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Other Children Get Given Xylophones Susan Just Had To Ask Her Grandfather To Take His Vest Off Yes There S A Death In The FamilyIt S Hard To Grow Up Normally When Grandfather Rides A White Horse And Wields A Scythe Especially When You Have To Take Over The Family Business, And Everyone Mistakes You For The Tooth FairyAnd Especially When You Have To Face The New And Addictive Music That Has Entered DiscworldIt S Lawless It Changes PeopleIt S Called Music With Rocks InIt S Got A Beat And You Can Dance To It, ButIt S AliveAnd It Won T Fade Away

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    Sex, drugs and rock and roll in the Discworld.Except there s really not any sex to speak of, and to be honest really not any drugs either.But 1 out of three ain t bad, er, well, I guess that s 33 percent, so really not that good but But in Sir Terry Pratchett s able writing, it is good, as the Discworld experiences rock and roll or actually, Music with Rocks In as performed by The Band with Rocks In.Imp Y Celyn which literally means bud of holly, calls himself Buddy, and his band mates Glod as in on a mission from Glod and their troll drummer Cliff set out to hit the big stage of Ankh Morpork and things get bigger than they ever imagined as Buddy finds a magical, mystical guitar that takes over and makes things interesting.Checklist of Discworld characters Death checkThe Librarian checkCut me own throat Dibbler checkThe Wizardly staff at Unseen University checkSusan checkSgt Colon and Corporal Nobbs checkAnd a host of other fun folks who inhabit Pratchett s Discworld Most of the action takes place in Ankh Morpork but the Band also goes on tour As in most of Pratchett s work, this is also a satire on a great many things, most notably here commercialism, music industry, art and music, and human nature.Fun, fun, fun.

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    Music is immortal Some say it has always been there and always will Some can apparently hear its beat Like the pulse of the universe itself I think Terry Pratchett had that same kind of appreciation for this particular art.In this 16th installment of the phenomenon that is the Discworld series, Death has a family related crisis so he goes away for a while Unlike the last time, there is someone to take over though and the Death of Rats and Binky are getting her Yes, HER Susan, Death s granddaughter who is kinda blissfully unaware.As she learns to wield the scythe as much as her unique form of memory and everything inherited from her grandfather, music arrives on the Discworld in the form of a guitar bought in a peculiar shop think of the woodcarver shop in Pixar s Brave It wants to be played and not by anyone Thus, we are treated to a grande tour by some music with rocks in it.Along the way, we get a lot of musical references many of which even I understood is very proud of herself and which added to the hilarity of the absurdness unfolding in Ankh Morpork, the Unseen University and many other places Underwear being thrown onto the stage was the most innocent of the incidents snort giggles A wonderful adventure through dark alleys, in stinking taverns, along sharply winding roads and up on stages that is the introduction of one of the best characters, apparently Susan I already liked the novel with her future father way back when, but she s even better, especially when paired with a talking raven and the Death of Rats Binky is not to be underestimated either.Though I have to say that the Librarian, Ridcully and the other wizards were marvellous, once again, as well.Moreover, as is almost to be expected especially from the novels about Death, the author had a wonderful way of weaving pop culture references with action and, most impressively, resoundingly deep and important messages about life and death itself.

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    A very nice re read 9 13 18 I love music I love humor I love seeing wizards rock the house Oh, and everyone else getting slipped an extra dimensional mickey in their drinks, too If we re really talking about sex, drugs, and rock and roll, I know we have the rock and roll down There are even a few trolls to do it RIGHT The drugs bit is Discworld itself, OF COURSE And if you really think about it, our universe really is doing a little slip slide with Discworld, too.SEE METAPHOR STRETCHED, NOT BROKEN I loved seeing Susan here She s a real trip Death, too, of course But it was a certain raven and a few unwashed rockers who stole the show today.

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    Discworld Playlist 1 There s a Great Deal of Shaking Happening 2 Give Me That Music With Rocks In 3 Pathway to Paradise 4 Born to Rune

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    Soul Music was, I guess, my first true love Um, I mean with Terry Pratchett Um, I mean you know what I mean DSo much so that when I had to pick the topic of my 4,000 word IB extended essay, there was no room for doubt It had to be Susan And Death And the Music With Rocks In And the life saving, human defining importance of rebellion Teen angst, ha teen me would fume What d you grown ups know Meet 4,000 word essay here Even though this is the least academic of all the many drafts I wrote, it still sounds terribly highfalutin Thousand apologies.

