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Like The Colorful Pieces Of Sea Glass Washed Up On Shore, Opal Has Weathered Rough Waters And Twisting Currents But Instead Of Finding A Tranquil Eddy, Opal Is Caught In A Riptide Her Unique Glass Messengers Which Allow Instant Communication Over Vast Distances Have Become A Vital Part Of Sitian Society Once Used Solely By The Councilors And Magicians, Other Powerful Factions Are Now Vying For Control Control Of The Messengers Equals Control Of Sitia Unfortunately That Also Means Control Of Opal If That Isn T Enough Of A Problem, Opal S Determination To Prove Blood Magic Is Still Being Used Is Met With Strong Resistance The Council Doubts Her, Her Mentor Doubts Her, And Even Her Family Is Concerned When Her World Is Turned Upside Down, She Begins To Doubt Herself In The End, Opal Must Decide Who To Believe, Who To Trust, And Who Has Control Otherwise She Will Shatter Into A Million Pieces And Be Swept Out By The Tide

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    Can t decide which cover I like best This was an okay story, but I didn t like it as much as Storm Glass.Opal did try to make the best of her abilities in this book, but she also made some mistakes I felt quite sorry for her every time she got caught out or ended up walking straight into a trap, but she also seemed quite powerless at points.The storyline in this was about Opal making glass animals again, trying to get Ulrick and Devlen swapped back to their correct bodies, something going on with some weird magical sea glass, as well as people trying to kill Opal.There was a little bit of romance between Kade and Opal, but not a lot.The ending to this was quite surprising, and left Opal in a very strange position I have no idea where the third book will go from here.6 out of 10

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    3 ANNOYING STARS Lying to yourself is easy, too I know It s much harder to stay and deal with consequences I still love Sitia and Ixia, the magic system and all of the characters from the older books. Just not Opal, who unfortunately happens to be the main character in this trilogy.She s so very annoying, can t make up her mind and makes the dumbest decisions, ugh.I can t wait to finish the third book and have my Yelena back for another trilogy

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    Opal s dumb as a doornail routine annoys me But the plot surrounding her intrigues me Thus I will push on Wondering how this semi love triangle will end.

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    A bit of a conundrum, this I have to think about it a little before I write my review RTC.

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    Now that the Council have found out about Opal s ability to steal other magician s powers they immediately see her as a threat No matter how much she has done for them in the past it is all worth nothing now and they now want her under house arrest inside the Citadel where they can monitor her activities and decide what to do with her The worst thing of all is that nobody believes her when she tells them that Devlen and Ulrick have swapped bodies so now Devlen has free reign of the Citadel and is as trusted as Ulrick would have been Opal doesn t know what his goals are but she knows that nothing good can possibly come of them and since she s the only one who knows what s going on it s up to her to stop him First she needs to find Ulrick and figure out a way to put his soul back in his own body but what if Ulrick wasn t quite the innocent victim in all this Will he even want Opal s help While I think I prefer the Study series I m still really enjoying the Glass books and I love being able to dive back into the world of Ixia Although this is Opal s story we still get to see some familiar faces along the way and Janco in particular has a starring role in this story but I also loved catching up with Leif and of course Yelena too Opal has always seemed much innocent than Yelena, she is younger, trusting and less able to stand up for herself, particularly in Storm Glass and during the beginning of this book I was really pleased to see how much progress she makes in this novel though, she still has her moments but it was great to see her starting to gain confidence now that she s beginning to understand how her magic works and I was glad that she is standing up for herself now In fact by the end of the book she d become pretty impressive I actually like the fact that Opal and Yelena are so different and it s always fun to see how the two of them interact with each other.There is a lot going on in Sea Glass, Opal finds herself in a whole heap of trouble and she has than one enemy to deal with We get to see of the different Sitian clans which was interesting but at times it did feel like there was a little too much travelling going on I would have liked to spend time with some of the clans seeing Opal making use of her new found magical abilities That s a fairly minor niggle though because there was so much going on that I was certainly never bored and I could happily have devoured the whole book in one sitting if only there were hours in the day One thing Opal really has to learn throughout this story is not to blindly trust people, even those who she feels closest to There are a lot of people who aren t quite what they seem and that doesn t make it easy for her to figure out who are allies and who are enemies but that is something she is starting to get better at She needs to learn to trust her gut instincts a little and that is definitely something she is improving at.There are some revelations at the end of Sea Glass that are going to make things very interesting for Opal in the future and I can t wait to read Spy Glass to see what happens to her next.

