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Ok so this story is about a girl name Mimi She is an actress for theatre, even though she hates it She plays Juliet in Romeo and Juliet Troy is her dreamy and cocky costar He plays Romeo Mimi gets these magic ashes from her aunt, and to make a long story short she and Troy ends up in the play Romeo and Juliet Oh and even if you haven t read Romeo and Juliet like me that s just fine, the play doesn t exactly go its original course She meets Romeo, Juliet who is just the cutest and spunkiest girl you d never expect , Romeo s cousin, Benvolio, who I love even though he was player like and you really shouldn t like him because of the end But it s not all fun and games they are left tying to figure out how to leave the story, try to save Juliet herself, try to not get killed because they are wanted by Juliet s wicked mother, Lady Capulet, and a whole lotSo much happens The story is SO hilarious and amusing, I wished it was longer This story was a light read, so pick it up if you are looking to be amused This book was amazing, and I never expected it to be What can I say, I m a sucker for happy endings However, the the only negative I could find was that it was a bit preditable, but nothing is perfect A great book Saving Juliet is a book that is loaded with platitudes and wise homilies and never, not oncedo you want to tell the author that she should mind her sanctimonious beeswax and get on with the plot already.So kudos to Suzanne Selfors for getting it right yet again Seventeen year old Mimi Wallingford is last in the line of the legendary Wallingford actors Thrust onto the stage from the age of three, Mimi s life has been a whirl of grease paint, dead weight costumes, mouthy dialogues, unpalatable health food, pushy relatives and vindictive understudies And now, when it s time to play the role of the anguished Juliet from William Shakespeare s celebrated tragic romance, she just can t take it any Debilitating stage fright, the hopeless wish to pursue a career as a doctor, constant pressure from an ambitious mother and an unrequited attraction to the new Romeo played by the flamboyant pop sensation, Troy Summer makes Mimi wish that she were anywhere else but at the Wallingford Theatre, Manhattan Why, even Verona would be a better bet.But wishes spouted in despair have a sadistic habit of actually coming true especially when you have an antique Shakespearean Charm handy Suddenly Mimi is transported to the fictional land of Veronathe land of the feuding Montague and Capulet familiesthe land of Romeo and Juliet Mimi is now smack dab in the midst of a vile, hairline plucked Lady Capulet a codpiece thrusting Tybalt, a delectable, espresso eyed Benvolio, a deeply depressed Romeo, a rebellious Juliet and the most shocking addition yet, a seriously pissed off Troy Summer who s convinced that he has been kidnapped by a group of kinky, role playing creeps Mimi can sense that the only way to return to present day Manhattan would be to allow the Shakespearean saga to reach it s inevitable end But having actually met the spunky Juliet and the soft hearted Romeo, Mimi can t imagine leaving them to the tragic ending written by our not so benevolent Bard It s time for Mimi to take the quill into her own hands Reasons why this tale will find a place on my Books I Love Gollum Style shelf a Cheeky cover How can you NOT love the cover art Bubblegum and snazzy glares adorning a seemingly genteel olde worlde maiden Me.Like.b Female Lead A supposedly self absorbed Society princess plonked head first into a land infested with giants rodents but not a single Starbucks You would expect her to whinge, cringe and generally be an insufferable snob But no, Mimi is an immensely grounded heroine Whether she s playing big sister to Juliet or commiserating with Romeo or avoiding a red faced Tybalt or falling for the slick charms of Benvolio or fighting her confusing feelings for Troy she endears herself to the reader.c Characters The author breathed realistic life and tongue in cheek humour into the characters.I especially liked the way she described JulietShe wasn t at all like Fernando s Juliet full lipped and perfect Nor was she like Hollywood s Juliet graceful and angelic She looked real, the way a girl is supposed to look A real girl, cute and full of energy, like she d becomfortable in soccer gear than in her long nightgown that dripped with lace and bows Scarlet haired Mercutio was a twee funny bloke I snorted a bit over his two love songsGirl, come hither and We Shall Dither Girl, Come and Handle My Candle Ah, slay me, man.d The author s writing prowess Everytime you experience a twinge of disappointment over glaring errors in the flow of the story, the author gives you a polite prod in the right direction and justifies her decisions The tale flows effortlessly and keeps you glued to the very end.e Book to Movie If ever a book should be made into an assured, runaway summer blockbuster, it s Saving Juliet The book has it all humour, parody, romance, intrigue, adventure and magic I would go and watch it on the big screen AND I would most definitely drag my cynical mates