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Cinder, The Cyborg Mechanic, Returns In The Second Thrilling Installment Of The Bestselling Lunar Chronicles She S Trying To Break Out Of Prison Even Though If She Succeeds, She Ll Be The Commonwealth S Most Wanted Fugitive Halfway Around The World, Scarlet Benoit S Grandmother Is Missing When Scarlet Encounters Wolf, A Street Fighter Who May Have Information As To Her Grandmother S Whereabouts, She Is Loath To Trust This Stranger, But Is Inexplicably Drawn To Him, And He To Her As Scarlet And Wolf Unravel One Mystery, They Encounter Another When They Meet Cinder Now, All Of Them Must Stay One Step Ahead Of The Vicious Lunar Queen Levana, Who Will Do Anything For The Handsome Prince Kai To Become Her Husband, Her King, Her Prisoner Edit i kind if realized how much i hate myself for giving this four stars I have sinned omg, changing my rating to five stars like right fucking now, THIS BOOK WAS TEN THOUSAND TIMES BETTER THAN Cinder Scarlet and Wolf will be the literal death of me I m incapable of writing a review for this It s just.READ IT PLS THIS LAST IMAGE KILLED ME I actually screamed you guys.I love Wolf so much it hurts I need a Wolf in my life. She did not know that the wolf was a wicked sort of animal, and she was not afraid of him3 1 2 stars I do not know that this is actually an amazing book, but dammit, it was entertaining Honestly, I pretty much hated Cinder when I finally forced myself through it last year It was a 1 star, ranty hate at all the wasted potential and worst of all tediousness But so many commenters told me to read Scarlet anyway At first, I wasn t going to Seems kind of stupid to read the sequel to a book you disliked so much, right But, somehow, over time, my curiosity got the better of me And hell, I just had so much fun reading this I think Scarlet is a muchinteresting and less bland character than Cinder, and her introduction to the story actually contributed to making Cinder and her storyexciting The big twist in this book is easy to guess, but it is surrounded by little mysteries and surprises that I never expected, keeping the pace at breakneck speed.I love the girl power, the emphasis put on Scarlet s love for her grandmother, and even the romance Unlike with Cinder and Kai who I also had waysympathy for in this book , I enjoyed the arc of this relationship and found myself curious where it would lead And there s something about a sexy wolf that just does it for me Maybe I have problems.So strange how muchI liked this sequel It still feels very much like a light, YA sci fi and yet the fire in this book makes the pages fly by and the characters appeal to me We are starting to get answers to bigger questions and I m looking forward to seeing what else Meyer has up her sleeve.I also can t wait to get to Fairest because Levana is a raging bitch and I want to know why Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest of a 3.5 I really enjoyed this installment in the Lunar Chronicles, but I didn t think it was as good as Cinder I was annoyed reading about Scarlet throughout this book We really didn t get to know her, we only saw her concerned about her grandmother and wolf I did love the sections that were focused on Cinder though I also really liked how the two story lines came together I m looking forward to jumping into Cress Even better than CINDER I could NOT put it down yesterday And when I was forced to put it down yes, FORCED , I could NOT stop thinking about it It was absolutely amazing Beautiful and heartbreaking and action packed and justwow Can t wait for the next book