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I actually read this book in 2012 I remembered next to nothing about it Old lady brain syndrome, which is great for re reads It was in the handful of my first M M romances I bought it from so it saved my old bookmarks I bookmarked all the sex the first time I read it Who does that Apparently, 2012 Gigi does.What can be said about Shades of Gray that hasn t been said before That this story is riveting and edge of your seat worthy That the romance is magical and swoon worthy That the sexual tension is intense and gut wrenching That is sex is spectacular and hot as hell That the ending is all rainbows and unicorns and fluffy bunnies That it s huge bummer that Shades of Gray is author Brooke McKinley s only published novel I absolutely loved this book and recommended it with all my might to M M romance fans who haven t read it yet Fuck yes, 5 stars.Brooke McKinley, come back ETA Cheating alert view spoiler Miller has a fianc e during the beginning of the story He does not break it off with her before he starts having sex with Danny. hide spoiler 4.75 Black White Stars It s always our mistakes, the things we aren t proud of, that are the first ones to stand up, ready to be counted Where do I even begin to explain how much I loved this book Let me start off by saying that I cannot believe this is Brooke McKinley s debut book This is one of those stories that page by page creeps up on you, digs its claws into your heart and simply doesn t let go until the last word Danny Butler is on the wrong side of the law He works as a drug runner for one of the largest drug lords in the world He s been under surveillance by the FBI for over nine months and he s finally been brought in to turn as an informant He s given no choice really Word will spread to his boss that he s been arrested, can he risk saying no to the FBI and take his chances that they ll believe he didn t snitch Or does he try to do the right thing and help the FBI put away the only man who has ever shown faith in him Believed he was worth something, even if it was to do his dirty work Was loyalty still an admirable trait if it lies with the wrong person Agent Miller Sutton has been working on this case for almost a year He needs Danny s help to close the case He ll do whatever it takes He lives his life a certain way, with everything contained in a nice, neat box Feelings have no business at work, and work is the only place where he feels like he isn t failing He s spent most of his life denying any true emotion to creep into his neat and orderly world Everything set out in neat little boxes, all black and white, exactly how he liked it Good and evil, right and wrong, innocent and guilty Stay in the right box and it would all work out in the end Danny and Miller are holed up in a safe house waiting on the capture of Danny s boss In this bubble, the two begin getting to know each other and Danny s easy way starts to get under Miller s skin He finds himself opening up to Danny, something he s never done with anyone Even his fiance Now, for those who have problems with cheating in books I ll put my thoughts under a spoiler and you can decide for yourself Please note that I am one who does not read books with cheating, and frankly I didn t know there would be any in this book view spoiler He s been engaged for five years and both him and his fiance live a life of comfort Their relationship is..sanitary and passionless I didn t have a problem with it mostly because it wasn t just a simple act of careless cheating, but rather a journey of self discovery and finally admitting a truth that has been long buried by fear But for some I can understand if there is no instance where cheating would be ok If you d like to know , please feel free to reach out to me because I would honestly hate for this one factor to dissuade you from reading the book I promise to be honest and unbiased in answering any questions hide spoiler Reread via audiobook July 2019Audiobook 4 Stars Story it s still on my all time favorites shelf Need I say So Many FeelzWHY THE HELL DID I WAIT SO LONG TO READ THIS At first glance, this seems to be a typical crime story FBI Agent blackmails a criminal into testifying against his boss, they fall in love, boss gets wind of the deal, both are on the run and were miraculously saved End of story.Nooo, not this time Obviously, Shades of Gray has a crime plot, but first and foremost it is a romance A beautifully written love story between two men on different sides of the law You feel the chemistry between them virtually sizzling, but it is not just pure blind lust From their first time together there is a tenderness, that grabbed my heart.Miller and Danny are far from perfect, and yet for me they are.Miller Sutton, a somewhat disillusioned and job weary FBI Agent, who lived all his live in denial about his sexuality, about who he really is.Danny Butler, a drug runner whose bad choice got him to be delinquent when he was a teen, but who came to terms with it along the way, until some events some decisions made him question his choice Then there is said druglord who does not accept betrayal in any way and sends his sadistic killer after them Both men have to realize in a painful way that not everything is black and white Not their situation and not the other person.I never thought I would cry over a crime story someday There were scenes in this book that were hard to take I had tears streaming down my face while at the same time, I felt pure white hot rage And the apparent hopelessness of their situation honest to goodness made my chest constrict It makes me sad that the author apparently has chosen not to write any other books, but I cannot not be happy that I met Miller and Danny I loved them both so hard, well, maybe Danny a little bit I know, I know I m late to the party and I could not add anything else that has not already been said in other reviews, so I will leave it at that.In case you are as late to the party as me, read this book, you won t regret it This goes straight onto my favorites shelf Highly recommended This review has been posted on Dirty Books Obsession 4.5 starsSo close to perfect for a book in this genre This had it all two very real, complex MCs, a tight plot, nuanced writing, action, fantastic chemistry, and serious sizzle.I had to keep setting it down, because this was such an emotional ride Yes, I cried, and I m utterly in love with Danny.Why is this McKinley s only book This one is a must