, she was calling one twin the others name, missing words and used the wrong words like read for red She does flash backs and at one point said in 1912 her mother gave her a hair pin when she was 10, then in the flash back to 1912 she was getting a corset put on and I m trying to figure out if they tortured 10 year olds like that back then only to discover that she was 23 The book just started getting good at the end because I don t think Ani handles her powers very well I don t know if seeing her outcome would be enough to pull me in to read the next book.

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    THIS BOOK WAS GIVEN TO ME IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW via FMB BLOG TOURS Janiera Eldridge introduces you to a whole new world of vampires How they re made Well, that s still a question left unanswered There is a creator and the process is a secret shrugs Dana and Ani are soul sisters Dana is human and will live as long as her soul sister Ani, who is a vampire and was created by Donovan Dana is immortal and will live as long as her soul sister is alive But when Dana is drugged and attacked behind a club, Ani steps in to protector her sister and ends up killing a witness who sees her feeding from her sisters attacker and triggers Donovan to put an end to Ani and Dana.Soul Sisters was a pretty interesting read, it definitely had it s flaws but if you could manage to look past them, then it was pretty good story that could definitely be better I thought the whole idea for Soul Sisters is pretty danged cool, but with all the errors in the book, I found it very hard to read There are different POVs but there is no distinct mention of a change until you actually realize that you re now reading from another characters POV Ahhh All my romance junkies out there There is romance in this book, but it s very muted Not too much spark going on, but the characters did show a bit of spark between them Though, I do wish there was umph and less uhh lol My poor unfulfilled romantic heart.I did get this book a few months back on while it was free then when I got an email to participate in the blog tour, I figured why not knock out a book in my TBR pile and join the tour So, with that being said, I read the version I got from and not the copy sent for the blog tour before it was pulled and there was quite a bit of spelling tragedies As well as mixing up of characters There were times when Dana would say something or think something and then it would shift as if Ani had said thought it Again, the throwing off of the POV Very confusing I m on the fence with the characters I liked some of them, and some of them I was wondering WTF Donovan, the Creator, is supposed to be this bad guy, but I never really got a tread slowly he s dangerous vibe off of him Which made me skeptical when Ani, Dani and the rest of the gang were training to whoop some creator ass.Towards the ending, I was building up to this awesome showdown between the Creator and Ani, Dana and the rest of the group Thought, I just finished watching The Walking Dead then jumped back into reading and was still in an ass kicking mood Well, a lot of build up and training and then BAAAAM It s over That was not a good ending for me It was like a whole bunch of teasing and building up and then it all stops I was disappointed to say the least.I think this book could definitely be something great, it just wasn t a wow factor for me The book fell and rose quite a bit, it wasn t boring, but it didn t keep my attention and wasn t very satisfying I was on the fence with the rating for this book I m going with 2 Tropical Drinks because it could definitely use some work but it was decent Easy to read and a nice twist to vampires.

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    Review posted at Red Hot BooksWow, what a hard read Ani and Dana are soul sisters who look like identical twins When we re introduced to them, Dana is working at the local department store and her soul sister Ani is present only when Dana is in distress I had a bit of trouble with this book For me, the editing needed a lot of help The text alignment in my e book version was centered like in a poem , I don t know about you but I ve been trained to read books that have a justified text alignment There were also some timeline issues I had trouble with In an early chapter I read that Dana was 10 in 1913 but in the next chapter I read that in 1912, she s 23 huh At this point, I found myself going back to make sure that I m understanding the progression of the story because the writer uses flashback and I want to be sure I m able to keep up with the story and clearly I m not doing a good job Another confusing part for me was the random change between characters thoughts, in any given paragraph there could be up to three characters and again, I had to do some re reading because I wasn t sure who was talking thinking In addition to the editing, I just couldn t get into the storyline I didn t understand how and why Ani the soul sister was created I didn t understand how Dana could so easily sell her soul to a vampire for her dying husband Yes I understand wanting to save her husband but I didn t understand why that was her ONLY choice There are a lot of why s I just didn t understand and maybe I didn t understand the why s because I just didn t get it There were a couple of love interests for Ani and Dana but they came in so late in the story, than half way in, that it was hard for me to care if they stayed together or not And if you re looking for any hanky panky, there s none We know it happens we just don t get the when where how Over all, I didn t like this book and I honestly am not going to recommend it unless it undergoes a serious overhaul Happy reading folks Rating D ARC provided by author for review

