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Once Upon a Marigold Prime –

OH MY CUTENESS.This book was awesome And, okay, I DO happen to have a thing for cheesy young adult romance fairy tales, but still, it was really clever and totally adorable And CLEAN I wouldn t hesitate to read this book to an 8 year old or younger, if they were interested It was predictable I guessed who Christian was in the first chapter, but whatever the goal of the book wasn t to be cryptic , but it was just so sweet and innocent and SO funny Okay, so it s about this 6 year old boy, Christian, who runs away from home and ends up living with and being raised by a Troll, Edric Ed in a cave The kid turns out to be quite nice and resourceful i.e he s an inventor Ed realizes he s gotta raise the kid right, so he gets a book of etiquette, and teaches the kid out of that But the best part is that Ed has like ZERO grasp of clich s, and is CONSTANTLY mixing them up like, I can see I m beating my head against a dead horse and After all, what s sauce for the goose is sauce for the eager beaver Oh boy, those were great So 13 years later, Christian sometimes Chris is a strapping guy haha And he has this telescope, and has been very innocently admiring the pretty little brunette princess Marigold, 17 whose balcony happens to face the cave In fact, he s so taken with her that he starts sending her messages via carrier pigeon Heehee But the pigeons can only hold a piece of paper big enough to hold 3 lines of text and later 3 per side, I think , so they have these TINY conversations It s REALLY cute They become best friends, even though they ve never met Then Christian and Ed decide he needs to go out on his own and experience the world, so he gets a job at the castle, and all sorts of craziness ensues Marigold s mom is trying to hook her up with any eligible bachelor who will have her, and Christian is REALLY jealous cute And it s really fun Anyway, it goes on from there, but I don t want to give TOO much away I m REALLY looking forward to Twice Upon a Marigold It looks really great, too Absolutely delightful even the second time around I am glad to have a chance to re read the first two, and to finally read the third.EtA I like how this one is from the pov of the male character.Btw, I guess I really do love this author I also own her Love Among the Walnuts which I found at a thrift store, sans jacket, and did not realize as YA because it read as adult and am going to reread that before releasing it. I totally judged a book by its cover on this one The font the words are printed in reminded me of the font from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants easy read, I knew , and it proclaimed itself to be part comedy, part love story, part everything but the kitchen sink happily ever after turned upside down, inside out, and completely over the top Well, I don t know about all that, but it was an entertaining read a fairy tale with a modern, fun, whimsical feel to it.I must admit I liked the first half of the story much better than the second half It seems that the first half is spent getting attached to the main characters in the story Christian a runaway who is raised by a troll and Ed the aforementioned troll who can never get his cliches right and is obsessed with dethroning the Tooth Fairy and Marigold a cursed princess who becomes Christian s penpal I came to like them I loved their p mailing pigeon carrier mailing back and forth But then we don t get to spend any time with them in the second half of the book Peripheral characters mostly Marigold s dad and her triplet sisters get turned into main characters, too, so their stories have to be told and all the while Chris and Ed are in the dungeon, out of sight and out of mind My only guess as to why the king s and the sisters stories took the limelight was because they hadn t proven to be particularly sympathetic to Marigold in the past, and they needed to explain themselves so it would make sense when they band together to save her from the queen s evil scheme.But other than that complaint, I liked this book There was just the right amount of quirkiness and just the right amount of seriousness A quick, fun read. This was a sweet pleasant fairytale like romance , but it was predictable and had some of the most famous cliches in fairytales , with some originality though The narration was fantastic Wonderful and orginal fairy tale And one that is not like any other fariy tale out there This is my second read It s just one of those books that you can t seem to put down, but not the kind that you can t stop thinking about Don t get me wrong, it s a wonderful book s just a good story It s not something you can t get off your mind.There were some cheesy parts, but that s part of the charm of the book It s silly, crazy, touching and cheesy That s basically the novel in a nut shell It s a wonderful fairy tale and deserves to be placed a long side the classic Princess tales made popular by Disney.I remember when I first read it basically two years ago , I LOVED it I rememeber that it was one of the best books I ve ever read I even had it on my 5 star list Well, since then I ve read even better books ex Golden Compass and it s companions and now that I ve read it for the second time, it s not worth 5 stars Don t get me wrong, I still really like this book I just don t think it s 5 stars any.Wonderful fairy tale love story crazy and cheesy book Anyone that loves a good story to take them away from the real world for a few hours, should read