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There s this thing called the White Pine award Every year, ten young adult books written by Canadian authors are chosen, and then we can vote through our highschools and the winning author gets the award Normally the books are pretty good The only reason that I read Hearts at Stake is because of White Pine you re supposed to read all of the books in order to vote First of all, shall we discuss the title Hearts at Stake really Did they think that it was a clever play on words, because of the whole vampire stake thing Was it meant to be a humourous pun It just annoyed me Especially since I was determined that I wouldn t read any young adult paranormal romances, especially not young adult vampire romances And that was exactly what this book was It was an extraordinarly weak plotline, including, I kid you not, a prophecy Are authors really still doing the whole prohpacy thing The gist and the nub of it all was that I knew exactly what was going to happen from about the third chapter Everytime that a new twist was introduced, I just kind of sat there like, huh, she really couldn t think of something even remotely original to put in there Because a romance between the best friend and the brother who acts like a jerk is not original A person that flips sides is not original Someone being betrayed by someone O gasp O that they thought they could trust is not original, especially not in the context that it happened in this book And if you re going to introduce someone with seven brothers, you might want to give them personalities other than protective brother number 1 protective brother who wears stylish clothes protective brother that likes computers protective brother number 4 etc Can you tell that I m getting frustrated You should be able to I just really don t understand how some things are getting published It s the same story being recycled over and over again Granted, this story tried really hard to go in a different path there was an attempt to set up an aristocratic society and political intrigue, but there was no depth, no subtlety and no multi dimensional characters The romance was too sudden There was no build up or slow development of feelings It was like, hey, wanna make out because we find each other attractive Sure In a nut shell, I will not be voting for this book for White Pine If this book ranks in the top three, I will have lost my faith in teen readers everywhere And if I ever succumb to curiosity and read the next book of the series, I want somebody to shoot me, because I can just tell that it won t be getting any better than this Update I was talking with my friend about the decline in YA novels, and I used this book as an example When I told him what the title was, he said Please tell me that it is a romance about chefs as in, Hearts at Steak We then went on to describe it They know all about cooking the perfect steak, but have yet to find the recipe for love There was , and we found it hysterically funny, but I forget it Maybe it was one of those, heat of the moments funny type things The point is, we all agreed that that would have been a much better and original story Perhaps we shall write it one day Be on the lookout. So good It was action packed, fast paced, and funny I read this book within 24 hours it was just too good to put down I liked Alyxandra Harvey s take on vampires The history was interesting and unique although at the beginning it was a little bit confusing to remember what was what with The Host, Hounds and Hel Bar.This story is told from both Solange s and Lucy s points of view I found myself enjoying Lucy s story She was funny, brave, outspoken, loyal and I loved her moments with Nicholas The had great chemistry and Nicholas is HOT I did like Solange too and thought all the characters were great but Lucy and Nicholas were standouts for me I just couldn t get enough of their story and I hope we see on them in the series.Overall a really good start to an exciting new vampire series I can t wait to read Blood Feud. Not a bad re read Re read 02.04.2018 I have no idea why I suddenly found the need to re read a YA book I read years ago As you all know, me and YA doesn t really work any It has to be a extremly mature YA for me to like it, yet this re read wasn t a bust At all I totally liked visiting the bestfriends Lucky Lucy Hamilton 16 and Solange Sol Rosamund Drage 15, turns 16 , story again It was fun, nice, light and filled with family love I still love the strong friendship between the two and I kinda dig that Lucy is kickass than delicate, smart and smart Solange They balance each other out It s great friendship Vampires are rarely born, except in certain ancient families Exhibit A, me and my seven obnoxious older brothers.But I m the only girl.In about nine hundred years. The love interested for the girls Solange s brother, Nicholas Nicky Drake 17 and the Helios Ra agent a vampire slayer, Kieran Black 18 are cool Though Nicholas and Lucy holds my heart I remember not being all that interested in Kieran and Solange s story, only Nicholas and Lucy, and I found myself feeling just the same now There s just something adorable about the two of them NL Overall, I was surprised that I still liked it Sure it s a bit too YA for me I would ve L O V E D reading a adult or a new adult version of this series Seriously that would ve been awesome The rating is a little lower though, but that was to be expected Still NL was worth itI only just found your note I didn t even get a chance to tell Nicholas He just stumbled out of his room, all freaked out We both turned to look at him I thought he might be blushing if vampires could blush, that was The house smelled wrong, he muttered He glared at us Shut up Then he went up the stairs I raised my eyebrows He s getting weirder Solange snorted, pulled out a handful of nose plugs, air freshener sprays, and a bowie knife from my plastic bags So are youOther characters Solange, s brothers Every single one of my traitor brothers smirked They look enough alike that people usually assume they re all sets of twins Only Quinn and Connor are actually twins Quinn keeps his hair long and Connor, like Sebastian, prefers to fade quietly into the background Logan is the flamboyant one, and Nicholas spends most of his free time worrying about me Marcus and Duncan just came home from a road trip They re all gorgeous it s like living with a bunch of male models And it makes girls