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❴Reading❵ ➶ Outside and Inside Mummies (Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12 (Awards)) Author Sandra Markle –

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10 thoughts on “Outside and Inside Mummies (Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12 (Awards))

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    I picked up this book thinking it might be useful for a certain middle school social studies teacher I know who covers Ancient Egypt. I will be thrusting this book into her hand the next time I see her!

    The pictures of the different mummy x-rays and the explanations of various technology used to unearth clues about those mummies was fascinating. My favorite was the x-ray image of the inside of Pharaoh Ramses I’s chest where you could see the linen-wrapped rolls of mummified organs. There was even still a piece of his lung tissue in there.

    While the book had many examples of Egyptian mummies, there were other mummified bodies studied as well, including three children who were probably Ancient Incan human sacrifices.

    The authors focused on showing how researchers used the mummies to better understand what life might have been like for those people in the ancient past. This book would be a great supplemental text for a unit on Ancient Egypt. I can’t wait to hear what the middle school students think of the different pictures and x-ray images.

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    Outside and Inside Mummies is a fascinating book for kids all about mummies.

    There are all sorts of new technologies that have been developed recently, which reveal many new details and information that we never knew before.

    For example, scientists were able to determine that Pharaoh Ramses I was about 45 when he died, and they also discovered that the Iceman (Oetzi) that was found in the Austrian Alps in 1991 fought in a battle before his body was frozen! They were even able to tell what season it was before he died. With new machines, scientists are able to do full body scans on the mummies to see what's inside without unwrapping them, or even removing them from their coffin. To find out how scientists discovered these interesting facts, check out this terrific book!

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    Markle explains how modern technology is used to examine mummies without cutting or destroying them. Technology can be used to determine a mummy’s identity and solve the mystery of the person’s death. Scientists also study mummies to investigate health conditions that affect ancient and modern people to try to find ways to help people today. The book also has a “Make Your Own Mummy” how-to page (using an apple).

    This picture book takes a new perspective on mummies by linking them to modern science and technology and uses real photographs and mummy investigations. The information is accurate and current, linking the ancient science of mummification to modern investigative tools—even DNA replication.

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    Great informative book on mummies. My son who has a stigma about mummies now has a different attitude, I think as far as I know. The real pictures and photos really went along with a teaching aid for us. Probably a little older reading than for a 5 yr old, but very educational.

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    It was vey graphic and had actual pictures of mummies. I think it startled me by the graphic pictures. I did not enjoy this book.