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➻ [Reading] ➽ Norse Mythology: Tales of Norse Gods, Heroes, Beliefs, Rituals & the Viking Legacy By Dale Hansen ➰ –

Tales Are Often Told Marking The Vikings As No Than Simple Horn Helmeted Explorers, Infamous Abusers Who Pillaged And Plundered All That Stood In Their Way However, Many Of Us Lack To See The Parallels Aligned With Modern Culture And The Influences Our Viking Ancestors Provided And Passed Down To Our Own Aspects Of Modern Practices, Beliefs, Languages, And Pastimes While There Are Numerous And Vast Differences To The Viking Morality And Way Of Life, We Can Also Uncover Many Similarities That Can Be Derived Within Today S Culture Understanding The Exciting And Influential History Of These Brave And Courageous Norseman Will Reveal A Whole New World Of Truth Unveil The Vikings Rituals, Gods, And Beliefs As You Travel Alongside Them To Distant Lands, Partake In Monstrous Battles With Armies, And Witness The Glory As The Greats Transcended To Valhalla From Ginnungagap To Ragnarok, From Lindisfarne To The Battle Of Stamford Bridge, From Kiev To Vinland And Beyond, The Vikings Have Helped To Shape And Influence Our Modern World Here Is A Preview Of What Is Included Viking Origins Famed Battles, Wars, And Sieges The Conception Of The World Yggdrasil, Creation, And The Afterlife Viking Deities Magical Practices Viking Beliefs Viking Influence On Popular Culture Today And Much Get Your Copy, And Start Listening Today

9 thoughts on “Norse Mythology: Tales of Norse Gods, Heroes, Beliefs, Rituals & the Viking Legacy

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    Easy to navigate, sets out the history in a clear and easy to read way

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    Rather a skinny book I expected to be written about the Aesir and Vanir and the norse myths Would recommened for someone who just wants a rough idea on the Norse gods.

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    Easy read and an adjunct to memories.

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    Good thanks

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    This is a short essay and not a book It s an outrage, given the price Definitely not worth 20, are you kidding me It s tiny booklet with HUGE fonts, no illustrations, and less than 70 pages of writing It s an outrage

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    Dale Hansen does a great job of succinctly introducing us to the many different aspects of Medieval Viking culture I was expecting a longer book, but that s what I get for not checking the page count first Still, I felt most of the subjects could have used detail I found myself constantly writing down questions to research later because the book moves so quickly It is great for an introduction or quick reference otherwise, I have trouble deciding on a purpose for something so short Clearly, this was well researched, so why not go the extra mile and give readers to chew on This was the reason I could not give 5 stars However, I found the content fascinating and it should prove a great starting point for fueling anyone s hunger for immersion in Viking lore.

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    Interesting read but not enough material I expected in depth on Norse mythology Basically just one or two paragraphs on the various aspects of Norse mythology I was looking for something and didn t get it from this book.

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    Very disappointed that this book is only 70 pages I was looking for information about the Norse mythology Not sure about what can be learned from 70 pages I looked in the discripition, it does not say how many pages Very misleading I would have not purchased this book.

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    As an avid follower of the Vikings series I was interested in learning facts about this era I was particularly intrigued when some of the characters were mentioned, as I had wondered if Ivor the Boneless was based on a real historical person This is a quick read, but it is in desperate need of a thorough edit.