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For most of my life, I ve named Pterry as my favourite author I was the first in my town country to read him, and for the last years I ve bought his books in hardcover I still buy his books out of sentimentality, but I wish I would stop The worst is that I wish he would have stopped I was devastated when I learned of his illness and, like most everyone, also mourned all the books now lost But after the last three or it s become clear that a bang would have been better than this whimper He has literally lost his plot now nevermind that most authors repeat their formulas, and his had been okay even when repeptitive and boring because it was humane, now there is no trace of plot left The lead seams to be Moist again, although he was indistinguishable from Worde and the others, so it s okay to simply re use him is this the second or forth time , but it s not okay to wipe out everything that made the Patrician my favourite after Death It s not the brief moments where he is meant to slip and be a bit old, but the countless scenes where he badgers Moist for no reason and with no result whatsoever Page after page is just TELLing of the same thing again badger, talk, grease build grease, progress Repeat I couldn t even spoil this book if I tried.It is my own fault for continuing to read, but WTF Pratchett s books used to give you such a pay off because the people were genuinely changed IN OUR EYES, but after Feet of Clay there was literally nobody left, every enemy incl of the reader was repeatedly shown in different lights and integrated and it had been rewarding At least with the goblins there was the addition of some true horror but that was a few books ago.The dwarves and goblins as the redeemees again Even feminism, something else we liked and lauded in Pratchett, gets a bad taste when homosexuality is hinted at as the worse option Another easy win of women over a whole race, oh yes why not, after all the character just won back the whole kingdom as well Facing no real peril, no matter what the text TELLS you Just as the dunnikin diver boy eerily faced no threat, so here everyone is so clever and rich and brave and talented, there are just too many of them around and everything works with no back lash ever The measly attacks of the grags why even bother I m sorry this got long, all I meant to say was the intro paragraph I m sorry about Pterry I had sworn to not read the stolid boring Earth saga, but his other books are just as bad now and I wish the Earth were that magical entity he portrays it as, or narrativum existed, and could make at least something right about this.But after all those years, he ends up like the hacks, the writers simply going bad for boredom or running out of steam Pterry might not have done that in the normal course of things But his books are now weightless nothings, and I m condemned to those terrible thoughts aka tl dr I wish my favourite author had stopped writing.I m so sorry. The penultimate novel in the Discworld series.Truth be told, I very much enjoyed our little adventure with Moist von Lipwig, he of the scandalous and dangerous success, literally coming from the gallows a few books back to become an efficacious leader of the post office, the mint and the bank But throughout the book, there was always the needling sense that we were drawing to the end, that there was only one book left after this one That as I read each page, thinking of Sir Terry typing away, that the infinite world of the Discworld had a finite last page approaching.It was bound to happen Pratchett has been teasing us with the industrial revolution series within the Discworld series, books like Moving Pictures, The Truth, and Going Postal an evolving and brave new world on the Discworld And who better to lead the way than Moist, who Lord Vetinari said could accomplish the impossible And how about these two for a wink and a nod from old Pratchett, the political leader trained as an assassin and the executive a former crook A tinkerer develops a train on the Discworld and rails start going down everywhere Like in our own spinning sphere, locomotion brings the world together, people like to travel to see new lands, merchants like to ship their goods fast and cheap Pratchett surveys the changing land and notes in the sub plot how the times are a changing for most races on top of old A Tuin The dwarves are reluctantly catching up to the times and ancient superstitions and prejudices are unraveling In this way, Pratchett makes note of social, cultural and economic trends in both our worlds.Another fun Discworld book, and now sigh on to The Shepherd s Crown and the end. To The Consternation Of The Patrician, Lord Vetinari, A New Invention Has Arrived In Ankh Morpork A Great Clanging Monster Of A Machine That Harnesses The Power Of All The Elements Earth, Air, Fire And Water This Being Ankh Morpork, It S Soon Drawing Astonished Crowds, Some Of Whom Caught The Zeitgeist Early And Arrive Armed With Notepads And Very Sensible RainwearMoist Von Lipwig Is Not A Man Who Enjoys Hard Work As Master Of The Post Office, The Mint And The Royal Bank His Input Is, Of