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    I am convinced that Sir Pratchett wrote this book for the sole reason of putting in a grateful Death joke.It wasn t my favorite Discworld book, but the phrase Music With Rocks In is so charmingly Pratchett that I kind of wanted to hug it.

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    Any Discworld that features Death is a winner in my book I love the addition of the raven, and Susan s journey as Death s granddaughter was an interesting one And of course all the musical references were pretty great.Audiobook narrated by Nigel Planer Thumbs up

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    I re read this book slowly past few weeks.So slowly I even forgot to added it to GR.Sadly my initial opinion still remains This is the worst Discworld book I read but not worst Pratchett s book that title goes to Long earth.That doesn t mean it s bad book but it s way bellow sir Terry s best works.Death is my second favorite Discworld character first one being Sam Vimes but like in Thief of time him Susan ended in totally uninteresting plot with overall very weak cast of characters.Soul music has brief flashes of Pratchett s brilliance but it s not enough and I feel this re read was wasted time.TIme I should have spent reading or re reading better Discworld books.

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    Part of the Pratchett reread with the SpecFic Buddy Reads group in 2018 Death takes a break at about the same time as the Discworld latches on to yet another passing concept from elsewhere in the multiverse Music with Rocks In Ankh Morpork gets hit hard by the arrival of some new musicians and soon the whole city can t get enough of the new music, particularly including some of the Unseen University faculty Meanwhile, with Death missing, the role is picked up by his young granddaughter, Susan Sto Helit.In structure this book is very similar to Reaper Man, with two main plots that barely intersect There s the Wizards dealing with the new music including the first glimpse of what will later be called Hex and the band that is playing it, and a parallel plot dealing with Susan and Death and their grief over Susan s parents deaths.Like Reaper Man, the Death plot is the star, and while it has moments of humor the way that grief is affecting both of these characters is quite profound as is the relationship that they develop because of it.I do think that this is a slightly lesser work in the series, if only because the A plot is a bit pointless, and the B plot has the heavy lifting of introducing Susan I think the processing of grief that both Death and Susan are doing throughout is very subtle and extremely well handled.

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    He had the feeling, once again, that he d missed out on something somewhere He d never really realized it until the last couple of days He didn t know what it was He just wanted to do things He didn t know what they were But he wanted to do them soon There are millions of chords There are millions of numbers And everyone forgets the one that is a zero But without the zero, numbers are just arithmetic Without the empty chord, music is just noise It was just happenstance that the first Pratchett book I got to read after Sir Terry died last month is one of those that feature DEATH, and musings on, but it certainly made the experience of reading Soul Music bittersweet than it would have been otherwise It didn t end up being my favorite Discworld book, but it s still a reminder of what we ve lost in losing Terry Pratchett A euphemism implying we can probably find him hiding under our beds or stuffed in the fridge next to the ketchup if only we just looked hard enough.The Discworld books don t have to be read in order, but I have to read them that way If you re looking for a way in to the series, you could do worse than with this book I feel it s good, not great But if you want a stellar one to start with I d recommend Guards Guards instead, or even Reaper Man, which was the previous book in the DEATH sub series Terry Pratchett s version of Death is an anthropomorphized, soulful, skeletal sort of guy who s always having emotional crises, losing faith in his job, and then wandering off for a while to find himself He also speaks IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.This time around, his crisis precipitates his granddaughter, Susan, taking over the business Susan is a very practical girl, raised by her parents Death s adopted daughter and his old apprentice to disregard anything even remotely nonsensical While Susan is busy learning the Family Business, magical disaster is of course once again invading the Discworld, this time in the form of music Specifically of the type with rocks in Imp y Celyn Welsh for Bud of the Holly get it and two new acquaintances also new to the fine disaster of a city known as Ankh Morpork decide to start a band after being rejected by the Musician s Guild, and after finding a guitar in a Mysterious Shop that produces the most wondrous music .As they tend to do in Discworld books, the two stories converge in a manner I can only describe as wonko, but the twin themes of Death and Music actually work really well together, and I ended up coming out of the book sort of teary eyed, and not just because I was thinking about its dearly departed author.