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My first ever graphic novel It was a short read, quick, but funny The illustrations were absolutely beautiful and the story was well written, as I d expect of Shannon Hale I can t say I m now totally sold on graphic novels, but it was an interesting experience The story nodded to the original in a few ways that made me smile, but also twisted in with a whole new western spin on things The story moved very quickly, but I don t think that detracted from it Cool new setting, fun characters, entertaining story A good short read. A fresh, funny take on the Rapunzel fairy tale Set in the Old West, Rapunzel s braids prove to be useful asthan just a ladder as she lassos her way to freedom along with her cohort, Jack.Shannon and Dean s clever dialogue and hilarious narration are just that clever and hilarious In fact, I think they should collaborate onprojects, but as with any graphic novel, I m into it for the pictures, and Nathan Hale does not disappoint I m also a huge fan of his picture books, so I wasn t surprised The pictures are what really makes this book Vivid, detailed, I was getting hand cramps just thinking about what it would be like to draw all those intricate little squares Once Upon A Time, In A Land You Only Think You Know, Lived A Little Girl And Her Mother Or The Woman She Thought Was Her MotherEvery Day, When The Little Girl Played In Her Pretty Garden, She Grew Curious About What Lay On The Other Side Of The Garden Wall A Rather Enormous Garden WallAnd Every Year, As She Grew Older, Things Seemed Weirder And Weirder, Until The Day She Finally Climbed To The Top Of The Wall And Looked Over Into The Mines And Desert BeyondNewbery Honor Winning Author Shannon Hale Teams Up With Husband Dean Hale And Brilliant Artist Nathan Hale No Relation To Bring Readers A Swashbuckling And Hilarious Twist On The Classic Story As You Ve Never Seen It Before Watch As Rapunzel And Her Amazing Hair Team Up With Jack Of Beanstalk Fame To Gallop Around The Wild And Western Landscape, Changing Lives, Righting Wrongs, And Bringing Joy To Every Soul They Encounter I enjoyed this I liked that Rapunzel actually took care of shit and didn t cut and whine about her past She saved people, it became a western and she actually had common sense. Rapunzel s Revenge is an awesome retelling of the classic Brothers Grimm tale Rapunzel by Shannon and Dean Hale along with illustrations by Nathan Hale no relation Rapunzel s Revenge is a brilliant tale of adventure and romance that both children and adults will enjoy for centuries Shannon and Dean Hale has done a great job with writing their first graphic novel together and they make the story both exciting and dramatic at the same time Shannon and Dean Hale had brilliantly retold the story in a western spoof of the classic Brothers Grimm tale as Rapunzel seems to beof a western heroine than the typical damsel in distress than she was in the original Brothers Grimm story Nathan Hale s illustrations are realistic and rough looking as Rapunzel and Jack look like they have rough looking faces but are still attractive to look at Nathan Hale s illustrations of the buildings in the town are brilliantly creative as they look like something that comes out western shows like The Rifleman as they look a bit old fashioned but beautiful at the same time Rapunzel s Revenge is one of the greatest fairy tale retellings of all time as it is full of action and adventure that both adults and children will enjoy immensely I would recommend this book to children ages six and up since smaller children might not understand about the fairy tale parody theme of this story.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog Hale, Shannon and Dean 2008 Rapunzel s Revenge Illustrated by Nathan Hale.Rapunzel s Revenge is a graphic novel A great graphic novel of an empowered and spunky Rapunzel who s on a quest for revenge Really there are no words for how much fun this one is It does begin in a familiar way, Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little girl and it is loosely based on the fairy talebut most of the story is original and fun and wonderful The book really begins to take off when Rapunzel rescues herself from the tower One of the first things she does is meet her adventuring hero who would have rescued hernot Here s how that exchange goes Rapunzel Ow What in the Would be hero Are you all right Rapunzel Oham Iam I all right Well I was until someone shot my new pet pig I was going to call him Roger Would be hero You re welcome All in a day s work I m an adventuring hero Rapunzel Well, It s nice to meet you It s nice to meet anyone, really Can you give me directions to Would be hero I was getting so bored watching the workers farm my fields all day So I left behind the civilized comforts of Husker City, following tales of a beautiful maiden trapped in a high tower Rapunzel Oh That s so noble of you to come all this way to help her Would be hero Yes, noble is a good word for me I can t actually rescue her, of course The word is she s Mother Gothel s pet and I won t risk crossing the old lady But I can tell her I m going to rescue her She s bound to be too naive to know the difference, and it ll be such fun in the meantime Rapunzel Oh Would be hero So, tiny ragamuffin, as payment for saving you from that rampaging beast, you may point the way to her mystical tower Rapunzel Uh, yeah, the tower is a huge tree just back that way, butbut she s slightly deaf If you keep calling out, she ll hear you Eventually Would be hero Excellent And I m off Rapunzel Remember to yell as loud as you can Narrator This is where the once upon a time part ends, with yours truly finally free from that perpendicular prison.But Rapunzel s story is far from over And her adventures have just begun I loved the story I loved the style I loved the illustrations.I loved this one Cute cowboy twist on a classic fairytale. Loved this My daughter had read it first and kept saying I should read it, too, so finally she got me to read it to her for her bedtime story Very well done, great art, great characters, good touches of humor, and Rapunzel is a strong heroine. A popular