Course, Vital But Largely Dependent On Words, Which Are Fortunately Not Very Heavy And Don T Always Need Greasing However, He Does Enjoy Being Alive, Which Makes A New Job Offer From Vetinari Hard To RefuseSteam Is Rising Over Discworld, Driven By Mister Simnel, The Man Wi T Flat Cap And Sliding Rule Who Has An Interesting Arrangement With The Sine And Cosine Moist Will Have To Grapple With Gallons Of Grease, Goblins, A Fat Controller With A History Of Throwing Employees Down The Stairs And Some Very Angry Dwarfs If He S Going To Stop It All Going Off The Rails A young man invents the steam engine and the train and railroad soon follow Lord Vetinari feels the winds of change blowing and puts Moist von Lipwig in charge of the burgeoning railway industry But not everyone likes the idea of progressHere we are, the 40th Discworld book Even after 40 books, I forget how clever Terry Pratchett is the time between volumes I wasn t sold on this at first The grag subplot felt disjointed and it seemed like old Pratch might have been going off the rails Then the rhythm caught and soon it was full steam ahead.Moist and Vetinari were in fine form I was also pleased to see Vimes, Harry King, Lao Tze, Mustrum Ridcully, and other old favorites make appearances The fascination with the Iron Girder and the rest of the trains was completely understandable since I m part of the large segment of the male population that is oddly fascinated with trains.The goblins acclimating to life in Ankh Morpork was another nice touch The usual Discworld social commentary is present, as is the usual making me grin like a jackass I even enjoyed the dwarfish subplot as I drew near the end, although it still seemed a little off.It s not the best Discworld book out there but even on his worst day, Terry Pratchett always manages to keep me entertained Four out of five stars. I couldn t have imagined that a day would come when this is to be said of Sir Pratchett, but sadly, I must say that he disappoints with this one All the usual ingredients are present, the City Watch, the Tyrant, the Turtle, the rolls, dwarfs and goblins, as are the smart alecy quips and puns and double entendres, but, Where is the Plot, the Enticing Tale Even the pleasure that the exploration of an idea for its own sake provides, such as in Long Earth, is completely missing here The only excitement spread over all those pages is that the steam engine and hence railway locomotion has arrived in the Discworld The question is, are we feeling excited enough by this as readers, again, sad to write this, No An now I am struggling to finish it, only out of deference to this usually superb author Terry Pratchett is a writer with a timebomb ticking in his head Although this is common knowledge, you have to be a very close reader to notice the strain this exerts on him Pratchett has written his very best work in the period just before his embuggerance Monstruous regiment, the wee free men trilogy notice here I do not include I shall wear midnight , Thud, going postal en making money are all fenomenally good Unseen academicals on the other hand, heralds the change in Pratchetts writing It follows Nation, an unusual intermission in Pratchetts discworld series The change was there but only barely visible In I shall wear midnight this change slowly emerged unto the surface and in Snuff it bobbed up and didn t go under Dodger showed the same change of pace.The change being Less and less dialogue, painting of the scenery, More dutiful telling of the tale, less trapdoors that suddenly open under your feet as you try to follow the plot Pratchett is deliberately misspelling out for you Raising Steam promises to be a grand gathering of a whole lot of the Disc world family Moist von Lipwig, Adora Belle Dearheart, Sam Vimes, Lord Vetinari, The Low King, the new found goblins from Snuff It is clear that Pratchett is bringing the threads from at least four disc world novels together Thud,Snuff,Going Postal and Making Money Blatantly absent is captain Carrott, who is not even mentioned in the story, which is a bit odd, considering that captain Angua, his beloved Werewolf girlfriend of old, briefly appears So, a story that takes the follow up of these exceptionally well written novels to a new height Unfortunately this is not the case Yes, it is a real Pratchett Sure it has a good plot But it lacks the chilling surprises of Thud The brilliant dialogues of Moist in going Postal and making money have paled a little Even the razorsharp conversations with Vetinari are getting stale Is it a badly written novel No It still contains a strong story about the invention of the steam engine The grand finale with the coming out of the Low King, already hinted at at the end of Thud is powerful It is just not as grippingly good as the aforementioned novels But it s fun to read, and although not Pratchett s best work, it is actually far far better than a lot of other books, published today I am ready for number 41. I honestly didn t even finish this book It was just so dreadfully boring I made it about 80% through and I only got that far because I love Terry Pratchett and wanted to persevere and then