read. Loved this one It was THE perfect mix of romance and suspense The build up.the sexual tension.the sexual chemistry It was perfect It was believable, it was real.I felt it The suspense left me intrigued, kept me guessing I wanted I didn t want it to end. So after my fifth read I felt I should write a review that does this book or how much I FRIGGIN LOVE IT justice To start I ll say, that yes this book is not perfect, there are things that are far fetched, some are unlikely for the premise of the book, but I don t care I LOVE IT I come back to it time after time, because Danny and Miller are just such special characters to me This book was an early M M read, and it has not lost its charm one bit It can still make me smile, cry and curl my toes and leave me DESPERATELY in love with the main characters.Danny Butler is a man whose poor life choices have finally caught up with him, and the reckoning is coming from the hand of Special Agent Miller Sutton Danny has lead a hard life of crime, prison time, yet he can still open himself to love without reservations, and with a guilessnes and wonder that is just beautiful His character just steals my heart Every Single Time.Miller is a man who has built a life on lies, mostly to himself about his desires, who he is, what he wants And those lies they can t hold up any, because in the presence of Danny He can literally do nothing but fall This book has a simple plot for all its FBI Agent Criminal Saga premise, because what it is, its about love, how to let it take you, how to keep it, how to earn it and how to give it Danny and Miller together are intense and amazing Danny holds NOTHING back, he is there, all of him, and Miller, he s just in awe that something so beautiful can be possible with another person.This book is so special to me, What is it about Danny and Miller that just draws me back Why do I love this book so much I think Danny s words say it bestwhy s it so goddamn good He was surprised at how full his voice sounded, so close to overflowing its steady banks Danny stroked his hair, his lips warm against Miller s cheek Because it s us, Miller, he whispered Because it s usIt REALLY IS them.It probably won t be too long before I m back reading about Danny and Miller and listeting to their song on a loop the whole timeSIGHS I LOVE THIS BOOK Still one of my all time favorite endings.RECOMMEND 3.5 starsI ve been stuck in 3.5 star ville lately Man, this book had the makings to be great 2 hot characters, opposites attract, closeted g man, danger, hot man lovin , tenderness so, so close Let me just say what I did really, really love about this book So often in the M M books I read, the 2 MC s are so selfish in their love for each other You rarely see that truly beautiful I love you enough to sacrifice for you Protection also a great example But, I loved this in Danny and Miller They found a love that was so intense they would give up themselves to protect the other Big props.Ok, here are my issues view spoiler It must be some seriously mind blowing sex to totally transform each of these guys Seriously They knew each other, what, a month And once the sex comes into the picture, you might as well have 2 entirely different characters than what you started the book with BogusI didn t buy the why of the attraction I get that authors love to throw in the insta love but what was it about Danny that Miller would throw all caution and common sense to the wind And, BTW, I m not buying that Danny would so easily give in to turning on Hinestroza Lastly, when all was said and done, Danny started to BUG me GET OVER IT DUDE I know, you re broken I get it, you can t see yourself changing But his reaction to Miller in Chicago made me want to punch him in the face The man of your dreams is in front of you wanting you and you re pissed Good god, boy WAKE UP hide spoiler Miller Sutton, A By The Book FBI Agent, Is Starting To See Some Troubling Shades Of Gray In His Black And White World He Comes Face To Face With His Doubts In The Person Of Danny Butler, A Mid Level Drug Runner Miller Hopes To Use To Catch A Much Larger Fish Roberto Hinestroza, A Drug Lord Miller Has Pursued For Years Danny Has No Interest In Being A Witness Against His Boss, Both Out Of A Sense Of Twisted Loyalty And Because He Knows Double Crossing Hinestroza Is A Sure Death Sentence But He Reluctantly Agrees To Cooperate, And As He Suspects, It Doesn T Take Long For Hinestroza To Figure Out The Betrayal Miller Is Surprised To Discover Danny S Not The Career Criminal Lowlife He Expected At The Same Time, Danny Finds Himself Helplessly Attracted To Miller S Innate Goodness They Barely Begin To Explore The Sparking Attraction Between Them When Hinestroza S Hitman Tracks Them Down, And Then They Re On The Run, Both For Their Lives And For Any Kind Of Love In chess it s calledOkay, this one is simply EPIC And it makes me angry because the author didn t write books It s a SHAME She s classified in that imaginary shelf in my mind of ridiculously talented but inexplicably wasted authors sharing seats with the great Jane Seville and G.N Chevalier If they want to be remembered as THE author OF the BOOK they ll become a kind of Margaret Mitchell in the M M genre Maybe that s their purpose But not for my own good.I love this book very much because it was one of my first romances in this genre but that s not the reason why I will always remember it It s because it filled every cup of mine, even those I wasn t aware about If there was a button to be pushed, this book found it If there was a question to be answered the explanation was than enough If there was a feeling that I had the feeling that should take place then, the feeling appeared just in time As a angst junkie as I am, I was satisfied with all that distress the book transpired As a cuddling girl as I am I was also happy with all the brushes and grazes And witnessing black and white Miller s world and Danny s grey one crashing into each other was just the icing on the cake But above it all I value connection, and it was provided beyond expectations It was one of those cases in which every ingredient was present, but the personal touch was the secret.So, yes, damn good, this one. 4,5 stars I loved this one SO much I still can t give this one 5 full stars, but I got invested into this story so bad Can t believe this author did t write I really loved this one It was raw, it was painful, it was heartbreaking at times, but we get such a wonderful ending It s definitely worth it