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All little girls ok so maybe not all, I shouldn t be making glittering generalites Let me rephrase, most little girls dream about becoming the princess in all those wonderful fairy tales What would happen if you had the chance to obtain that childhood wish Our protagonist Savannah gets to find out.Poor Savannah is having a rough time right now Her boyfriend Hunter has just dumped her for her older sister Jane Things aren t looking to good either to find a replacement for prom Here enters Chrissy to save the day Chrissy is a Godmother in training and well it shows Savannah is her extra credit assignment so she ll be able to enter the Godmother University Since Chrissy grades are mediocre she can only hold the title of Fair Godmother and NOT fairy Things start getting messy here and of course that is where all the fun begins At first at least for me the first two wishes that were granted weren t all that interesting, but later on it made sense that Savannah had to go through those wishes to be able to complete the third one I know that doesn t make sense, but it will when you read it The first two wishes are the warmup that lead to the real meat of the story, the third wish.I kept trying to guess who was the black knight I did get it but not right away I also was anticipating when Savannah was going to switch enchantments with Tristan I kept thinking to myselfshe is going to do it NOW, no ok she s going to do it this timeand on and on Really good plot and plenty of funny moments to keep me laughing along the way.I appreciated the way the author didn t make Savannah the girl who was smart in school nothing wrong with that but we do see it a lot Savannah may not be book smart but you never get the impression she is dumb and ditsy You can tell she grows in the story and it s probably because she had the perfect or maybe not so perfect Fair Godmother named Chrissy to help her realize she really didn t need to wish for anything she already had what she wanted in plain sight. Finding Your One True Love Can Be A Grimm Experience After Her Boyfriend Dumps Her For Her Older Sister, Sopho Savannah Delano Wishes She Could Find A True Prince To Take Her To The Prom Enter Chrissy Chrysanthemum Everstar Savannah S Gum Chewing, Cell Phone Carrying, High Heel Wearing Fair Godmother Showing Why She S Only Fair Because She S Not A Very Good Fairy Student Chrissy Mistakenly Sends Savannah Back In Time To The Middle Ages, First As Cinderella, Then As Snow White Finally She Sends Tristan, A Boy In Savannah S Class, Back Instead To Turn Him Into Her Prom Worthy Prince When Savannah Returns To The Middle Ages To Save Tristan, They Must Team Up To Defeat A Troll, A Dragon, And The Mysterious And Undeniably Sexy Black Knight Laughs Abound In This Clever Fairy Tale Twist From A Master Of Romantic Comedy What a cute story I had so much fun reading this. My Fair Godmother is the most delightful fairytale of the current century This book first caught my interest just because of the cover art and yes I know you should never judge a book by it s cover Well I will be happy to say that the story within is even better than I could have possibly expected and where were books like this when I was a teen.Savannah Delano is sweet sixteen, extremely pretty and watched by all the hot jocks Unfortunately she is so wrapped up in herself that she doesn t really see what s happening around her until after the fact I know she sounds like your normal teenage girl but this one is lucky enough to have a Fairy Godmother pay her a visit Oh wait a minute, I mean a Fair Godmother.Our story starts out with Savannah and her sister Jane both falling for the same guy Said guy wants Savannah though and this breaks Jane s heart for she has longed for his attention for a much longer time As the months pass Jane and Hunter form a friendship that turns into a relationship and Savannah is totally oblivious until the entire situation is thrown in her face Just weeks before the prom, prom dress in hand our pretty princess is dumped like yesterday s smelly socks.Savannah decides to withdraw to her room and is confronted by a pink haired, punk looking so full of myself Fair Godmother Chrissy our Fair Godmother it seems has not passed her Fairy Godmother test and must do extra credit work to help out and you guess it, Savannah is the extra credit work Chrissy being the