just gave up The dialogue is terrible, the narrative lacks any kind of rhythm its just and then and then and then and then and worst of all the characters are unrecognizable Moist, Vimes and Vetinari are probably my 3 favourite characters in the entire mythos they don t behave like themselves, and they don t behave like real people Such a disappointing book. While some people say that this book did not deliver on the same level of expectation as Pratchett s earlier works, it is my opinion that this book is so much developed and gripping than his other books The humour that is displayed still follows the same structure of parody.Personally, I loved the whole stories of Moist, and found that there was no Pratchett book that I loved than Going Postal , but Raising Steam still delivers a high standard for creativity and genius.The way that Pratchett makes everything fit together so nicely and bring back to life characters that have become dear to us is excellent, and it is ingenious in the ways that the man has made the characters develop of a personality The ways that all these people have stories of their past lives revealed is done so well I could go on and give away specific examples of all this, but for those people who have the same kind of love for Discworld as I do I will leave you with no hints or spoilers.This novel was a great achievement by Pratchett and he should be commended for his deliverance of books of such quality, especially with the challenges in his life, his alzheimers, we should marvel at his skill Age shall not weary Terry Pratchett, and I for one hope that he lives forever.One thing I was disappointed with was the fact that Terry Pratchett didn t follow on from the end of Making Money He left you knowing at the end that Moist would eventually become the tax collector This, however, did not follow on from that, and I found that a little disappointing. I was troubled while reading this book Where were the characters I loved I could see them there on the page Vetinari, Moist, Adora belle etc but their names could have been interchangeable Their personalities were a blur I recognise Sir Terry s struggle with his health, but I get the distinct impression that someone else, with a lesser grasp of the intricacies of this fantastical world, is wielding the pen So to speak One sentence stood out to me just this morning Tak never mentioned that dwarfs should cover their faces in the society of their friends It struck Rhys that this practice was deliberately provocative and, of course, disdainful Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett.We know how incisive Sir Terry can be regarding politics, religion and so forth But it has always been by using parody This direct comment, without his usual humour or satire struck me as a little sharp.Unfortunately, this was not how I wished to say goodbye to the Discworld and the characters I fell in love with, but if future novels will just mangle the memories I have, perhaps it is best I farewell here. OK, 4.6 rounded up I ve seen a lot of reviews here that panned this book but seemed to be doing so mostly because it wasn t what they wanted it to be Too little of this, too much of that Pfui Authors get to write whatever they want To me, this one s about Moist and the Discworld growing up, maturing And I suspect it s a wish that Roundworld would too The retro grags sure felt like the U.S Tea Party, but not so specifically that readers in other countries couldn t recognize their fringe conservatives too Not enough conflict Surely the whole point of the book is that some technologies are just so transformative that it is impossible to resist them, and as such there won t be as much conflict I rather like the way Vetinari seems not to care any that the audience can see the strings by which he controls everything He has a girlfriend in Uberwald and doesn t care who knows it Speaking of Vetinari, the I won t spoil it about him at the end didn t work for me And I was underwhelmed by the solution for the weak bridge at the end It only barely holds together, and surely wouldn t stand close examination Despite rumours that Moist will move to taxes next, I have to think this is the last Moist novel I Shall Wear Midnight might have been the last Tiffany Aching Vimes might have one adventure left, and maybe we can see Nanny and Granny one last time Beyond that, what s left to talk about And I wouldn t blame TP a bit of he decided that there is no really good way to wind up the story of the witches it might be better just to leave it Unseen Academicals probably wraps it up for the wizards Maybe we can revisit Death again, perhaps by having one or two of the major characters cash in their chips Again, I wouldn t be surprised or disappointed if TP decided not to go there Or can we resolve Captain Carrot s situation, and let a few key players retire Whatever happens, I hope TP finds one or two stories for us in his wonderful world Maybe he can go sideways and give us another standalone like Monstrous Regiment Whatever happens, thank you, Sir Terry, it s been a wonderful ride and you have brought a great deal of happiness to my life I hope there s.