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[ epub pdf ] Royal Blood (Vampire Kisses, #6)Author Ellen Schreiber –

Summer Break Is Over, And Raven Is Hardly Eager To Be Returning To Dullsville High Not Only Does School Mean Daily Interaction With Preppy Pest Trevor Mitchell, But Her Sleep Filled Days And Romantic Nights With Her Immortal Boyfriend, Alexander, Must Come To An End Plus The Shock Of Morning Classes Isn T The Only Change In Store An Unexpected Letter Turns Up At Alexander S Mansion, Announcing His Parents Will Be Coming To Town And Once They Arrive, Just About Everyone Has Had A Sighting Of The Macabre Couple Except Raven What Could Be Delaying Alexander From Introducing Raven To Them Could Alexander Be Hiding Something About His Parents Homecoming When Raven Is Finally Invited To The Most Thrilling Dinner Party Of Her Life, The Next Turn Of Events Could Transform Her Entire Future With Alexander The Sixth Book In Ellen Schreiber S Bestselling Vampire Kisses Series Takes An Unusual Twist In The Continuing Romance Of Raven And Alexander

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    This book is even better then the books before it i love this series Ok so in this book alexanders parents come back from romania and it puts a strain on raven and alexanders relationship after a long time when they are back, raven finally gets invited into the mansion to meet his parents and when she goes she falls in love with them The dinner goes perfectly and then alexanders mom decides to have a girls day with raven s0 then a few days later both alexanders mom and raven go out and they look like a freakshow because they are both goth A few weeks later raven finds out that the mansion is going on sale from the news paper and not alexander himself so then she goes and then alexander tells her that they are selling the house and going back to romania because the fued between the maxwells was over Raven and alexander were so sad so then they decided that if they spread rumors that the houses foundationis week and its a money pit then people wouldnt buy it Trevor tells raven that his father is planing on vbuying the house, tearing it down, and making a strip mall so then alexander and raven both flip, then alexander decided he was going to buy the house from his parents but he didnt have enough money so then rav4en convinced him to put his paintings in the auction so then when he does his paintings sell for sooo much money then he has enough money for the down pament so then when he tells his parentss that hes buying the house from them they just take it off the market and leave it for him then they go back to romania and leave alexander and jameson in dullsvile. Oh yeah and i forgot to say, alexanders family invited ravens family to the mansion and then his mom saaw a coffin and they saw a bat flying over them and then when the sterlings went over to ravens house, his mom asked ravens mom if she belived in vampires I love this book but now i need to wait until i go to the library to get the other 2 books of the series oh and my favorite part of the book was all of the parts alexanders mom and trevor were in

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    i ve read the first second third fourth and fifth, i am not stopping there I wonder what will happen.

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    Reading Vampire Kisses 1 6 is like watching your favorite T.V show Each book is similar to a weekly episode In this episode, Royal Blood, Raven and Alexander have been blissfully enjoying their summer together without the hassle of school and a difference in hours they can spend together Just as the summer ends, Alexander receives a note indicating that his parents are returning to town While Raven is excited, Alexander is hesitant of their arrival After they arrive they are spotted by many people in town but Raven has yet to meet them Alexander purposely is keeping they separted Once she does get to meet them, she just love them and their world Her parents invite them to dinner and the Maxwells reciprocate Unfortunately, the reason Alexander has been keeping his parents separated from Raven is revealed It seems they plan to sell the mansion and take Alexander back to Romania with them This sets the course of events to come since both Raven and Alexander refuse to allow this to happen The plot is endearing and humorous with a bit of intrigue built in Raven s nemesis, Trevor is really starting to jones for Raven even The ending of the story provides a clue as to what is to come in the 7th novel Very entertaining.

