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Wizards don t believe in gods in the same way that most people don t find it necessary to believe in, say, tables They know they re there, they know they re there for a purpose, they d probably agree that they have a place in a well organised universe, but they wouldn t see the point of believing, of going around saying O great table, without whom we are as naught Anyway, either the gods are there whether you believe in them or not, or exist only as a function of the belief, so either way you might as well ignore the whole business and, as it were, eat off your knees.Nevertheless, there is a small chapel off the University s Great Hall, because while the wizards stand right behind the philosophy as outlined above, you don t become a successful wizard by getting up gods noses even if those noses only exist in an ethereal or metaphorical sense Because while wizards don t believe in gods they know for a fact that gods believe in gods.Reaper Man is the second book in the Discworld series that features Death as a main character Overall it is book 11 I really wanted to love this And at times I found it incredibly funny case in point that first passage I quoted from But this book dragged for me I loved when Death was featured but I wasn t a fan of the storyline surrounding the secondary character, Wizard Windle Poons Sadly I feel a bit underwhelmed by this but I will persist with reading these Discworld novels because I just know that one of them is going to become a favourite The humour is too good to not want to read I m hoping that the next book in the Death series, Soul Music, will be to my taste two and a half starsI did come across a quote perfectly suited to me and my penchant for abusing exclamation marks though Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind.Yup That s meeeee Re read with buddies I suppose it helps that I m already a lifelong fan of Pratchett, but even objectively, this is a delightful novel about Death s retirement Sure, he was tricked, but he really needed some time off Or some time, period The magicians were delightful, as usual, and the undead, even so This is the zombie apocalypse, Discworld style, when no one s allowed to die It was rather pastoral I wouldn t say this is my favorite of the Discworld series, but it does mark the inclusion of one of my absolute favorite Discworld characters of all time. Death Has To Happen That S What Bein Alive Is All About You Re Alive, And Then You Re Dead It Can T Just Stop Happening But It Can And It Has So What Happens After Death Is Now Less Of A Philosophical Question Than A Question Of Actual Reality On The Disc, As Here, They Need Death If Death Doesn T Come For You, Then What Are You Supposed To Do In The Meantime You Can T Have The Undead Wandering About Like Lost Souls There S No Telling What Might Happen, Particularly When They Discover That Life Really Is Only For The Living In 1976 Blue Oyster Cult sang Don t Fear the Reaper In 1991, Sir Terry Pratchett first published his 11th Discworld novel Reaper Man The comparison is mine, apparently Pratchett titled the book as a reference to Alex Cox s 1984 fantasy film starring Emilio Estevez.So, what happens when our Discworld friend Death is given a timer and time to spend it We get this fun book that helps us to revisit Discworld and some of our favorite Pratchett characters like Death, the Unseen Academy staff, Cut Me Own Throat Dibbler, some of the City Watch and an Ankh Morpork host of otherworldly Ghostbuster type shenanigans.When Death takes a break out on the farm, all the spirits and ghosts and poltergeists and spooks back up with no where to go Much of the book follows elderly wizard Windle Poons as he experiences of life than he expected he had coming.Funny as always, and insightful and clever and playfully satirical, in this we also see Pratchett s unguarded and affectionate side For Discworld fans. No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die awayI want Death is what I spent most of this book thinking 60% of this was about Windle Poons and other wizards and I just wasn t into the silly randomness of the problems they were dealing with The life force issues felt too much like the alchemy issues in Moving Pictures, and I just couldn t get into that one.I wanted to experience of Death s life on the farm, and his whole side of things I liked The Death of Rats and The Death of Fleas as an added touch A little nod to Mort or something may have been nice This isn t bad, I just didn t get all that much out of it It has my favourite cover not the exact one on this edition, but close enough so I was a little bit overexcited maybe I don t know, I m just a bit disappointed. No one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away until the clock wound up winds down, until the wine she made has finished its ferment, until the crop they planted is harvested The span of someone s life is only the core of their actual existence Terry Pratchett 1948 2015.Thank you, Mr Pratchett God speed. If I could steal credit for a book and claim it as my own, Reaper Man would most likely