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A Quest To Recover A Legendary Lost Weapon By Bumbling Young Apprentice Monk, Mouse Matthias Redwall Abbey, Tranquil Home To A Community Of Peace Loving Mice, Is Threatened By Cluny The Scourge Savage Bilge Rat Warlord And His Battle Hardened Horde But The Redwall Mice And Their Loyal Woodland Friends Combine Their Courage And Strength

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    you know what was the best part of these books and i say books as in plural because there were so fucking many of them i can t sit still long enough to check them all off and i DID read every single one what else was there to do in middle school anyway, the best part of these books was brian s description of food it was magnificent it didn t just make you hungry, it made you crave weird ass things that nobody would ever dream about eating in middle school nutted cheeses and flan bread and berry cakes and what not almost makes you want to be a sword weilding ferret yourself.which was good because by the tenth book you started to realize there was a trend to the plotlines something bad happens, small furry animals go on a quest they fight a lot of little battles until one major battle which the good guys almost lose until, when all hope is lost, a giant contingent of allies created on the preceding journey show up to conquer evil together.still, i always finished satisfied and a little hungry.

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    2.0 stars Now I admit upfront that YA fantasy is somewhat starting to lose its appeal to me, making me a harsher critic of what I think are weak efforts At the same time, I still really enjoy the compelling, higher end stuff Unfortunately, THIS A INT IT YA is one thing, but I found this to be the Y est of YA fantasy books that I have read in quite a while It was just too young Despite the fact that the book is fairly well written and decently paced, I found the plot itself to just be completely and unbelievably BORING Nothing new or fresh happened at all This is your VERY standard, cookie cutter coming of age heroic quest fantasy tale BUT with the amazingly original and novel twist of.are you ready for this.rather than human characters, the story is populated by MICE and other cute, mostly furry animals that just think and act human WOW, what do you possibly say when confronted by such a mind blowingly pedestrian concept All I could think of was. It just lacked any sense of originality beyond trying to be a sweeter, kid friendly adventure verson of Animal Farm Now on the positive side, it is a fairly short book and I think that young children or heavily medicated adults may still enjoy it Unfortunately, I am no longer able to be the former and did not have the foresight to be the latter as I read this book Thus, I am left having to say that I do not think this is a story that will have you dancing in the streets.

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    See this review and like it on www.bookbastion.netThis book was actually one of the first chapter books I read as a child, but because that was so long ago and at the start of my life as a reader, my brain had pretty much deleted all of the details of it save for the fact that I enjoyed it when I was young I m happy to report that I found the book just as enjoyable as an adult reader perhaps even so, for the aspects of it I m sure I appreciate as an adult reader that would have flown over my head as a child As a middle grade fantasy story, this is quite well done Jacques centers the plot around Cluny the Scourge s days long siege of Redwall Abbey and uses this conflict to introduce some fairly standard fantasy tropes to young readers unfamiliar with the genre Good vs Evil The Chosen One and Political Machinations between courts are all covered here in ways that remain faithful to the genre without boring the children that this series is written for Particularly well done is the way the various woodland animals overcome their differences in order to work together against their common enemy, Cluny As an adult reader of this series, one thing I was surprised by was the way it does not flinch from violence or the devastating effects of warfare on the people who live and die during it With a lot of middle grade books, there s a tendency for authors to sort of skim over death, or fake the reader out before resetting everything to the way things were before Here, Jacques unabashedly kills off characters left and right, and it makes for some pretty compelling reading Knowing that the danger is real and permanent in this series ups the ante considerably At times I felt like I watching an all animal version of Game of Thrones, which I suppose makes Matthias the Jon Snow of his world Speaking of the all animal cast, I couldn t help but wonder where humans factored into all this It s quite confusing to have riderless horsecarts and gigantic fortified Abbeys built from bricks and no mention of how they got there Doing some digging on my own I read that Jacques intent was the show a world where humans didn t exist at all, but I didn t think that was particularly well conveyed given the fact that the entire cast called a place that would have been physically impossible for them to build their home The only other thing that brought my rating down was that in some moments it seemed as though the seriousness of the situation was forgotten by the characters There were a number of moments where Redwall was under direct siege by the enemy, and certain characters were either eating or sleeping and otherwise unconcerned, which was a tiny bit frustrating But these are minor complaints in a sea of other positives that makes it them very easy to overlook.I love finding Middle Grade series that would speak to young boys in particular, as I think they are an oft neglected demographic in the reading world While the action, characters and plot movement in this series is sure to entertain most readers in any demographic, I think Matthias is a wonderful role model for young male readers in particular I happily recommend this book to as a good starting point for fans new to fantasy 4 5 stars

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    Yea, verily, a young mouse yclept Matthias doth live peacefully in the walled city of Redwall, wherein reside all manner of goodhearted animals like mice, badgers, squirrels, etc not to be confused with the mean villain predators like rats and foxes It comes to pass that their bucolic lifestyle is disturbed, nay, gravely threatened, by an incursion of an evil cohort of rats Mayhap Matthias will rise to the occasion and become the heroic warrior that will save his people animals in their time of greatest need This is a fairly enjoyable middle grade YA medieval fantasy in a world populated entirely by mice, rats and other woodland creatures, with nary a human in sight.So I was maybe a little too old for this one when I read it it s for the younger teens and tweens I think I might have adored it as a 10 or 12 year old Anyway, it has many thousands of fans and has spawned like a million sequels, so if you haven t read it yet and it sounds interesting, you may want to give it a try The language in Redwall isn t as archaic as my review may make it sound.

