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[read online] Ragtime Fingerstyle Ukulele: 15 Classic Rags Arranged for Solo UkuleleAuthor Fred Sokolow –

UkuleleOf The Most Popular Ragtime Piano Pieces For The Ukulele Are Arranged By Fred Sokolow In This Collection Featuring Music Notation, Tablature, And Online Audio Demonstration Tracks Each Rag Has Several Sections, So There S A Wealth Of Music Here Learning These Rags Will Expand Your Ukulele Horizons And Provide Hours Of Musical Fun Selections Include Dill Pickles Charles Johnson The Entertainer Scott Joplin Maple Leaf Rag Scott Joplin Pegasus James Scott Slippery Elm Rag Clarence Woods Smoky Mokes Abe Holzmann Yankee Land Max Hoffman And

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    Ever since hearing Scott Joplin s Entertainer used in the movie The Sting, I ve been fascinated by it and wanted to play some rags on my guitar and baritone ukulele Nothing much of value was to be found until I came across this book.It contains a decent set of recognizable ragtime tunes, notes about playing, and audio samples on line actually played on a ukulele It does take a little practice to play the tunes correctly and get the syncopation right Once you do that, the arrangements sound quite good I love a book that you can actually use to play the music as it was intended.If you want to explore ragtime on your ukulele, I highly recommend this book It w well worth the price.

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    This book has multiple songs that are very challenging to learn There is a digital download of all of the songs in the book in their entirety I would say if you are a beginner or beginner intermediate player you might want to wait a bit before purchasing this book If you want a challenge and impress your friends with a repertoire of music styles, then definitely add this to your list.

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    Ok yes it has the tune and tabs But nothing else i got stuck 1 2 way on the first song , no help there Maybe If it showed the song and where it is in the tabs might have helped So like i said DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS

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    I have a good sized library of ukulele fingerstyle instructional materials and arrangements, and this one will sit towards the top for a long time Fred s Beatles book has been one of my favorites how about a volume 2 I was pleasantly surprised how much fun this one is to play right off the bat The arrangements are very accessible for the intermediate fingerpicker in familiar keys, and there is a ton of stuff here Most songs have 4 different sections, so there is a lot to learn and remember, and ragtime has a different feel to adjust to, but the bottom line is it s fun to play and these arrangements are playable.

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    I bought this book, really, for the arrangements of The Entertainer and Maple Leaf Rag, and it was well worth the price for those alone They are really, really great arrangements Fun and natural to play, and they sound great Those are Five star arrangements.The real shame is there are than a dozen other songs in the book, but I just don t have any interest in playing them because they aren t songs I am familiar with, and the sample recordings just didn t grab me I love this author s Beatles book, and I love his arrangements of Entertainer and Maple Leaf, so I m sure tons of time and attention went into these other songs and that they are equally great arrangements, but I just don t see myself putting in the time to get them down.In sum, if all you want to do is play The Entertainer and Maple Leaf Rag, the two most popular ragtime tunes, then you should get this book, period Its worth it for just that If you are itching to learn other, less known ragtime songs as well, then this book has those too But if you are a mainstream ragtime fan like me, you might only invest the time in a couple songs, and I think that s just fine.