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    Ive never had a book cause me to actually dream about the characters and its story before, until now Ha Ellen Scheiber has written some powerful books here and they have stayed with me and literally affected my Psyche.I loved this one, book 6 Raven gets to meet Alexanders parents, in the process a lot of things come crashing to a halt What could the future possibly hold for a long life relationship between vampire and a mortal One would live for eternity while one dies This was the way with Alexanders Grandmother Will it be this way for Raven too Will she be the one in the mansion at night staring up at the moon from her window, whilst all of the town whisper about her As much as Raven wants to be a vampire, I dont think she will ever become one.Highly recommend this whole series, YA or Vampire Romance lovers or Goth lovers in general would truly appreciate these stories.

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    Here s a quick overview Vampire Kisses is a series written by Ellen Schrieber The books in it are Vampire Kisses, Kissing Coffins, Vampireville, Dance With A Vampire, and Royal Blood Recommended for 12 Genres include horror thriller romance Rated A Since Kindergarten, Raven s biggest dream was to be a vampire When her parents are hippies and you watched a lot of old horror films, why wouldn t she Well, things haven t changed a lot since then, and now Raven s in high school She s gothic, and gets rejected by all the preps at her school which is everyone, except for her best friend, Becky You could say her life is pretty boring and it is It is, until a strange and mysterious boy moves into the abandoned mansion up the road from Raven s house Is he a vampire, and can he make Raven s dreams come true Read the series to learn about an undying love between two very different teens.Read TEEN FICTION book reviews at The Book Princess

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    Vampire Kisses just gets better and better After spending magical summer nights cuddling in Alexander s coffin Raven can t wait to live happily forever after with her tall dark N dreamy vampire but trouble is coming for our love bats When a mysterious note arrives in Alexander s mailbox, both he and Raven know change is coming Raven is also dreading the return to school and junior year She is being asked about a future career, when all she wants is the immortal bite from Alexander and to spend the rest of her life keeping him company while he paints One of her first assignments is to pair up with the Mr preppie Trevor Mitchell and interview each other about what they really want She has always wanted to be a vampire, but what if she had a mortal future Royal Blood is the best yet in this scary sweet series 5 stars

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    This one was quick paced and full of lovely characters new and old I really am starting to like Trevor a lot , I have a new respect for him Alexander has also grown so much in this book, though, he is still an expert at dodging questions.

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    Maybe it s me, but this book read a little bit mature When I say that I mean the writing improved a little bit And I love a progressive series says the bitch who hardly ever reads them We got Raven, of course, and her boyfriend Alexander swoon , then we are finally NOW introduced to Alexander s parents who exude fashion and vibes of Gomez and Morticia Addams.Alexander s parents are worldly and interesting, visiting their son in Dullsville from Romania and other parts of Europe I felt myself constantly wanting of them every time they were mentioned or in the story I m not sure why, but they had the same effect on Raven where she admired these two like idols, especially Mortic I mean, Mrs Sterling And I m all for female mentors who obviously ooze confidence and sensuality Really loved the characters introduced into this book Can only wonder what the next adventure will be for our young teenage lovebirds.

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    This is the 6th book in the Vampire Kisses series It continues to follow Raven, her vampire boyfriend Alexander and her friends from school Alexander s parents come home from their extended trip to Romania and come between Raven and him a bit I don t want to go into this short book as to not spoil the story but Alexander does get recognized again as an amazing artist Books 1 4 were fun reads for me but I have to say that 5 and 6 rubbed me the wrong way Raven is getting horrible and every thing has to be about her Sad to see this happening For me it is ruining the series.

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    Raven and her vampire boyfriend, Alexander, have had the perfect summer With fall comes the beginning of school and the ending of their nights together The arrival of Alexander s parents makes things worse While they re seen all over town, Alexander waits to introduce Raven to his parents, making her feel both neglected and hurt However, once they meet, she adores his parents and they seem to like her Before long, Raven s family and Alexander s family start socializing with Raven and Alexander on hand to make sure Raven s parents don t discover the truth But Alexander s parents didn t come to town to visit, they came to sell the mansion and take their son back to Europe with them When the devastating news hits the couple, they vow to stop the sale ROYALD BLOOD continues with the romantic vampire saga of Raven and Alexander in a Gothic tale of love, loss, and friendship.