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    What can I say, I was a little dismayed by Sea Glass Perhaps because I expected out of this second book Perhaps because I thought Opal s character was going to be interesting and her adventures daring and intriguing However, none of that came into fruition, at least in my opinion The book didn t really pick up for me until the last 100 pages I felt that the first 200 pages dawdled and there were chapters that seem indulgent and unconsequential I know Maria Snyder was trying to develop Opal s character and what other magical talents she has but some chapters just took too long to do so In respects to Opal, I appreciated her character developing some spunk in this book but I did not care so much for her becoming jaded and distrustful of everyone I get it that a lot of people in this book disappointed her but it was just such a downer when she was acting this way You can still be spunky and kind at the same time, Opal It doesn t mean you re weak when you re kind Just look at Harry Potter But what irked me the most about the Sea Glass is how Opal s character was turning into a mini Yelena Opal all of a sudden found the urge to learn to defend herself, just like Yelena in the Study series Just like Yelena, she wanted to learn how to fight with weapons, pick locks, move like a ninja ghost, do nightly investigations, etc Also just like Yelena, she befriended two soldiers and have become her sworn protectors Nic and Eve to Yelena s Ari and Janco I just wish that Maria Snyder was creative and original in fashioning Opal s character She is the heroine of the Glass series after all She should be different from Yelena, eventhough the Glass series is a sequel spin off of the Study series I m sure if I looked for similarities between these series that I would But I ll stop here just to be fair with this book I just have a love dislike relationship with this book I did enjoy the last 100 pages of the book I liked that Lief s character had face time in this book I still felt that Kade should have been in the book since he is Opal s main squeeze Good riddance to Ulrick He s a whiny lad anyway But, Devlen, hmmm, the devil who s had a change of heart might just steal Opal s heart Sneaky little devil This I am definitely interested in finding out in the 3rd installment, Spy Glass Also, I am intrigued as to what becomes of Opal, with all her magical abilities changed So now that I ve opined, I still love Maria Snyder The Glass series is definitely not a favorite but I will continue onto Spy Glass as I m intrigued indeed.

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    I enjoy Opal s story adventures than I did with Yelena I like the even pace of the book, it feels effortless Instead of saving every plot twist for the last 20 pages, action is evenly distributed It doesn t feel forced I just wish we got a bit of Devlen in this one, I thought he was a bigger part of this book, but its just his name being repeated all of the time.

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    Lying to yourself is easy, too I know It s much harder to stay and deal with consequences The good I absolutely love Sitia and the world Snyder created Kade is my sweetheart Reappearance of old characters Yelena, Leif, Janco. Don t you dare say it He poked my arm with a finger My choice to help you My fault for being caught No regrets I d do it again without thought He cocked his head to the side and scratched his scarred ear Which isn t that big of a revelation Ari says I do everything without thought He shrugged Thinking is overrated The bad It was a bit boring and stretched someries I was considering DNFing it, but in the end am glad I didn t I still couldn t conect with Opal And I really, really tried Devlen s sudden change seemed a little weird to me It was all a part of being trustworthy of being a piece of sea glass High tides, low tides, storms, sand and mistakes all contributed to the polishing process Though difficult to endure at the time, the demanding elements helped smooth the surface, transforming one into a better person, not worse A person who learned from the harsh environment, who knew the storm would end, and who felt confident she would still be in one piece

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    Thank you to Stefanie for keeping me motivated for the past two months when I was thinking of dnf this As always with Maria V Snyder books this was good Not her best in my opinion but still worth the read, especially if you re reading the main series in the chronicle Study series.Review to come.

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    What s worse than a dumbass A cynical, mopey, feeling sorry for themself dumbass and that is what Opal is in this book She s changed from an optimistic dumbass to a pessimistic dumbass But, don t worry, she still gets kidnapped and caught a lot And, the thing is, Opal knows she s an idiot, but instead of trying to fix her idiocy, she wallows in self pity I would be a fool to trust him Too bad being a fool was my best skill Oh poor you Let s all feel sorry for her.So, in this story, Opal is trying to convince everyone about the blood magic exchange between Devlin and Ulrick while the Council treats her like their personal Apple Store since she makes the magical equivalent of cell phones and they got the cell phone fever They don t trust her probably a good idea since she s a moron , so they decide to make her their very own Chinese slave labor factory worker She s on lock down, unpaid, and only allowed any freedoms if she keeps up with her glass animal iphone quota Of course, she reacts to all of this in every worst way you can imagine First, she goes the defiance route and doesn t go back to the Council when they call her She is determined to find Ulrick, stuck in Devlin s body, and rescue him That went as well as expected Even when he flat out tells her that he wanted the exchange, she wouldn t believe it Dumbass Next, she decides to go the submission route and rolls over for the council, but whines and bitches the whole time This is typical of the character of Opal She is totally wishy washy deciding one thing with all the conviction of an idiot without the right information, only to change her mind and start acting and doing the opposite I really really don t like this chick have I made that clear yet And, yet, she is supposed to be the big hero of the story She can t even keep her mind on her supposed one true love, Kade She kisses him to get her mind off of Devlin Really, girl The guy who tortured you and gave you fear and nightmares since you were 14 years old I don t care how nice and reformed he gets, girls don t generally get together with their rapist torturers Consider that a hard rule But, at this point, I have to think that the torturer can actually do better than her She s a total dumbass.