it. My name is Christian I don t know what my last name is, because when I was five years old, I decided I d had enough with boring lessons about how to sip tea properly and wearing silly uncomfortable clothes all day So I ran away and that s how I met Ed Ed s my dad He found me hiding in the woods and tried to take me back to my parents, but I decided I liked Ed waythan them, so I tricked him into adopting me Oh, yeah, Ed s also a troll, and he pretends to be all grumpy and troll like most of the time, but I know he s really just worried about being a good father to me We live in this cave in the forest, that s actually really comfortable, and Ed lets me do all the things I really care about Like inventing things I ve invented all sorts of useful things, like an elevator to bring water from the stream up to our sink Man, I do not know how people live without indoor plumbing Not even the people in the castle across the river have a flushing toilet like we do I can see that castle from my cave, I even came up with an invention, a kind of glass in a tube, that lets me see things up close that are far away I call it a tube glass Which brings me to another invention I came up with It s called p mail What s that, you ask Well, it s short for pidgeon mail I trained this fat little pigeon who lives in our cave to carry messages back and forth from the castle, because in that castle, there s this girl She s smart and funny, and loves to read books, just like me We p mail all day long, and I can talk to her about anything and everything Unfortunately for me, she s also the princess And a really unhappy princess at that Her three sisters all came out perfect and pretty and blond Not that there s anything wrong with that, but Marigold, that s my princess s name, is quiet and bookish and cursed You see, whenever she touches someone, she can see into their minds and know what they re thinking Which means that no one ever hugs her or even wants to be anywhere near her because they are afraid she ll know what s going on in their heads The end result is, she s got no friends, except for me, and I m pretty sure that her own mother the queen hates her.That mean old queen is a piece of work She s throwing this ball, and basically selling off her own daughter to any prince who ll take her And those princes and knights just want to marry Marigold for her money, they don t care that she s got a great smile, when she does smile, which isn t very often, or that her hair is the prettiest shade of brown, like rich mahogany Believe me, I ve been spying on some of these guys, and they re just a bunch of greedy Neanderthals And that s what brings us to why I m packing up all my worldly possessions and heading to the castle to find a job I m the only friend Marigold s got in the world, and if there is anything I can do to save her, then I ve gotta try This book was a bunny rabbit Cute, fluffy and made me want to snuggle. Christian Is Gaga For Princess Marigold But He S Just A Commoner, And No Match For Royalty Heck, He Lives In A Cave With A Troll And Now He S Discovered Another Reason To Put His Love Soggy Heart On Ice Queen Olympia Is Scheming To Take Over The Kingdom And She Ll Bump Off Her Own Daughter To Do It Can Christian Foil Her Diabolical Plans This book is just as cute as a pile of puppies and kittens licking each other s ears on a glittery pink blanket Surrounded by cupcakes.That is to say, there s a certain audience for this kind of thing and everyone else should keep their cute sickness bags handy I am saying this as a fan of Cute Overload with a very high tolerance for cuteness It s the light and fluffy side of a fairy tale without the darkness.But it isn t bad Ed and Christian are relatively enlightened buddies While Princess Marigold is smart though not very funny , confident, and gutsy The bad guys are appropriately evil, boorish, and dull with few redeeming qualities The plot rolls along pleasantly enough And it kept me entertained while I read it. Cute Rating 4.5I really enjoyed this book I was a light, fun, fairytale read reminiscent of Ella Enchanted, The Princess Bride, Disney Princess Movies, and Barbie Princess Movies A Mishmash of a bunch of storybook tropes and cliches, creating a wonderfully odd, but familiar, world There weren t any swear words, but some cartoonish violence and a few kisses occur I was a little nervous to read this because I wasn t sure on the content Not one of my friends of here reviewed it, so I didn t know what to expect What is found was a fun tale, with silly characters and while it s predictable at times it was and enjoyable, light, and fluffy readSummaryWhen Edric, a Troll, is out doing his daily occupation of scavenging in the forest, he comes across a little boy who has run away from his family and plans to live in a bush Knowing the forest will soon get dark and won t be safe for a little boy, or even himself, he decides to take the boy home to his cave with him and find his parents in the morning When morning comes the boy, named Christian, tells Edric that he hates living at home with too many rules and that if he tries to take him back or tells anyone where he is, he will tell them he was kidnapped by Edric Feeling he has no other option, Edric decides to let Christian stay with him Eleven years later, Christian has almost no memories from before living with Edric Chris has always felt that he was meant for something big, so when he takes a chance to message the princess what will happen Will it be the beginning of the adventure Chris has