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Download Best Soul Dog: A Journey into the Spiritual Life of AnimalsAuthor Elena Mannes –

An Exploration Of Animal Spirituality And The Ability Of Animals To Communicate With Humans Even In The Afterlife Looking For Companionship After A Near Fatal Car Crash, Elena Mannes, An Award Winning Television Journalist And Producer, Decided To Get Her First Dog But What She Found With Her Dog, Brio, Shook The Foundations Of Her Physical And Spiritual Worlds, Sending Her On A Quest To Discover The Nature Of His Spiritual Origins And To Contemplate And Seek Out The Possibility Of Interspecies Communication Even After Death Soon After Bringing Her Puppy Home, Mannes Realized The Master Companion Relationship Would Not Be Possible With Brio, Who Quickly Showed He Had A Mind And A Spirit Of His Own Mannes Growing Curiosity About The Intelligence, Emotions, And Consciousness Of Brio And Other Dogs Led Her To Contact An Animal Psychic In California Who Described, With Amazing Accuracy, Brio S Favorite Walks And The Author S Apartment From The Dog S Point Of View Mannes Skeptical Journalist Background Compelled Her To Investigate Further She Delved Into The World Of Animal Communicators, Psychics, And Scientists Studying Animal Intelligence, Including Rupert Sheldrake, To Find Answers To Her Multiplying Questions Do Animals Have Thoughts And Feelings Consciousness Souls Is Interspecies Communication Possible Can Animals Reincarnate Spanning The Entire Life And Afterlife Of Brio, Including His Last Days And His Messages To The Author After He Passed On, This Audiobook Also Explores Mannes Investigations Into The Spiritual Life Of Animals, Offering A New Understanding Of The Unbreakable Bond Between Humans And Animals Mannes Invites Listeners To Move Beyond The Owner Pet Relationship And Shows Us How To See Animals As Thinking, Feeling, Spiritual Beings Whose Connections With Us Extend Far Beyond Life And Death

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    An excellent book for those who love dogs animals, and who know, or suspect, there is so much going on in this world that most of us just aren t aware of.

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    This is a very good book on the soul of animals and their meaning in our lives.The author, Elena Mannes, does a good job of interweaving personal stories, discussion with animal communicators, research, and reflections She is a journalist, so she keeps things moving the book doesn t get weighed down with too much detail on this or that It is a brave book She talks about personal parts of her life, her struggles, insecurities, and doubts It must ve taken some courage, to put herself out there in book form like this She clearly put her heart into the book.The book is basically the tale of a materialist who learned about the world of spirituality through her dog, which is probably an ageless tale, not often enough told The book is one of many that help raise awareness of the dignity of animals and their ability to shift the course of our lives profoundly.If I had one criticism, it would be that she tends to portray her dog, Brio, in somewhat overly idealized terms I understand that she loves her dog deeply and wants to convey his strength and spiritual qualities However, at times it feels as if she is striving too hard to demonstrate to herself and us that Brio is an extraordinarily elevated and powerful soul not your ordinary dog, but something much, much The problem then is that he no longer speaks for or represents dogs, but only himself, as some kind of rare exception, an elevated being, a super dog, a saint in fur So the problem is that ordinary or average dogs who I would argue have many of the qualities embodied by Brio and can have the same sort of life changing impact on people s lives are left out, cannot relate, because their dog does not appear to be a super dog or elevated master I want people to understand that these qualities and potentials exist in all dogs, not just special ones.Otherwise, I think the book is really good I m grateful to Ms Mannes for sticking her neck out and writing it I m sure Brio and a bunch of other animals are grateful.

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    This elegantly and lovingly written book speaks to skeptics and believers alike It is the journey of a news reporter, seeking facts and evidence, and her beloved dog, and the lifetime they share I finished the book last night, but will re read it, as I never wanted it to end I have also purchased it for everyone I know who loves an animal And you should, too.

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    We recently lost our pet, this book is really helping us to heal, and have faith in the after life.

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    I loved this book Period.

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    Brought me to tears than once A wonderful read I have been recommending to friends.