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There is a world invisible to Untouched eyes where demons rule the shadows and prey on the innocents Gracen Potts lives in this world Her job is to serve and protect those who are oblivious to the monsters hiding from the lightAs a Silver Mortal Gracen has the power to send these demons back to Hell With the Silver Eagle blood running through her veins she feels like nothing can take her down That is until she meets a group of Night Vipers who have escaped the Viper clan Can Gracen keep doing her job of demon slaying and protect the rebel Vipers?

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    Silver Mortal is without a doubt one of the coolest books you will read this year It has such an amazing story line super cool characters no other book can compare to it Once I started reading I couldn't stop and I found myself getting deeper and deeper by every page until I realized I had devoured the book in one day's sitting and still I wanted I can't wait for the release of book two to find out what will happen next Gracen is not your normal girl and at school she is known as a freak because she looks different than everyone else she only has one friend named Bets aka Betsina they hang out and go to parties but Gracen has to leave before midnight because she undergoes changes eyes that turn silver and she has silver scars on her cheek its part of who she is it's in her genes She her mom help save Untouched Humans from Vipers Vipers want to corrupt and destroy mankind with evil while out on one of hermissions she comes in contact with a Viper who claims everything is not as it seems and he doesn't want to live in evil destruction and asks Gracen and her mom for help Everything Gracen has been taught about Vipers leaves her confused can she trust him??? can he really change and be good??? read on to find out you won't believe what happens