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[[ Read Reading ]] RV Living: A Beginners Guide to Full-Time RV Life and Achieving the Freedom Lifestyle (Audio Download): Jonathan Reid, Eddie Leonard Jr., Jonathan Reid: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Jonathan Reid –

Short and common sense type stuff Totally not useful. This pamphlet has a few good nuggets of advice, but the chapter selling the benefits of home and road schooling made me toss it into the garbage Instead of validating a choice by diminishing public education, it would have beenbeneficial to offer specific solutions to the challenges faced when taking on this responsibility Links to accredited curriculums that are accepted in colleges and universities would have been a start Links to virtual schools in Florida and a few other states of note would also have been helpful Advice on writing letters of application to universities managing the foundational background would have also been helpful A few ideas on methods of instruction would also be important Scaffolding lessons or perhaps a cohesive blending of core into a homogenous content based approach would have been important when preparing for the SAT exam so many will now be taking Instead, it was about validating an exodus from public schools You don t need to validate your choice. Only 41 pages of mostly no duh info Ordered a different book on RV living My total experience with an RV is one four day excursion, and I am pretty sure I could have written ain depth pamphlet based on that alone I will tell you the cost of this book was not a major investment, and I got exactly what I invested I have been looking for a real, in depth guide to some of the gotchas and risks of living lightly in an RV, and this is totally not that, so set your expectations accordingly It has five chapters that go from a vague buying guide, a bizarre side trip into home schooling, to an attempt to describe how to earn money on the road by crafting, or writing a blog with an Instagram account He wraps up with a message to turn off the Internet connectivity and turn on to those around you While I do find this advice endearing, I was hoping for something at least substantive I would suggest reading an owner s manual of a random RV to getinformation You should look elsewhere for info on long term parking storage preparation, winterization road preparation, scheduled maintenance, what to do about clogs, emergencies, what not to cook in the galley kitchen, moisture accumulation, defrosting the freezer, etc. Remember The Excitement Of Your First Family Road Trip Your First Time Camping Under The Stars What Would You Do If You Were Able To Live That Way All The Time The Possibilities Are Endless And For Many Millennials, The Call Of The Wild Is Too Strong To Resist The RV Living Movement Is Growing At Amazingly Fast Rates Increasing Numbers Of Both Young People And Retirees Are Saying Goodbye To The Traditional American Dream, And Creating Their Own Many Are Making A Full Time Living, Educating Their Children On The Road, And Reaping The Benefits Of A Mortgage Free Existence Whatever Your Motivation May Be For Considering The RV Lifestyle, If You Are At All Curious About Making The Transition From Homeowner Or Renter To Full Time Camper, This Audiobook Is For You It Is The Absolute Beginner S Guide To The RV Lifestyle, Offering Practical Advice About Such Topics As Health And Safety, Roadschooling, And Staying Plugged In While On The Road Inspired By People Just Like You, This Audiobook Includes Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Making The Leap From The To The Wild Life There Is No Better Introduction To This Unpredictable And Exciting Whirlwind Of A Lifestyle If You Feel The Pull Of The Open Road, Look No Further This Audiobook Will Help Inspire And Encourage You To Take The Next Step Towards A Truly Liberated Life