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Nocturne, Opus 1 Sea Foam delivers believable characters in a surprising scenario of how genetically modified micro organisms could create an unstoppable pandemic The possibility of terrorists attacking our water supply pales in comparison to what a group of well intentioned genetic scientists could wreak if just one of them unknowingly makes a mistake This is a well written, exciting, fast paced thriller Kate and Jake Connors, a likeable husband wife covert agent team, embark on the task of finding a solution for stopping the spread of a genetically altered, normally passive, waterborne bacteria, Bacillus nocturne Incidents from around the world provide clues and subplots that come together at the end to show us that the enemy may be closer than we think.The unique plot and effective subplots are all plausible and unite at the end to form a satisfying conclusion I enjoyed the contemporary premise and the true to life characters, and I am looking forward to reading the next adventurous confrontation that Kate and Jake must face. I can t believe I stayed up all night reading Nocturne, Opus 1 Sea Foam I haven t done that for years This is a great book with believable, rounded characters in a fast moving plot that is enhanced by its engaging subplots Everything ties together in the end, but until then, we re kept guessing about the outcome because of well placed ironic twists and turns and an unusual ending This is fact based fiction at its best the author s research for this story enhances the plot and makes the sequences of events seem plausible, and a little scary I read the 6 x 9 Paperback Version, but my friend bought the new Kindle Version and says it looks great on her Kindle Fire.The characters are so true to life that I felt like I was in the scenes right beside them The author certainly is skilled at setting the scenes her descriptions are beautiful but never over long or tiring to read The story stands strong by itself, without any salacious sex scenes or offensive language, and Christian fiction fans will love this book for its subtle values and morals that never come across as preachy.As I read this book, it became clear that this was than just a fast paced thriller I ve read hundreds of books for entertainment and for literary assignments, and I must say that I would consider this book to be a literary thriller It reminded me of the classics taught in classrooms, like Lord of the Flies or Catcher in the Rye, that can be dissected to teach literary elements and writing style, yet still hold the students attention It s a contemporary novel with current issues that would hold a young adult s attention quite well in English class or a science class and should be considered for such purposes, as well. I have been waiting eagerly for the this brillant writer, Dr Norene M Moskalski to finish her masterpiece.It is absolutely breathtaking,exhilarting,suspenseful and cool, sophisticated with an intriguing plot Moskalski arranges beautiful themes that are composed to a fast musical note, that builds around each character in her book Moskalski has spell bounded and charmed her auidence with a new writng genre, that is powerful and done extremely well Moskalski has incredible pasion about the sea, and the ecosystem, that as a reader, you are inside the story I can t wait until the next five years to see what happens to the characters.Moskalski keep writing This book was a fast paced and fun adventure, backed by excellent location research and interesting scientific ideas The premise of the book was reasonable and modern, and the characters were likeable and realistic I enjoyed it greatly and would like to read about the characters. Nocturne, Opus Sea Foam Authored By Norene MoskalskiHard Cover Trade Paperback Kindle, Nook, Kobo AN INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL ECO THRILLER SET IN FRANCE, BELGIUM, SPAIN, ITALY, MONACO, AND THE UNITED STATESA College Student Collecting Water Samples Is MissingAnother Collapses On A Sea Foam Covered BeachYoung Adults Start Dying At Coastal ResortsAnd No One Knows WhyTHE RACE TO SAVE A GENERATION BEGINS NOW DRS KATE AND JAKE CONNORS Are Research Professors At The Atlantic University Institute Which Is Dedicated To Peacefully Resolving International Conflicts Caused By Climate ChangeThey Also Serve As Covert Agents For A Privately Funded, Secretive Subdivision Of The Institute Known Simply As The AgencyThe Agency Assigns Its Operatives To Investigate And Eliminate Natural And Human Threats To The Environment As Cover For Their Missions, The Agents Pose As Visiting Professors And Graduate Students At Universities Near Crisis Areassometimes Walking The Thin Line Between Activists And ExtremistsWhile Vacationing At Venice S Lido Beach, Kate And Jake Witness One Of The First Cases Of A Normally Passive Waterborne Bacterium Attacking A Person Along The Shores Of The Mid Atlantic States And Coastal Europe, One In Ten People Begin Dying From Exposure To The Bacteria, And All Of Them Are Young Adults In Their Twenties And ThirtiesWhen The CDC And WHO Extrapolate For The Bacteria Entering The World S Aquifers, They Predict The Death Of An Entire GenerationRacing Against Time And Across Continents, Kate And Jake Must Find The Cure For Bacillus Nocturne, Track Down The Rogue Scientist Who Genetically Modified The Bacterium, And Solve The Mystery Surrounding Its Specifically Targeted Victims Before It Contaminates The World S Water Supply Nocturne is a suspense filled eco thriller The world s water supply is compromised by an engineered bacteria, and the race is on to find the terrorists and find a cure At most risk is the world s next generation, young