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This Is A Basic Guide To Investing In Silver And Gold For Beginners This Book Takes A Look At Bullion, Coins, And Precious Metals As Well As How The Prices Are Set And Some Indication Of Where And How To Buy Precious Metals This book covers many of the basics when buying Silver and Gold as an investment It s very straight and to the point, well laid out, and considering the size of the book, there is sufficient detail to get anyone started, or at least know what to look for and where. This book is useful for the novice who is interested in learning the basics about precious metals and some of the circumstances and best practices for their investing Certainly you will want to knowin order to be a savvy and successful investor in precious metals, but it is a good starting place and introduction I expectedabout the how to quickly invest in silver and gold part of this book and was a bit disappointed However I did like the amount of detail, in depth definitions and history that the author included in the book Lots of little obscure facts which are great to know My two favorite books on investing in gold and silver so far have been Stack Silver Get Gold How to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion without Getting Ripped Off andRich Dad s Advisors Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver Protect Your Financial Future