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It Was A Dark And Stormy Night When Mary Crane Glimpsed The Unlit Neon Sign Announcing The Vacancy At The Bates Motel Exhausted, Lost, And At The End Of Her Rope, She Was Eager For A Hot Shower And A Bed For The Night Her Room Was Musty But Clean And The Plumbing Worked Norman Bates, The Manager, Seemed Nice, If A Little Odd

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    Nowadays, it seems like every horror movie is either a remake, a sequel or the kind of vile torture porn that makes you want to puke in your bag of popcorn Filming one of these flicks requires tens of millions of dollars for a platoon of pretty actors, gallons of fake blood, special effects and a marketing campaign Oddly, they don t seem to spend any money on scripts for these things.But Alfred Hitchcock only needed about nine grand to buy the rights to this book Then it only took a blonde, a shower, and a butcher knife to create one of the defining scenes in horror history There might be a lesson in that story somewhere, Hollywood.Legend has it that Hitchcock had all the available copies of the book bought up after he obtained the rights so that he could keep the story secret for his version If that isn t true, it should be I ve often wished that I had a way to temporarily blank out my memory of certain stories so that I could read or see them for the first time all over again and be completely surprised Unfortunately, alcoholic blackouts are extremely unreliable at this so I just have to try and imagine what it would have been like to read this book before the story became a classic I bet it was a complete mind fuck for those poor bastards who did read it back in 1959.It holds up remarkably well despite knowing the story and it being over 50 years old Shifting narration to the inner dialogues of different characters was very effective, especially with Norman himself My only real complaint is that I wished it would have been the sister Lila and not Mary who took the infamous shower because Lila is a shrill nagging harpy that annoyed the hell out of me.

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    ugh this was just so good.I really love how short this was, so there was never a dull moment I still haven t seen any of the movie adaptations but I can only imagine how fast paced they must be 2019 update I have of course watched the original Psycho movie multiple times since reading this book over a year ago, and I LOVE IT However, it s definitely of a slow burn, not fast paced like I thought it would be I m avoiding the Vince Vaughn adaptation like the plague.I will say, I binge watched Bates Motel not too long ago and that s the main reason I picked this up, but I loved how different this was in a way Bates Motel took a little nugget from this book and turned it into a much broad scope world and story which was awesome and this story is just a tiny piece That being said, it seems unfair to judge this book against the show because it s just such a different experience I loved them both for different reasons though so it worked out for me Anyway, this was awesome and spooky and just what I was in the mood for

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    Psycho was first published in 1959 by American author Robert Bloch.The inspiration behind it was the real life story of Ed Gein a psychotic murderer who led a dual life Alfred Hitchcock was also captivated by this story and turned the book into one of the most loved classic films of all time the year after it was released.Norman Bates loves his mother She s been dead for the past twenty years,or so people think Norman knows better though He has lived with mother ever since leaving the hospital in the old house up on the hill above the Bates Motel Mary Crane is fleeing across the country with 40,000 she s stolen from her employer.She is dreaming of a new life with her fianc Sam when she takes a wrong turn ending up at the Bates Motel Norman can t help spying on the beautiful Mary watching her undress as she s about to go into the shower.Mother is there though She is always there to protect Norman from his depraved thoughts She is there to protect him with her butcher knife Mary started to scream,and then the curtains parted further and a hand appeared,holding a butcher s knife.It was the knife that,a moment later,cut off her scream And her head..I don t read a lot of horror but I ve always found the shower scene in the movie of the same name completely terrifying What interested me about reading the novel was to gain an insight into the thoughts and feelings of the characters especially Norman Mental illness is a subject that always intrigues and fascinates me At only 153 pages Psycho is a quick read What surprised me the most was considering the infamous shower scene I expected there to be a vivid description of blood and gore typical of the horror genre Bloch s writing is what s unsaid and left to the readers imagination altogether making it horrific Thoroughly recommend this classic tale A must read for all those that enjoy a slice of horror

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    When Mary Crane skips town with 40,000 of her boss s money, she drives and drives, bedding down at the Bates Motel She meets Norman Bates, who harbors secrets even interesting than stolen moneyEveryone knows the basic beats of Psycho due to the iconic Alfred Hitchcock film Woman gets knifed in the shower, psychotic mama s boy, etc When it popped up for ninety nine cents, I figured, what the hell Shooting Star Spiderweb was pretty good Psycho was definitely worth the buck.Inspired by real life serial killer Ed Gein, Psycho is a tale of mental turmoil and the way it shapes the life a man dominated by his mother And some woman gets killed and her boyfriend and sister try to figure out what the hell happened Despite knowing quite a bit going in, Psycho was still a suspenseful read Since stuff gets lost in translation from book to movie, a lot of it was still surprising Of course, not having seen the movie in something like thirty years helpedBloch s prose is pretty tight He doesn t waste a lot of time on flowery language, and knows how to ratchet up the suspense I can see why Hitchcock chose to adapt it, though he chose to focus on different aspects than Bloch The book and the movie are definitely different animals.Psycho probably didn t have quite as much of an impact on me that it should have but that s because it s been dissected and imitated to death in the decades since it was written It holds up really well compared to a lot of suspense novels written during the same era Four out of five stars.