novelist may be prone to looking at the whole of their oeuvre They consider their past works, look to the future, and decide to write a graphic novel What makes them do this Is it the potential to reach whole new audiences Is it the accessibility of the format The trendiness of it all Or it is something else Could it be that graphic novels are the wave of the future Could be Certainly they offer an author a whole new way of looking at the literary format Why an enterprising young man or woman and man, could perhaps even take a fairy tale and do wondrous things with it You could even, and maybe I m just talking crazy stuff here, take the fairy tale of Rapunzel, slap it into a pseudo cowboy wizardry setting Add in Newbery Honor winner Shannon Hale, her husband, and a guy with the same last name who doesn t happen to be related to either of them, and you have a rip roaring tale of betrayal, escape, romance, and very long locks Hypothetically, of course.First things first You are all familiar with the story of Rapunzel I assume, yes Witch takes neighbor s baby after the husband steals some of the rapunzel plant for his wife to eat Witch keeps kid up a tower until the child s hair grows long and she is eventually rescued by a prince It s all pretty basic stuff Well that s sort of the true story, but not exactly For most of Rapunzel s life she s actually kept in a lovely castle with the woman she thinks is her mother, learning rope tricks from the guards and generally having a good time One day the girl grows inordinately curious about the tall wall that surrounds her home and so she scales it Consequently, what she sees from the top causes her to question everything about her life As punishment for this act of rebelliousness Rapunzel is kept in the hollow of a tall tree where her hair grows at an inordinate rate Each year her mother asks if she s ready to be forgiven and each year Rapunzel stays the same When she finally breaks out of her treetop prison she joins forces with a boy named Jack and the two of them set out to break the power of her mother and save the hardscrabble land around them.Rapunzel is one of those fairy tale characters that remain both iconic and relatively unblemished Disney never did a thing with Rapunzel, after all When you think of her, you mind may refer to Paul O Zelinsky s Caldecott winning picture book or other images of her in literature From a personal viewpoint, my first reference tends to be the Rapunzel character in Stephen Sondheim s musical Into the Woods But where Sondheim played up the mother daughter aspects of the relationship, Hale n Hale are not particularly interested in that take on the story Here Mother Gothel, as she is known, is a pretty unrepentantly evil character She bears little affection for the girl she has raised, which I think is a bit of a loss It would have been nice to see acomplex villain Someone who can care and love a little girl on the one hand as a mother, and then turn around and crush the spirit of a nation on the other.That said, the Hales have a good sense of character and personality here Rapunzel s spirit is pretty evident, both visually and through her verve and words right from the get go Heck, the first time you see her she s hanging off a branch in the garden and falling into a small pond The Hales avoid the usual tomboy told to act like a pretty princess storyline that s been so done and overdone before Here Rapunzel is brave and curious right from the start, but with a way of communicating that is entirely her own After all, when she first sees the devastation that surrounds her home of the past nine years her response is Well I ll be swigger jiggered and hung out to dry The cowboy feel and characters in this book are a bit odd, but they work within the context of the tale It s certainly aAmerican take on the Rapunzel story than you ll usually find in a library All spurs and lassos and riding bucks Short of Indian attacks of which there are blessedly none all the usual tropes are there.Nathan Hale was an interesting choice of illustrator for this particular outing It took me a while to get attuned to hiscartoonish style, I admit I had seen the work he d done on his picture books Yellowbelly and Plum Go to School, which employed a mighty realistic take on your average everyday six year old monsters For this book, Hale scales back the complexity at least until he needs to use it producing a simpler product Once you get into it, it kinda works I liked Hale s ability to render the multiple uses of extremely long hair during the Rapunzel grows up montages I liked that he was as comfortable presenting a grey desolate wasteland as we was a beautiful ball gown If I m not too much mistaken there seemed to be a visual Pippi Longstocking reference going on for much of the book hey man, I always said she was the original female superhero And I liked that he ends the book spoiler alert, for those of you who care with a very sexy kiss Very sexy Or maybe I just like boys in white shirtsleeves.It s a hard novel to place, in a way There really aren t that many younger reader graphic novels outside of the manga sphere to compare this to I can t help but think that it s going to have to be a hit, though A Newbery Honor winning author taking familiar fairy tale tropes and then wrapping the whole kerschmozzle in a kick butt girl package It s going to have its fans My only difficulty as a librarian is in figuring out what to recommend to my patrons when they finish the book and wantof the same Suggestions on that topic arethan welcome A fun new book worth taking a gander at.Ages 10 and up. The story of Rapunzel set in the wild west I love how she uses her hair as lasso s It s a fun story through and through There are plenty of hints that her friend is Jack from Jack and the beanstalk and he has problems with giants back home There is plenty of action and fun to be had in this tale This was better than I thought it would be It really was a whole lot of fun Plenty of twists and turns and the ending was fantastic Plenty of magic and fairytale in this story I would recommend this to anyone into the genre or a young reader who likes action and fairytale upgrades.