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Seeing Stars Kindle ☆ Paperback

Ruth Rabinowitz believes She believes that her daughter Bethany is a terrific little actress so they have come to Hollywood where dreams come true Ruth’s husband and Bethany’s father who thinks their quest for stardom is delusional has been left behind in SeattleJoining Bethany Rabinowitz in Hollywood’s often toxic waters are fellow child actors Quinn Reilly who has been cast adrift by his family and excels only on Hollywood sets beautiful Allison Addison who is misled by her powerful need for love and Laurel Buehl who brings a desperate secret to LA that makes the stakes impossibly high As talent managers agents coaches directors and teachers nurture—and feed on—their ambitions stars will be made hearts will be broken children will grow up and dreams will both be realized and die

10 thoughts on “Seeing Stars

  1. A group of kids all with the same talent agent all with Hollywood dreams wrestle with the ups and downs of getting their big break Some have mothers who help them along others are on their own without much emotional support from their parents The story takes us on a roller coaster ride from the eyes of all of themI fell in love with this book from the first few chapters The author did an excellent job of reeling you into the characters and making you feel as if you were right there along with them It at no time felt 'unreal' to me I actually whooped with joy when Quinnoops almost gave it away This book was a winner for meWon through LibraryThing early review program