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eBook One Night of Regrets: A Story of Restoration and Grace –

Becca, Now In Her Thirties, Is Desperate To Find Comfort And Sleep As She Moves To A Small Town Once Again There She Hopes To Find What Has Been Missing From Her Life Since She Left Her Small Home Town And Moved To The City Having Years Without Peace And The Ability To Sleep, Her Days Are Filled With Emptiness And Loneliness Drained From The Struggle Of Life, And The Decision To Leave Her Family And Friends Years Ago, She Embarks Down A Road Of Memories And Voices From Her Past In A Single Night She Must Re Live All The Painful Memories And Mistakes She Has Made Alone, In The Dark, In Her Own Bedroom, She Is Faced With Answering The Question She Has Avoided All Her Life In The End, After A Night That Seems As If It Will Never End, Somehow What She Had Overlooked All Along Becomes So Real That She Finds Herself Yielding To What She Knows Is The Only Thing That Can Bring Her Peace And Finding Grace That Brings Her Restoration She Never Dreamed Possible I won this Goodreads Firstreads book.I really liked this book because it reminds me of so much I ve been through in my life I often push people out of my life when they make a mistake, or don t live up to my standards That in turn leads to a lonely life The ending was a little farfetched, but the point was to show what happens when you reach out for forgiveness from God I would recommend this book to anyone. Hi This book is so much about what I am going through.GOOD READ perfect book match you always read books but you try to find out the connection to you The words blew me away how something could be wriiten in every detail like me I had my experience in life but my mind took a long time to understand this world we are living gives me a inner peace to find a book that was wriiten to my personality I fit right into the character it s like someones is tied to yor love ankle one of my songs I am a singer that person doesnt move he stay s with you how the book played a part of you My life was on hold for so long and not understanding why.One Night of regrets is my kind of read I love spiritual reading especially when it helps a person realize theres to life than regrets. A touching and moving story that almost anyone can relate to, and who has struggled with the mistakes they ve made in their life I felt as if I was living that one night right along with Becca, the main character, and felt God s grace and forgiveness just as she did It is an uplifting and encouraging book that would make a great gift for anyone who thinks their mistakes have ruined their life I highly recommend this book to everyone