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    Find all of my reviews at Stars That s what I tell my boys all the time I hope they turn out just as friendly and loyal to their momma as Norman did.Is there anyone even on the planet who hasn t at least heard of Psycho before What can I say that you don t already know Well, I can confirm that this book is short at roughly 200 pages Due to its brevity, I can also say not a paragraph is wasted on filler Every scene that occurs does so for a reason What else Ah yes, the writing If I hadn t already been privy to the fact this was an oldie by a goodie, I would have never guess this story to be 50 years old The subject matter as well as use of graphic language is not something I m accustomed to when reading books that are a bit long in the tooth Bloch had zero fear when tackling the taboo, that s for sure If you re someone with a bit of a dark sense of humor like me, you might even find yourself getting a morbid chuckle or two No sense crying over spilt milk, though Even if it hadn t been milk As is the case with me and most things dubbed horror I wouldn t put Psycho in that category Instead I d call it a riveting page turner of a suspense One that I d highly recommend to all.If you re not interested in the book, but rather the film I ask you WHAT THE F ARE YOU DOING ON A BOOKNERD SITE Nah, just kidding The differences in the translation from page to screen lie almost exclusively in the casting As my friend Ed called out in his review, the book version Norman Bates was a fella who was a bit festively plump proving that the casting of this guy was spot on if the remake had been done a few years later Poor Vince Remember when he was a real looker Well, not compared to Jeff Goldblum, but he wasn t anything to chuck a rock at The only other Hitchcockian magic Tweaking the following line into one of the most quotable of all times I think perhaps all of us go a little crazy at times and creating another use for chocolate syrup

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    We all go a little crazy sometimes.My generation and everyone since has grown up with the concept of Psycho, stemming from Sir Alfred Hitchcock s 1960 thriller, but all this began with Robert Bloch s 1959 novel.Reading this after having seen the film and grown up with the story, I dealt with a fair amount of theatrical irony While the film stayed mostly true to Bloch s vision, there were some departures and these were enjoyable to experience Bloch s prose is tight and the atmosphere developed is intense and suspenseful I imagined the thrill of a reader in 1959 reading this narrative for the first time as it moved along in Bloch s masterful recitation and how surprising and thrilling some of the realizations must have been This is also a seminal work for the horror genre, both in literature and in film, and some of the techniques Bloch used to such great effect than 50 years ago are still tried and true today.Turns out the apple did not fall far from the tree Robert Bloch was heavily influenced by, and in fact mentored by, none other than H.P Lovecraft himself The young Bloch was encouraged by the older writer and Lovecraft even dedicated a story to Bloch, The Haunter of the Dark 1936 Both writers were frequent contributors to Weird Tales and Amazing Stories Bloch s earliest writing was unapologetically influenced by Lovecraft and was even frequently set in the Cthulhu mythos.Still creepy and psychologically terrifying decades later, a fan of this genre will want to discover the origin of Norman Bates and will be enthralled by Bloch s excellent work.

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    So it is that Psycho really IS very much like The Exorcist Both may vie for the Scariest Film title, but apart from that the books are stupendous if you like the movies, you are making yourself a disservice by not reading the literary progenitors Psycho may be perfect Strange how little Norman Bates gets the Oscar in the book you actually miss him in the parts where he is not a figure And his obsessions psychosis murderin are the fault of the town, of his circumstances And, although it IS dated yet still retains all the Southern Gothic elements , we can all agree mental illness is fucking terrifying.Read it

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    Odias a la gente y la odias porque la temes, no es cierto Siempre te ha asustado, desde que eras ni o Prefieres acomodarte en un sill n y leer Ya lo hac as hace treinta a os, y lo sigues haciendo Te escondes bajo las cubiertas de un libro Creo que todos nos volvemos un poco locos, a veces Un librazo en todo sentido Menos en su extensi n, dir a que es un libro enorme para cualquiera que ame el suspenso, el terror y el crimen Todos recordamos la grandiosa adaptaci n cinematogr fica de Hitchcock, y sus imborrables escenas truculentas en blanco y negro Una fiel adaptaci n, por cierto No hay forma de pasar por este libro y quedar indiferente Es sencillamente ver esa cara oculta de gente aparentemente com n, es transitar la locura, sentir escalofr os con cada p gina que avanzas Un cl sico imperdible, m s que recomendado.Si quieren saber mi opini n del libro sin spoilers en mayor detalle, los invito a ver mi videorese a

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    First published in 1959, there is no doubt about it, PSYCHO is an absolutely great horror classic.

    If by some freak of nature you happen to be in the dark regarding Robert Bloch s Psycho I will warn you not to go in the shower at the Bates Motel, and be green with envy that you can read the novel with no prior knowledge of the intriguing plot.

    If you are familiar with Alfred Hitchcock s movie version released in 1960 then you will notice two obvious differences when reading the book, the first one no biggie is Norman s rather large size, and the shocker, well, the shower scene is actually a bit grotesque view spoiler resulting in a bloody severed head Janet Leigh s pretty head is still attached in the movie version with a super close up of her DEAD EYE staring right at YOU hide spoiler

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    Very creepy I have never seen the movie but when I saw the book was available for free I had to read it Bloch really included a lot of small hints to keep the reader engaged, and even though I knew what the big reveal at the end would be he still kept it suspenseful and kept me on my toes.