people in their twenties and thirties This was an easy story to get into The story moved right along, and the science of the story was involved but easy to follow along with for the most part Where the the book broke down for me was toward the end We figured out who the terrorists were and what their agenda was, and all of a sudden, there seemed to be a race to tie it all up in a nice tidy package I found the resolution to be trite and highly unsatisfactory.I was left saying to myself, Really That s it This author has real talent, and I look forward to from her If she could just not be in such a hurry to get to the end.. Phenomenal writer I just finished the final page of Norene s novel on my train ride home tonight I wrote to Norene earlier when I was 90 95% done and offered my rave reviews What a fantastic book by a phenom writer I am handing the book over to my scientist hubby, tonight I told him what incredible medical scientific research Norene did, and how much I knew he d enjoy the book Again, I say Bravo If you haven t yet turned the pages, I assure you that you should begin right away You won t want to put this book down Dr Norene Moskalski has come up with a nifty premise for a series Her protagonists are a married couple, Kate and Jake Connors The two doctors are research professors at Atlantic University s Institute for Public Policy and Safety, which is dedicated to peacefully resolving international conflicts caused by climate change They also serve as covert agents for a privately funded, scientific subdivision of the Institute known only as the Agency To heighten the tension in this premier book, Nocturne, Opus 1 Sea Foam, agents are forbidden to tell even their spouses about the undercover work they do Nocturne is a fast moving medical eco thriller that would make terrific beach reading if it weren t for the subject matter A normally passive, water borne organism has gone rogue, attacking and killing beach goers in the Mid Atlantic States and coastal Europe It s up to Kate and Jake to find the cure for Bacillus nocturne, track down the rogue scientist who genetically modified the bacterium, and find out why deaths are occurring only among young adults in their twenties and thirties before nocturne spreads and contaminates the world s water supply Nocturne involves a tremendous amount of scientific explanation and backstory I thought Moskalski did an excellent job of presenting the science Her website describes her as a naturalist and environmentalist by nature and a medical diagnostician by avocation, with a Ph.D in Higher Education Administration So she is well equipped to research her ideas and familiar with institutions such as the ones described in her book Although she used many technical terms, I felt that Moskalski made the science accessible to any reader who is reasonably well educated Her resort settings are also beautifully described it is obvious that Moskalski has visited these places The authenticity makes the premise especially frightening, since it is clear that this is a scenario that could happen in real life I found Moskalski s presentation of the characters history a bit awkward In some cases, I didn t think I needed to know as much backstory as she gave me In other cases, I found myself wondering, Didn t I read about this in an earlier novel featuring these people But no, Nocturne is the first of a series In a few instances I felt the explication got in the way of an otherwise rapidly moving plot One thing is sure Moskalski has laid plenty of groundwork for potential prequels as well as sequels to Nocturne In discussions on Goodreads, the author stated that the flow of the narrative is designed to imitate a musical nocturne, with tranquil passages abruptly giving way to chaotic action I recognize this pattern in the novel, but since I m musically challenged, the comparison is lost on me I regret that I m missing an interesting dimension of Moskalski s work However, I thoroughly appreciated the wordplay involved in choosing nocturne for the name of an organism that multiplies rapidly in the dark.Overall, Nocturne, Opus One Sea Foam is an engrossing read, a thriller with substance I m looking forward to the next Kate and Jake Connors story. Nocturne, Opus 1, Sea Form led me to ask the scientifically knowable folks of my acquaintance whether the things Dr Norene Moskalski wrote about were possible Unfortunately they are This book is well researched and comes from a writer with a strong science background Dr Molkalski has a good understanding of the environmental issues that are facing our planet She tells the story of a mentally ill eco terrorist who genetically modifies bacteria The bacteria is lethal to humans.Nocturne starts out exceptionally well The writing style is well suited to the thriller genre As I began to read I found it hard to put down The last half of the book was not as intensely gripping as the first part, but it was still very good One of the things that did not work for me was the number of people who were related to one another either as front line workers or victims On the whole this was a well written book that I have no reservations recommending to other readers This book is very timely As I write this review beaches in Vancouver, BC are closed for swimming because of E coli. Nocturne, Opus 1 Seafoam is a great thriller, well written and fast moving My eyes kept burning as I read proof of the power of description There were so many characters and places that I sort of wish I d highlighted a few notes to refer to when I couldn t remember who was who occasionally, but it wasn t a big problem The story is full of twists and action If you like eco thrillers, I d recommend this one.