stupid around them. Helena Drage and Liam Drage, Solange s parents Badass people Aunt Hyacinth, technically Solange s great great great aunt She doesn t look much over forty Uncle Geoffrey, Solange s uncle and a experimenter of sorts Has his own lab and all Lady Natasha, the villain of sorts and desperate for the throne and in fear that Solange because of prophecies wants it She also wants Leander Montmartre, who is evil and careless creating creatures not even he can control Montmartre is also trying to court SolangeYou I swallowed, stunned Me Yeah He stood up and went to the door, where he paused for the barest second You got me through The family Drake treeLiam Drake born 1901, changed 1917 Helena Drake born 1966, changed 1994 Sebastian born 1986, changed 2002 Marcus born 1987, changed 2003 Duncan born, 1988, changed 2004 Quinn born, 1990, changed 2006 Conner born 1990, changed 2006 Logan born 1991, changed 2007 Nicholas born 1992, changed 2008 Solange born 1993, changed 2009 Aunt Hyacinth Drake born 1857, changed 1887 Uncle Geoffrey Drake born 1910, changed 1926Quick basic facts Genre Young Adult Paranormal Romance.Series Series, Book One.Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Another half star rating3.5 starsI was looking for a nice and fluffy YA vampire story with likeable characters, some good laughs, a swoon worthy male character, an interesting plot but nothing too complicated, basically just a quick read to take my mind off things and that s exactly what I got Is the story deep and meaningful No, definitely not Is it original Nope Is it fun Hell yes Really, there s nothing extraordinary about this book and the plot is pretty predictable but still, I enjoyed it a lot.The story s told from two POVs, Lucy s and Solange s and just like everybody else I enjoyed Lucy s story You just got to love Lucy She s funny, strong and fiercely protective of her best friend I liked Solange, too, but Lucy was clearly my favorite.I also liked the whole Drake clan and I loved how they treated Lucy like part of their family.The romance part was also nicely done Well, you know me I m a sucker for guys like Nicholas Yeah, yeah, before any of you says something I want to point out that I am wearing my cougar t shirt here, so shut it winks There s not much to say, I liked this, I just ordered the other two books in the series and even if the story wasn t very original it did have a high fun factor Oh, and one thing Can someone explain to me how to cross one s eyes smugly Cause I tried it and believe me, it looked dumb and definitely not smug. I got this book but didn t expect to like it, the cover isn t so breathtaking but I LOVED it The vampire twist and the Drake family clan is so funny, surprising and exciting I remember finishing the book in one sitting, though I was so sleepy, but the book was demanding my attention, I loved that the story was told through different perspectives Lucy and Nicholas s relationship was so romantic, I loved how much he longed for her, how he teased her and how protective he was of her They are my favorite couple so far. This book is like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Princess Diaries got married and had a beautiful, beautiful baby Need to love How about a fresh new vampire mythology, lush writing I wanted to eat all the food and wear all the clothes , and totally engaging characters I loved that, instead of being about a hot vampire princess and her stereotypical BFF sidekick you know the type, slightly less pretty, kinda slutty, a staple of YA lit , it was a dual narrative between two best friends, one a vampire, one a mortal girl, with a realistic relationship and personality to spare Oh, AND it s technically a retelling of Snow White, only with seven hot older brothers instead of dwarves.Oh, and it s worth reading just for descriptions of Aunt Hyacinth, lounging in Victorian splendor in her lacy boudoir, with her pug Mrs Brown. A great book for vampire fans looking for a fun, fast and entertaining read I d even recommend this for non vampire fans This was just a feel good, make you laugh, can t stop turning the pages awesome book Hearts as Stake is told in alternating perspectives Solange, the vampire, and Lucy, her best friend Lucy is not a vampire, but her parents are aware of and close friends with the vampire family, which is something different then the norm Usually in vampire literature, it s all about secrecy I really liked the alternating perspectives I have to admit I was interesting in reading about Lucy and her love interest, than Solange The mythology was really interesting There are vampires that are born like Solange, who change when the hit sixteen, they can be made too And there is a variety of different clans, even one that posses blue tinged skin Plus you can t forget the bad guys, the Helios Ra that are trained to kill vampires Hearts at Stake had such an interesting family dynamic I loved Solange s mom and her kick ass attitude, and just her overall kicking ass all the time The story was excellent The plot was fast paced and engaging and the characters were fun I can t wait to read the next book in this series The Drakes Are Rather Different To Your Usual Neighbors They Are Vampires And Some Of The Members Of The Family Date Back To The Twelfth Century One Of The Children, Solange, Is The Only Born Female Vampire Known And, As Such, She Poses A Direct Threat To The Vampire Queen Her Best Friend Lucy Is Human, And When Solange Is Kidnapped, Lucy And Solange S Brother, Nicholas, Set Out To Save Her Lucy Soon Discovers That She Would Like To Be Than Just Friends With Nicholas But How Does One Go About Dating A Vampire Meanwhile, Solange Finds An Unlikely Ally In Kieran, A Vampire Slayer On The Hunt For His Father S Killer Es ist mittlerweile fast zwei Jahre her, dass ich diesen ersten Band zum ersten Mal gelesen habe Damals habe ich dem Buch vier Sterne gegeben, aber nach diesem Reread finde ich, dass er mehr verdient hat, weshalb er jetzt 4,5 bekommt.Das Buch ist einfach Genialit t pur Diese unglaublichen Charaktere, die man so sehr liebt und die LIEBESGESCHICHTEN Ja, Plural Es knistert so sehr, dass man gar nichts mehr mitbekommt und nur noch mit offenem Mund jedes weitere Wort in sich aufsaugt Das Buch ist einfach s und toll und ich m chte es gern studieren ala wie schreibt man einen awesomen Roman.Wirklich Alle, die Englisch sprechen k nnen, sollten es mit der Reihe unbedingt einmal probieren 2.5 stars Meh.