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    Dana became an immortal in the early 19th century Though she is not a vampire that would be the soul sister she helped create, Ani But when Ani goes a little too far in protecting Dana one night, their creator does not approveand he wants to destroy them.Ani and Dana must come together with unlikely allies as they figure out a way to keep themselves alive.This was quite a short book It started off with a lot of promise that kind of fizzled for me as it went along.The story is told with rotating chapters that go between Dana and Ani s life in the present, and her origin story in the past I really liked this format, as it gave a deeper look into what happened to the girls and how they became immortals Though, I can t say I understand the whole soul sister soul brother process This wasn t really explained too much and I believe the book could have benefited from that But the premise was definitely a unique one, and I respect that.As for characters, they aren t that deep either The story is told in third person, and frequently hope from character to character s mind Dana is kind of a square, boring girl If I were immortal I would be having a lot fun with it than she was Ani is much interesting I love that she is passionate about things, and especially fiery when it comes to protecting her sister This being a self published novel, there were several mistakes left out words and misspellings Normally that type of thing doesn t bother me but they were quite distracting here.There wasn t too much action in the story, but what was there was done well The main thing that disappointed me was the ending There was all this build up to a big fight that just kind of didn t happen The ending was quite sudden and left me with several unanswered questions.Ms Eldridge had some fantastic, original ideas for her novel, but in the end they just needed some development.

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    I don t think we need to compare vampire stories with other vampire stories Our society is so fixated on this OR that, can t it be this AND that Baskin Robins has 31 flavors so can we.SmileI truly enjoyed this book for exactly what it is a story about love and survival amongst woman, who happen to be Soul Sisters They favor one another in appearance but are as different as night and day But there is one thing they both agree on and that is the dedication and love they have for one another.Soul Sisters pulled at my heart on several levels love vs sisterhood, life and death, obedience vs disobedience and light and darkness The story moved from two different worlds and time periods, but not once is the reader left wondering where they are The conflicts can cause a reader to stop only for a second to breath that s just how emotional the story can get at times.You definitely want to continue on to find out what happens next, but continuing means saying good bye to characters who have become friends.If you take nothing else from this book remember this no matter how different we are, on the inside we are ALL the same.From the cradle to the grave, Ani and Dana A complimentary copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for this review Missy

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    Thank you to the author, Janiera Eldridge, for allowing me to be a Early Reviewer on the JeepDiva Blog AUTHOR Soul Sister is Janiera s first published book In my opinion, Janiera has the potential of someday becoming a great author At this time, in my opinion , she has some improvements to make in providing her written work with the right balance of dialogue, action and adventure and details of events in my opinion.GENRE Paranormal, Fiction, Contemporary fiction, Multicultural fiction, Urban fiction, Fantasy fictionSETTING Harlem, New York to Europe and back to New York Switches back and force between Modern Day and the 13th centuryCENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTER Twin sisters but only one is a vampire The other twin however, has lived for as many years as her vampire sister CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER For centuries he has always made it possible for people to live beyond their time He can provide for them the riches of life should they so desire The problem He demands something from them that that money cannot buy.SYNOPSIS She married the man of her dreams His life suddenly ended but her twin sister ensured that she would always be with her She would always be her protector PARANORMAL How does one live with a twin and yet that twin has a different need in order to survive CONTEMPORARY fiction This book is not so much romance as it is contemporary paranormal The major setting takes place in the modern day century Spurts of having relationships is included but not the main thrust.WHAT I LIKED Actions starts towards the end of the book and leads to a cliff hanger Whoa WHAT I DID NOT LIKE While it is a great story overall, the book lacks depth It does not pull the reader into the storyline It is written with basic events occurring with very little detail description of moods, character and facial expressions As an example, what was the shape of their eyes and mouth were her teeth white and elongated as she saw the pulse beating in his neck what was the reaction of the victim, did he scream what did the door sound like as it opened, did it creak open Unfortunately this book gets 2 vrooms out of 5 Jeep Diva blog vrooms The engine started but the tires would not roll 2 STARS Lacks depth Reader is just dropped into one scene after the other.

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    I am so glad to be through with this I don t mean that in a bad way It s a good story, but it does have problems I went into this with a Cool African American Vampire Chicks attitude, since most YA books fail to focus on women of color these days, and the story did a great job of that there And, it definitely leaves you wanting to read Book 2, out of curiosity But, it does fail in some areas There are several punctuation mistakes, which seem to almost double towards the end of the novel, and the author sometimes confuses words and uses them as each other Like then for than and to for too But, that s relatively easy to look past, till you see it happen a dozen times Also, the story keeps bouncing back and forth between present times which I assumed were the 90s, since this seemed like a 90s YA book to me , and the early 1900s So, if you are not taking notes, you will get confused from time to time I loved Bryson He seemed so perfect for Dana, and then, even after she made the deal with Donovan, Bryson was killed off so soon I have to agree with Dana in the fact that I believe Donovan had something to with Bryson s death But, we never find out for sure or not I also loved that Ani and Deigo got back together, regardless of the fact that their lives were all going straight to Hell in a handbasket at the time Those two seem like soulmates I hope they stay together Also, I wish that Dana and Christian, the werewolf, had gotten together It was so clear that Dana was crushing on him like a giddy schoolgirl, but was afraid to tell him because of the situation I really home she tells him in book 2 The one thing that disappointed me the most about this book was that a third or of the story is spent building up to this huge fight battle where Ani has to kill Donovan to become Creator And, the book ended with no fight, just Donovan being a real pushover, letting Ani just take the ring and his position away from him as she killed him It s sad to build it up like that, and just let us down But, I still somewhat enjoyed the story On to book 2 now

