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A Cunning Serial Killer Is Terrorizing Their Neighborhood Chloe Banyon And Her Close Friends Are Terrified They May Be Next The Latest Victims Were Particularly Voluptuous Young Women, Who Frequented Their Favorite Hangout, The Cellar Chloe And Her Best Friend, Monica, Are Skilled Makeup Artists, Working At A Prestigious Department Store Cha Cha Is A Beautiful, Exotic Plus Size Model, Who Fears Her Biological Clock Is Ticking Away And Madcap, Red Headed Steffi, The Actress Searching For Love And Success Chloe S Boyfriend Harry, A Detective With The San Francisco Police Department, Is Doing All He Can To Find The Murderer Before He Strikes Again The Deeper Chloe Falls In Love With Harry, The She Realizes Just How Precious Life Is Join Them In Their Close Encounters With The Demented Man Of Mystery Will The Killing Stop In Time Deborah McClatchey spins an inventive thriller in her Passion In Peril Voluptuous young women are the targets of a serial killer What does a pretty girl do Chloe Banyon and her friends are terrorized, because every victim so far has been a regular at The Cellar watering hole Luckily, Chloe s boyfriend Harry is a detective with the San Francisco Police Together they chase down a demented perpetrator, and find their love deepening with every new risk.Can they stop the killing save their friends, and Chloe herself To find out, you ll need to own this five star thriller, Passion in Peril Hot fun, highly recommended. Passion in Peril is a fast paced emotional thriller that managed to keep me on the edge of my seat From the first pages I connected with the characters enough to truly worry about, wondering along with them who will be the next victim of the demented serial killer, and when will he strike next Chloe is a delightful character that I connected right away with, and her romance with Harry the detective is such lively, lovely affair Intense, wittily written, this novel was a great read Passion In PerilDeborah McClatcheyGripping read.A great story that takes you on a trip of terror and ventures into the mind of a serial killer.Well written and the author obviously knows how to keep the reader on edge Amazing characters, developed and realistic Women are having second thoughts, especially when visiting a common place easy pickings.You could be next