along too.In conclusion, I to be a tad juvenile unashamedly HEART this cute book. Reviewed by Marta Morrison for This above all to thine own self be true Shakespeare This was the underlying theme in this excellent story about growing up Mimi Wallingford is the last in line of a Shakespearean acting family All her mother wants her to do is be a Shakespearean actress in New York at the family theater All 17 year old Mimi wants is to be a normal teenager She wants to go to college in Los Angeles and study medicine She wants to see the world When we first meet Mimi, she is playing Juliet Her Romeo is teen pop star, Troy Summer, who has ego problems Mimi is attracted to Troy but can t believe he would ever look twice at her After having a very bad evening, she and Troy are transported to the very real story of Romeo and Juliet She meets both of the main characters and is surprised when Juliet is having the same problems with her mother as she is with her own Lady Capulet is a major villain in this story Mimi and Troy learn many lessons and help Juliet and Romeo find their destinies, while getting the confidence to solve their own problems They also do this with an incredibly happy ending.It is very gratifying to have another story based on the classic Shakespeare story I loved the way that the author headed each chapter with a quote from Shakespeare which applied to the chapter and the story line I really enjoyed this book, and if I was a ninth grade teacher I would have my class read this after we studied Romeo and Juliet but, alas, I am only a fifth grade teacher I really liked this book but the ending didn t feel complete for me and that s half the reason it didn t get 5 stars. The plot line teenager struggles to form her own identity, plunges into a magical trial by fire, emerges victorious doesn t leave the reader in much suspense, and the characters are flat even after their public facades are dropped , but this is still an enjoyable foray into the well known story of Romeo and Juliet Best for beach reading or similarly lazy days, the story moves predictably and without much innovation or surprise The characters don t develop much and, when they do, the alterations feel forced and unlikely , and the narrator s voice sounds like a new college student experimenting with creative writing Maybe that was the intention, but the story is very obviously forced forward by the narrator.Don t expect too much interaction with Shakespeare s characters They re in the scenes, but they re even flatter than the main characters A few start out promisingly, but they all end up looking like marionettes being manipulated by the author narrator in order to serve some Specific Purpose. Rating 4.5First, let me just say that you shouldn t pass up this book just because the cover isn t admittedly the prettiest I honestly adored everything about this novel and it s not just because the main girl s name is Mimi Saving Juliet is like a modern spin on Romeo and Juliet but not at the same time It sabout a girl who is accidentally finds herself stuck in the world s greatest love story, where Shakespeare s version is about as similar to it as a baby chick is to a hawk It s fun and sweet and SO hilarious sometimes that I m constantly in the land of Goofy Grins.My absolute favourite thing about this book is the cast Mimi LOL is such a strong and hilarious character, and her interactions with Troy who we first just see as a spoiled pop star but ends up being so, so sweet make me want to laugh out loud Plus, I adored that Juliet was just a young girl with a lot of spunk.Hilarious, heartwarming, and absolutely adorable, Saving Juliet is the perfect sort of remake of Shakespeare s famous classic The plot is fun, well crafted, and mixed with twists that keep it all interesting I recommend it wholeheartedly whether you re a fan of Shakespeare or not BUY or BORROW I won t blame you if you re hesitant to buy this one because I certainly was , but you should definitely read it anyways because it s just such a fun book Original review at Mimi Valentine s YA Review Blog Manhattan Meets Verona In This Time Bending Twist On ShakespeareWhen Mimi Is Magically Thrust Into The Middle Of Shakespeare S Verona, She Must Find A Way To Help Juliet Fight For Her Future Happiness Will She Be Able To Give This Classic Tragedy A Happy Ending This is the first review I have ever posted so I just want to say that I don t want to hurt anyone s feelings I ve been told very often that I m extremely blunt, although I think it slike I m just honest Anyway I ll start with the cover.CoverThe cover isn t very striking It s not enchantingly beautiful or devastatingly ugly It s kind of plain and I probably won t remember it in a few days It s just a photo of a girl in a Juliet costume chewing gum I will say that it is relevant to the story The fact that a girl wearing a Juliet costume was chewing gum made me interested enough to read the jacket I give the cover 3 stars.CharactersMost of the characters were ok I hated only hated a few of them, that few being Mimi s mom, Lady Capulet, and Troy or should I say Will , Tybalt, Benvolio and, surprisingly, Mimi But By