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Salar the Salmon's migration through the rivers of Devon surviving porpoises seals nets fishermen otters poachers and weirs is one of nature's great journeys Intense brilliantly imagined the salmon's perilous return leaves us with a vivid unsentimental picture of how both people and wildlife rely on a river and its estuary A rare and beautiful book that should take its place as a classic among the few that are written at once with a poet's insight and a naturalist's knowledge The New York Times First published 1935 by Faber Faber

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    Definitely NOT a children's book rather and everyone's book and far from simplistic Williamson's voice can be a little dry at times but the stories are fascinating and I really found it riveting The life of a salmon on the surface of it and the Meaning of Life the Universe and Everything below that along with a careful and intricate drawing of the natural world Like his other animal stories a classic and a jewel

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    This was a beautiful book although I found it pretty slow to read Much like Tarka the Otter Williamson is extremely detail oriented about the life of his subject and its environs The surprising thing is how sympathetic one can feel toward a salmon

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    First of all Salar the Salmon is a beautifully written book It is NOT a book for children and it is NOT a book to rush through It took me some time to read it considering its relatively short length However it wasn't for lack of interest For me it was not a page turner and for that I am thankful After each brief chapter I just wanted to absorb the creative language with which it was so lovingly written I am no literary scholar nor am I that well read but to me this is prose that is also poetryThis is a naturalistic novel about a fish name Salar making his last swim from the sea to the spawning grounds of the North Devon rivers The book is almost entirely narrative; the only dialogue you'll encounter is that of the few human characters The fish insects birds and mammals do not speak although Mr Williamson does give them names usually derived from their Latin or biological origins You will truly learn what it is like to live as a fish as the author has recreated a world about which he must have spent years observing and educating himself So realistic yet heartfelt is his depiction of that world that you may even become a vegetarian in the process

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    Falle ddim mor hawdd i'w charu â Tarka the Otter ond yn wych o lyfr sy'n mynd â'r darllenydd tu mewn i groen y pysgodyn a sawl anifail arall sy'n byw yn ac wrth yr afon

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    The poetic prose of Salar the Salmon makes this fascinating tale layered with beauty and insight While avoiding being cutesy or childish Henry Williamson allows the reader to find illuminating connections Salar's life and their ownHere's a favorite passageSalar was not feeding he was not hungry; but he was enjoying remembrance of this river life with awareness of an unknown great excitement before him He was living by the spirit of running water Indeed Salar's life was now the river as he explored it higher so would he discover his life page 115

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    Lest you think by the title that this is a children's book think again It chronicles the life and death of a salmon returning his spawning river This is a book about life and death and not just of salmon set in an intricate depiction of nature This edition is beautifully illustrated

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    Fabulous Especially if you spend any time on a salmon river