be it This is the point, I think, where the Discworld novels stopped being entertaining light reading, and really became literature It s a very subtle shift from the little parodies of science fiction and fantasy conventions of things like The Light Fantastic to the rich satire of a book like Jingo Behind the story of Death being fired for having developed a personality, there s a clever little parable about what it means to be human, to be alive, and why the man locked in the tower watched the flight of birds. Mi hermano me dice que, como fue mi cumplea os, tiene pensado regalarme libros Si digo yo, saltando en una pata Haceme una lista de que autores te gustan.Le hago una lista de casi 20 autores, le marco las prioridades, le anoto los t tulos que ya tengo de cada uno y, adem s, le hago una lista extra de autores , en caso de que, por alguna raz n, no hubiera ninguno de los que le marqu en un principio, esos otros funcionar an como opciones aceptables Era una lista de tres hojas Hoy, dos d as despu s, vuelve de su viaje a la capital Me dice Perd la lista, as que te traje estos.The Silver Dream y este de Terry Pratchett, dos autores que, da la casualidad, no aparec an en ninguna de las dos listas que tan meticulosamente hab a escrito y OH CASUALIDAD BIZARRA ENTRE LAS CASUALIDADES son dos de sus autores predilectos Conclusi n, creo que mi hermano me acaba de hacer la gran Homero Simpson y de regalarme una bola de boliche , jajajajajaj Probably my favorite of all of the Discworld novels and that s a hard choice, given my total love of the series Of all of Pratchett s many quirky characters, I think I love Death the best, though I couldn t begin to tell you why In this installment, Death gets fired and has to get a day job In typical Discworld fashion, not everything goes according to plan.Don t pay attention to the critics quotes on the front of the book Anyone who compares Pratchett to Tolkien or Douglas Adams hasn t actually read any of the three It might be better to compare him to Jonathan Swift or Mark Twain in spite of the dwarves, wizards, witches, werewolves, and other fantastic characters, Pratchett s novels are a commentary on human nature society than high fantasy Great fun Today would have been Sir Terry s 70th birthday.As some here know, I ve put off reading the series because I still tear up when thinking of this great man and the terrible loss his death meant Especially his books featuring Death as the main character are hard to read because their messages are hitting so close to home Nevertheless, I agreed to read one book per month and this month, of all possible months, it was this novel s turn.Sometimes life just loves punching you in the gut.And yes, I half laughed hysterically, half cried pitifully while reading.I ve actually read Reaper Man before but it s been a long while and I must revise my original opinion THIS is the best Death novel by Pratchett Hands down.The story is that some cosmic entities decide that the Discworld s Death has developed a personality and that sort of thing is simply not allowed Therefore, he receives his very own hourglass and becomes mortal Retired.He decides to spend the time and see what life is all about In the meantime, the Discworld suffers some very weird incidents because once death isn t doing his job any, things start falling apart of course Thus, people die but aren t dead, plants keep on growing and there are these little things that are plopping into existance everywhere without people noticing.In Ankh Morpork, one of the settings, the wizards think it s the gods, the priests think it s magic and Lord Vetinari doesn t care who or what it is so long as order is restored again.Windle Poons, a dying wizard, is trying to complete the process of dying, very hard even, but simply can t manage not even when he gets buried by his colleagues So he embarks on a journey, finding out what living really means and how much fun it can be aided by a few other undead people.Mrs Cake, a medium also living in the city, knows she has to tell someone what is going so horribly wrong, but learned never to trust any priests so who to turn to Meanwhile, Death has become a farmhand and quite dedicated to his job.We get some familiar characters such as the wizards and the Librarian, but many new ones are introduced as well Lupin and Ludmila for example and wasn t that a sweet plot of Poons and they immediately have found their way into my heart SQUEAK And we even get a pretty great romance in here Seriously, if you want to know how to treat the woman you love, take notes from the Reaper himself.This book is full of really profound messages about life and death and making your life count, if only by giving others some of your time in any way this can be meant , religion, time in general, friendship, love Death is Pratchett s masterpiece although many of his other Discworld characters are fantastic as well This novel, though extremely funny, might not be as hilarious as some of the others, but I have to say that due to the impeccable combination of profound messages, silly adventures and laugh out loud moments, it is simply perfect.