always felt he is destined for What will he do when he uncovers an evil plan to take over the throne My ThoughtsSome character flaws of Edric and, somewhat, Christian I didn t like I don t think the narrator really ever said they were bad either Ed doesn t exactly follow the laws He isn t supposed to hunt in the king s forest, but he does anyway He s stolen clothes from someone when they were bathing in a pond To avoid being caught hunting Christian lies Just target practice Other than stuff like lying and stealing, things that annoyed or bothered me was random Like, some of the food Ed ate seemed gross, such as Raccoons and Squirrels There were one or two mentions of Zodiac signs One really annoying lying character got on my nerves, luckily she was only in three scenes A mentioned doctor had bloodletting tools and I m just like NOOOOOOO, That s BAD.After adopting Christian, Edric seemed to try his best to raise him with manners and off of the etiquette book Christian and Marigold s relationship is really cute Like seriously cute I would say that is really rushed, I m pretty sure the majority of story takes place within a week, maybe two, but considering it s a fairytale with trolls and fairies, I m not counting on the story being realistic I love the little quirks of this book How Ed gets everyday phrases mixed up but doesn t seem to realize it He d buttered his bread and now he had to lie in it The bit s of comedy sprinkled throughout the story often got a small laugh out of me, which doesn t tend to happen when I read books I really like the King s character He is a really good father for Marigold, and also was a funny character towards the end of the book The Narrator was also funny occasionally I thought the end was a mixture of Funny and Cute, with a little what just happened sprinkled in Content I tried my best to not mention spoilers by removing names There wasn t any swearing this this book, but there were some words insinuated at When correcting one of Ed s misunderstood phrases, Chris says Bull and Ed thought he meant it a different way A Character says Stop acting like such aand his sentence is cut off by the narrator who says Christian has never heard the word before Another character ends their sentence with If it bit them in the but stopped before sayingPhrases like Moron , Blockhead , Son of a gun , Brainless boob , and God s nightgown are used Wine and drinking are mentioned or alluded to throughout the book Two mention of smoking One character drugs another to keep them sick and unable to think straight A scullery maid flirts with Christian A girl character kisses a boy character suddenly and without permission One girl character strokes her boyfriends biceps to calm him down that was weird lol Mention of a royal guest pinching the serving wenches Mention of Village girls who ve made mistakes, but wanted good homes for their babies Most, if not all of the violence in this book is told in a cartoonish way Mention of a king who died on horseback, splitting his head Mentions of hunting, multiple times A character threatens to kick Christian s backside A little dog gets kicked Character has a sword pulled on him One mention of Suicide Character has no problem plans to off anyone who gets in their way Twice, different character think Might as well jump over the wall which if right above a river Character says I d rather be boiled in oil In a panic, royal guests run to the stairs Some fall down resulting in unmentioned injury Character gets shot in the chest with an arrow Character falls over the terrace into the river One mention of evil spirits One of witches Mention of magic Fairy birth gifts exist in this world One character s fairy birth gift of sensitivity turns into a curse of knowing a person s thoughts when you touch them Character somehow magically heals person Multiple character read and often mention The Greek myths Dying is described as going to your reward once A Guards belt buckle breaks and his pants keep falling down A character smiles and the narrator says that if you didn t know how happy he was you might think he looked like he had a mental impairment Boy character has his one ear pierced Both the King and Ed cheat at a game OverallI really liked this book I wouldn t say I love it as much as some other books, but I will definitely put this under Favorites of 2019 , which is good for the first book I read this year Because of how light and fluffy the story was narrated the little bit of magic in it didn t really bother me I Enjoyed the really cute parts of the love story, as much as the funny comedic parts I think the cover describes it best Part comedy, part love story, part everything but the kitchen sink If you liked Ella Enchanted you should give this a try.Quotes I don t want to marry anybody who thinks of me only as dowry and an alliance instead of a partner and a best friend If you don t like it out there, you know the door is always open to you Because they lived in a cave, the door was always open to everyone, but neither of them mentioned that I ll have you know my mapmaker is the best there is Queen Mab turned her map around and look at it with the other side up Who says Well, he does, of course She said, scratching her head with one of the pencils stuck in her hair But it was too late now to lock the barn door after the wolf in sheep s clothing was stolen Personally, he thought Chris was barking up a dead tree view spoiler Prince Cyprian is an uneducated blockhead without even the sense to know what a moron he is hide spoiler