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[read online Audiobooks] Secangkir Teh Pengubat Letih Author Hasrizal Abdul Jamil –

Only reading this in 2019, 9 years after its publication is probably the reason that brings me to feel very dissatisfied upon finishing the read I ll come back to that after describing its strong points.This book was written as an intellectual travelog, and very well so I love how the author has a very deep and emotional attachment to Turkey, and in particular the remnants of the Ottoman Empire in what used to be its capital city Istanbul I loved all the descriptions about the devout Turkish Muslim communities there who so many of them are huffaz, despite surviving in a very tumultuous secular country I loved these parts about the book the most Most of us may not know how much of a battle life there is for the devout Muslims to keep their religion alive, and I truly admire this renewed understanding about the society there.The things I have problems with are two The time lapses are somewhere between 1995 1999, and 2003 The exact year by which some articles were written is not provided and therefore is quite confusing, especially for readers who have no basic knowledge of Turkey domestic politics whatsoever The other problem is with the jumps between these time lapses itself Some important dots are missing especially when the author describes political events of the recent time we needed historical context of at least a decade past My last criticism is that as someone who reads this so much later, it s very dissatisfying to come out of it with an information vacuum of what has happened socio economically in the past 10 years, from an unbiased perspective about Turkey Thus, I am really hoping that I can find a good book that will fill in that decade worth of information vacuum for me 3.5 stars the life in Turkey..i m never bored with history of khalifah..want to know and about them.. I am well fed with my own imagination, guided by the author s descriptions of seeing Bosphorus Strait and the nearby Blue Mosque, Canakkale and other beautiful and peaceful places where Islam is still deeply embedded in the hearts and souls of the dwellers, and from the author s observation and close relationship with his Turkish friends, enlightens me of what it means to be a Muslim in this country and the best qualities they portray because of that fact and being true to who they are and the challenges they have to face in the midst of secularism attacks Perhaps now it s a different story in Turkey, or still the same I guess this motivates me to read further and open my eyes, my mind and my heart to other parts of the world A very good read Delve in the author s views and analysis, and learn from his experiences and observations It s like seeing a new horizon I guess I m craving for Turkish tea now. This book brought me to the world of Istanbul,Turkey.Although I never been to Istanbul, but I can imagine Turkish culture and lifestyle by reading this book.The author has pointed out some issues in a very good way especially for those who like to understand Turkish culture. Such an insightful reading You ll never be disappointed when u picked up ustaz Hasrizal s book An honest writing, totally no beating around the bush. change my perspective towards Turkey..and it s people Sekularism and how people become a victims from kemalism. a breathtaking adventure in turkiopen my mind, heart, soul to know islam people and country in detailthe saying that traveller has great wisdom is really true Bumi Ataturk Tidaklah Seperti Yang Digembar Gemburkan Roh Islam Masih Subur Di Situ Itulah Perasaan Yang Akan Terzahir Apabila Menatap Naskhah Kedua Siri Travelog Tarbiah Karangan Ustaz Hasrizal Ini Penulis Menumpahkan Segala Pengalaman Beliau Di Turki Yang Juga Dianggap Rumah Kedua Selepas JordanWarga Turki Masih Utuh Pegangan Akidahnya, Para Huffaz Bertebaran Di Buminya, Ukhuwah Islamiah Masih Membara Di Dada Penghuninya, Malah Tiada Muslim Yang Akan Rasa Terasing Apabila Bertandang Ke SanaSecangkir Teh Yang Diteguk Di Bumi Ataturk Hari Ini, Mungkin Akan Menjadi Pengubat Letih Dan Dahaga Sehingga Hari Esok Bersama Kita Selusuri Pengalaman Kembara Seorang Insan Dalam Mencari Damai Di Celah Celah Rimbunan Mehnah Yang Mencengkam Ukhuwah Dan Kasih Sayang, Tawa Dan Air Mata Segalanya Terangkum Di Dalamnya Antara Kandungan Mencari Damai Diri Canakkale Ajaibnya Turki Secangkir Teh Pengubat Letih Orang Berbudi Kita Berbahasa Bahasa Yang Pergi Ukhuwah Di Bumi Afyon Orang Berbudi Kita Berbahasa Sejarah Tua Kaum Muda Berulang Lagi Dan Banyak Lagi Sumber Galeriilmu I cried Huh I m ashamed to tell you guys that I cried once or err twice or thrice when I read this book Congrats Ustaz Hasrizal As i expected from Ust Hasrizal, his stories are meant to be told and there are a lot of values i can get from it