the end I sort of liked most of them The only reason I didn t like Mimi at first was that I couldn t believe she got upset with her mom for borrowing money I know these are hard times so when mom takes money out of my account I don t say anything Also She should know that parents are usually controlling and set in their ways They re going to try and tell you what to do and conveniently lose their hearing sometimes You just have to make them listen to you.Ok I got completely off track The best characters were Romeo and Juliet I d like to congratulate the author on making two of the most annoying characters ever written very likable I give the characters a 4.Plot Writing styleThe plot was pretty interesting I really hated Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet It was just plain stupid Suzanne Selfor s version is way better Romeo is just a silly teenager and Juliet acts her age The ending was way better andlike how books should end, happily ever after I didn t like how fast everything went I don t feel like I had a chance to connect with the characters The book would have been much better if it had been a tad slower The worst part of the book was how it was narrated Mimi told us every connection her life had to the story even when it was obvious I would have liked to make the connection myself I give the plot a 4 and the writing a 3.Overall3 starsI would definitely recommend reading this book It was interesting and cute It was a nice break from the really deep, dark, depressing paranormal books I ve been reading I would read any sequels if Suzanne were to write some. Mimi Wallingford is the latest in a long line of famous Wallingford actors, starring in Shakespearean productions nightly at the now rather shabby Wallingford Theatre on Broadway Mimi s latest role is to die for starring as Juliet opposite popstar Troy Summers as Romeo But Mimi doesn t care for the rolein fact, for reasons unknown, it s causing her to have totally debilitating stage fright Is it because Troy is so handsome, and so stuck up Is it because the fate of their family and the theater rests on her young shoulders Or because she wants to quit acting and become a doctor, something her mother will not allow All these problems pale in comparison to Juliet s, however The real Juliet Capulet, who Mimi meets when a magic charm takes her and Troy to 16th century Verona, where the debt ridden Capulets are about to sell their daughter to the highest bidder Paris, who is twice the spunky young Juliet s age.Okay, I often have a problem with depictions of Juliet, onstage, film, in books, because she usually seems sovapid I m dancing, I m dancing, I m in love YAY I m going to kill myself because love is so dramatic Pout pout, gasp, die, and SCENE Ugh Selfors, however, has done good by everyone in the play, fleshing out the characters in wonderful ways Juliet is a young girl, unsure of what she wants Romeo is a dreamer, but charming nonetheless Benvolio gets some great screen time, and Lady Capulet is wonderfully horrible This is what makes the book so engaging, as well as the characters of Mimi and Troy, who are both very relatable and fun to watch Mimi, especially, which is good because she s the narrator, and I loved seeing how her confidence grew as she got out from under the shadow of her mother and her famous name A most excellent look at Romeo and Juliet, and relationships as well family, romantic, professional. This was probably the funniest book I have ever read in my life I read this a few years ago when my sister raved about it and we STILL make jokes about it to this day First off, the usage of Shakespeare is genius in this story Selfors is able to stick to the original characters while adding her own touch For once I actually liked Mercutio, especially with his fanstic lines Girl Come and Hither and we will Dither and my favorite, Girl Come and Handle My Candle The characters kind of mess with the story a bit, but that just makes it all thefun Romeo doesn t see Juliet until around the end so he s moping round a lot, and we see a lot of my favorite Romeo and Juliet character, Benvolio Sadly, I didn t like how the author painted this character In fact that was the only thing I didn t like about this book But the comedy made me forget about it anyway It s an easy read, though if you don t know Romeo and Juliet then I don t think you can appreciate this book as much Oh, and this book proves yet again that Tybalt is a stupid cod piece the viper kind too, as they illustrate in the book Then again, Tybalt was kind of funny in his own way And so was Lady Capulet, who apparently is the bad guy of Romeo and Juliet Um I don t remember this I m pretty sure she didn t make them kill themselves Tell me, where you raped I liked how Juliet was portrayed Sometimes I think Juliet is a real idiot, but in this she seemed so cute and fun It was impossible not to like her.What makes this book so great is that if you love Shakespeare you can appreciate it, and if you don t you can still enjoy the book I would say its best for ages 13 and up as there is a scene were someone tries to get frisky, but other than that its a clean read.