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    This was pretty much the book that got me hooked on reading because I used to hate it I know, I know, Hate reading how is that possible The truth is, When you re eight or nine reading doesn t normally sound as good as watching a cartoon But one glorious day I somehow stumbled across a cartoon of Redwall, and I LOVED it I liked it so much that when the cartoon was over I had to know about this amazing world, but I didn t have a way of watching the other movies so I was forced to do something I hated, reading I got a copy of Redwall and I read it, and I read the next one, and the next one, and the next and the next one and so on As I read my skill at reading improved, it was easier, I began to like it So I started reading books such as The Series Of Unfortunate Events, Inkheart, Harry Potter, etc And before I knew it I was wanting to read , I was wanting to experience , I was like a starving T Rex let loose on a herd of unsuspecting herbivores Ok, maybe not a T Rex but you get the idea I was submersed in this amazing world and instead of just seeing boring stacks of compressed paper I saw gateways into a realm of endless possibilities, and it was all thanks to this book This simple tale of talking mice and evil rats, of snakes and stoats and adventure And for that, I am grateful.

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    I did not read this book or its many following books when I was younger, so thought it was time to give this book a go Simple, straightforward story, with simply drawn characters The good guys mice, squirrels, etc are really good people, while the bad guy is a whisker twirling nasty fellow The two main protagonists are as far apart in their actions and views as they could possibly be Martin, the young, somewhat clumsy but respectful, hardworking and kind mouse Cluny, the evil, lying, murdering, conquering rat The other characterizations are equally simple it s not hard to figure out who to cheer for in this story, which plays out as a medieval siege story, combined with a quest for a practically magical weapon for the good guys to use against the bad guy and his army of rats, weasels, stoats.I enjoyed the story sometimes it s nice to read something where motives and actions are easy to understand, and it s obvious who to cheer for.

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    Can t remember when I ve been so disappointed by a book that came so highly recommended and clearly has such a strong following Seriously I love a good yarn about talking animals as much as the next person, but I do expect some basic level of believability, maybe a good character or two a plot One of the things that especially niggled at me was that I couldn t figure out the scale of the Redwall world Are they mice and rats living clandestine in a human built world If so, where are the humans Are they human sized rodents in a people free world Then why are the horses and hay wagons enormous and the churches inhabited by mice It was never made clear If I d been in the least attracted by the dialog, characters, or storyline this would have been easy enough to ignore, but as it was, I barely made it through and crossed the rest of the series off of my To Read list.

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    Uh Upon rereading, this entire book is just bad guys getting slaughtered in very gruesome ways And usually ended with a cheerful little exclamation point Kinda chilling.

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    FULL REVIEWI managed to finish this just in time for count it as read in 2007 With how appropriate 7 minutes to spare lol I really enjoyed this book D I was amazed at how vibrant the characters were and how attached to them I felt Had I known the plot going into the book, I think I would have been very hesitant as the story centers around an attack from Cluny the Scourge an evil rat and his horde on the peaceful and caring Abby of Redwall mice and other woodland creatures for 350 pages Now, that said, for whatever reason the story did not drag or seem like it was being spread out too much Wonderful Jacques manages to weave in delightful characters or not so delightful, but that s the point and several sub plots that are really just as important as the main plot And even though I had a strong inkling of what the ending would be, I never felt too confident in my assumptions and was surprised by how events came about to get to the end I mentioned this would possibly be a good story for LOTR fans, because of the focus on the details of battle without it feeling boring or repetitive, and also because the book is full of characters and told from various points of view but doesn t feel confused but does feel like you get to know each character.I m very curious to read of the Redwall series, and am so happy to finally have read a Brian Jacques book and met Matthias and Basil and Silent Sam BOOK TWO 12 15 2007 Alright Book II done Things still manage to move along at a quick pace The characters are wonderful and the plot building Some parts have been a little sad, but the cute and warm parts have been I m very curious to find out what the conclusion will be and how things will play out And I m very much looking forward to meeting the snowy owl DBOOK ONE 12 5 2007 I ve finished the first book part I m pleasantly surprised because it s nearly a third of the way through the book but it stills feels like things are in the early stages without seeming like the story is dragging I wonder if this is because the story is in a way doubled because we see it from multiple perspectives, resulting in learning what s occuring from both the good side and the bad side I adore a new character, the Stag Hare What fun to write he must have been I ll try to write another update when I finish the second part which, hopefully, will be sooner than another month I am finally venturing into the world of Brian Jacques I know Xt speaks highly of his books, so I am looking forward to reading one myself

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    Now, for those of you who read this book and liked it, I have absolutely no problem with that I actually thought it was an okay book myself A heroic mouse by the name of Matthias lives peacefully in Redwall, an enclosed city within a fortress The residents include mice, squirrels, badgers, otters, and all sorts of other small animals However, an army of rats attack in envy of stealing the fortress Matthias must become a warrior and obtain a sword to fight back at the army Now, at this point, you might be wondering what kind of problem I could ever have with such a great concept and plot You want to know don t you Well here it is foxes are villains in this series Now, with the hero being a mouse, you could really expect that, wouldn t you Well, guess what There are NO good foxes in the ENTIRE series, even though there is such a thing as a good cat Is that because foxes are cunning and sly characters That s not always considered a BAD thing I can name a few stories that have foxes as the protagonist or an innocent side character, such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Fantastic Mr Fox, or Fox Woman There was NO excuse, and I can t stand to read about a bunch of foxes being slain or murdered for treachery If you ve read my profile, you know that foxes are my favorite animals of all time okay, maybe not that much, but I still like them a lot , and reading these books were pure torture to me I may hate these books, but that still doesn t mean that you have to If you don t like foxes as much as I do, or in this case, ferrets, rats, weasels, cats, and stoats, I would highly suggest this book to you, because you ll probably like it, unlike me Final verdict decent book, but I just can t stand to read them if that makes any sense.