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    Soul Sisters is a very interesting read I have to say that the book grabbed me from the first page and kept me reading until the end When I got to the end I needed to know what happens next but I will have to wait for book two As I was reading this book two things stuck out to me, first what would you do for the love of your life and second what would you do for your sister These questions were answered for me as the story progressed and I loved how the author drew you in slowly giving you just enough info to hold you over to the next chapter where things started to come together.Dana and Ani are twins soul sisters in every way Dana is happily in love with her husband when tragedy strikes She meets a guy Donovan who says he can help her husband but at a cost Dana is so in love with her husband that she will do anything and agrees to Donovan s terms Dana is about to find out that you don t make a deal with the devil unless you know what your getting into What Dana gets in return is a twin a soul sister Ani.Ani is nothing like Dana Ani is adventurous and mischievous but she is a fierce protector of her sister When Dana is attacked Ani kills the person who hurt her sister What they don t realize is there is a witness and soon Donovan has sends word to kill the two sisters Ani and Dana will have to fight Donovan and his minions This is no easy task so Ani and Dana call for help The fight that comes is crazy and swift and Dana and Ani will have to fight for their lives as well as the lives of their friends Will Ani and Dana be able to defeat Donovan Will they lose their friends Will they lose each other This is a great read with lot s of action This is a MUST read because it is totally different from the regular Vampire and Werewolf books I have read

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    Gladys XOXOtheNerdGirl NerdGirlOffical Review I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I struggled with this review for a week after I read the book So I re read the book again Twice Looking for something that would spark something so profound and earth shattering that Janiera, who I believe has become an awesome fan of Nerd Girl would thank me for BUT, as Melanie Nerd Girl Vamp , knows I am not a fan of YES MEN and people who follow the pied pipers melodic music NOW don t get me wrong please This book isn t bad I just think it lacks a few things that me myself desire in a first in a series book.World building and Character development is a huge factor for me The concept of the book deserves depth It s intriguing, it s alluring and it s infectious BUT it was left flat The whole storyline and plot was genius Two sisters who look exactly alike but are not really sisters but share a soul to allow the HUMAN Dana to stay immortal and the VAMPIRE Ani is her protector though the years Ani is reckless, her Master wants her put down , but if she dies so does Dana If Dana s life is threatened it s up to Ani to protect her So their plan is to get the Master Yes Yes Yes A long run on sentence but the story line although basic is filled to the brim with emotional ups and downs bonding and a huge dose of sisterhood Lastly the mythology although different from the all vampire lore is compelling I just wish one thing for any first in a series books Give me depth, Give me world Building and give me character development.I did enjoy this book I do recommend it It s short and would be perfect for a palette cleanser This review was done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official For information please visit NerdGirlOfficial dot com Thank you

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    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review Early 1900 s, Dana meets and marries Bryson and is very much in love until Bryson is in a hiking accident He is at deaths door when Dana is approached by Donovan, a vampire, who tells her that he can save her husband if she gives him her soul In return she will be immortal and get a soul sister, a twin, that is vampire and will always be with her She will do anything to save Bryson and takes the deal, unfortunately Bryson is killed in another accident a couple of years later This is when Dana first meets her twin soul sister Ani Ani is devoted to Dana but has some self control issues that end up landing them in a load of trouble Dana is attacked by a drunk man and Ani kills hime, problem is there was a witness Now the counsel, headed by Donovan are coming to kill Ani Due to the bond between them, if one dies, so does the other They are over 100 years old and look 25 and neither of them is ready to die The enlist the help of Ani s ex boyfriend and his werewolf friend along with a vampire who works for the councel but switched sides They are in for the battle of their lives, literally A quote from the book that I liked was You shouldn t try so hard to be perfect, it isn t becoming of anyone Words to live by I liked this book, it has different ethnicities, species, and some cool twists Having reviewed many books I appreciate the fact that the author concentrated on the story and didn t feel the need to describe every flower, door, and skyline, too much description drives me nuts and I start to skim I didn t have to do that with this story at all It s got an ending that will for sure lead to another book Check it out, it s worth the read WaAr