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Water is the world's life source and essential to all living creatures Although we live on the blue planet only 3 percent of all our water is drinkable Yet we've grown accustomed to using it with abandon – individuals consume about 80 to 100 gallons per day adding up to the euivalent of an Olympic sized swimming pool every year By this decade's end when the world population is predicted to reach 8 billion we will face severe shortagesIn this ground breaking and forward looking book Harvard professor Peter Rogers and former general manager of the San Francisco Utilities Commission Susan Leal give us a sobering perspective on the water crisis—why it's happening where it's likely to strike and what puts the worst strain on our supply They explain how water's uniue status as a renewable but finite resource misleads us into thinking we can always produce of it They introduce exciting new technologies that can help revolutionize our consumption of water and explain how different areas of the world have taken the helm in alleviating the burden of water shortagesRogers and Leal show how it takes individuals at all levels to make this happen from grassroots organizations who monitor their community's water sources to local officials who plan years in advance how they will appropriate water to the national government who can invest in infrastructure for water conservation today Informed and inspiring Running out of Water is a clarion call for action and an innovative look at how we as a nation and individuals can confront the crisis

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    This book was on the “please take home” shelf of my library I now understand why Let me just start off by saying that if you are interested in the water crisis this shouldn’t be the first book you pick up Or if you enjoy thought out structured books this should not be the book you pick up The repetitive nature of this book was intolerable From the excessive uses of the word “finite” to the literal copy and pasting of sections this book is not for the critical The small block uotes were frustrating because they often repeated word for word what was already stated What is the point in reading them? On page 24 there was LITERALLY A COPIED BLOCK UOTE FROM PAGE 10 The authors seemed very unsure of the information and too hung up on their Harvard degrees that they diminish the work done by others There was an overuse of the same metaphors and an awkward sentence structure I would not recommend this book nothing personal

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    “Stop populating Not necessarily the thesis of Running out of Water but the reason that it points to for the global crisis of the world running out of Water It was as interesting as a book on water conservation can be To overcome this crisis it guides us to have a responsible use of water such as recycling it and find multiple uses of used water I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is concerned with our oncoming water crisis Though our issue is a growing population Running out of Water still points to ways that will allow humans to live with a smaller footprint in the World with great analogies to show regardless how we live we will always be drinking used water ”

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    I thought this was a good book about our dwindling fresh water resources It gave some practical ideas of what we can do about preserving this resource but also the problems that go with those solutions

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    Some interesting facts and stories about how communities can deal with water shortages Not hysterical but not too inspiring either