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Immerse yourself in the French language and culture Read Think French is your ticket to building key French language skills This book features 100 plus engaging easy to read articles written by native French speakers Each article features a bilingual glossary on the same page that allows you to learn without stopping to look up new or unfamiliar words in a dictionary As the you move through the book you will gain confidence with the French language and build a vocabulary of key French words and phrases Each chapter features several written exercises that reinforce new vocabulary and comprehensionThe 70 minute companion audio CD features several of the articles read aloud by native French speakers from various backgrounds giving you valuable practice in French listening skills Read Think French brings the culture of French speaking countries to life You will enjoy a travel narrative from Provence and a documentary on West Indies folk music as well as explore the geography of the French Alps and the streets of Montreal Filled with engaging features such as a recipe for beigne de nos grand meres canadiennes traditional Canadian doughnuts a primer on French business etiquette a biography of French actor Mathieu Amalric and a look at the tradition of lavender oil perfumes and soaps this book gives you an insider look at French life and culture while introducing you to 100s of new French words and phrasesTopics include Culture Voyages Tradition Celebration Biographies Musique et Art Histoire Geographie Gastronomie Coutumes

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