dysfunctional what about me type of person only hears half of everything that s said to her and when she grants Savannah three wishes you just know that comedy is going to ensue.Savannah s first wish lands her in the role of Cinderella, her second wish lands her in the kingdom of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as none other than Snow White herself Her third wish is the one that lands her in a faraway place finding herself for the very first time Will she find her Prince before the prom Will our Fair Godmother ever get things right At what actual cost will come the fruition of Savannah s third wish to have a Prince take her to the Prom.Our author has taken fairy tales and combined them with the typical teens of today to give us a story of comedy, longing, hurt, betrayal and love A tale of finding out the real person under the pretty girl persona A tale that will leave you well satisfied with it s ending This book is a must read for all of us who love the world of make believe. Savannah is having a bad month First her sister steals her boyfriend, now her fairy godmother is too busy to let her finish a sentence She only hears the part of Savannah s wish where she says she wants her life to be like a fairy tale and voila Savannah is back in the middle ages, scrubbing floors and milking cows as Cinderella Further attempts to sort out her wishes only result inmayhem, as Chrissie the godmother can barely be bothered to stop shopping or partying long enough to grant Savannah s wishes.A hilarious story of magic gone wrong, and a modern teen stuck back in Ye Olde and Stinky Times, as I like to call em It s also a good lesson on sisterhood, and finding princes in the least likely places. Lessons to be learnt 1 Be super, duper careful what you wish for and HOW you word your wish 2 Don t make superficial wishesthey backfire3 If you call your FAIR godmother s name and she doesn t answer, odds are she s on a eight month long shopping spree4 Computer gremlins They re real.5 Shampoos kills ogres6 Snow White is not too bright7 The dwarves are probably names after Snow White s traitsnot theirs 8 Wizards are weird9 Goats are evil10 Godmothers wear sunnies and go to proms11 Sisters aren t all wicked12 The Middle Ages is NOT pro women s rights13 Snakes and toads are signs of lying14 Kisses are magical15 Your prince charming may be right before your eyes Loved, loved, loved x100 this book Chick lit mixed with Ella Enchanted the whole mixed up fairytale part a roller coaster ride, mixing traditional fairytales with the 21st century Highly entertaining This is a fresh twist on fairy godmothers It has pretty much every thing I needed to get back on reading It was very fun, had princess, magic, dragons and one very mischievous fairy godmother.Full review to come I pinky promise 4 FAIRY STARS Jika kamu mendengar kata ibu peri pasti yang ada di pikiranmu adalah wanita tua dengan pipi tembem baik hati yang akan mengambulkan apapun permintaanmu Well in this book that s not the kind of a Godmother that you got Meet Chrysanthemum Everstar, a not so impatient fairy Godmother in training Untuk mendapatkan extra credit agar bisa lulus ke Godmother University, Chrissy harus menjadi FAIR GODMOTHER nya Savannah dan mengabulkan 3 keinginan Savannah Savannah sendiri merupakan gadis cantik berumur 16 tahun yang sedang patah hati karena baru saja diputuskan pacarnya, Hunter yang lebih memilih kakak Savannah, Jane Well, dengan latar belakang Chrissy yang masih dalam masa training, sikapnya yang sok diva,dan ga sabaran tentu saja semua permintaan Savannah jadi kacau balau Meskipun aku akui, Savannah juga salah karena dia kurang spesifik pas minta permintaanya terkabul dari Chrissy Tapi sebenarnya dari kesalahan kesalahan itu yang bikin ceritanya seru dan ga bosenin Pertama Savannah harus jadi Cinderella, kedua dia harus jadi Snow White, dan yang ketiga dia harus balik ke masa Middle Ages Bisa dibilang ini termasuk buku retellings yang kocak dan cukup kompleks karena pas di akhir semua event dan peran Savannah di permintaan sebelumnya dikumpulin jadi satu Salah satu bagian yang paling aku suka itu pas Savannah jadi Snow White dan dianggap bodoh oleh semua kurcaci Di situ aku mikir, jangan jangan emang sebetulnya karakter Snow White itu ga pinter pinter amat xD Janette Rallison is my automatic go to author for something funny Her humour is always on point and I don t think I have read any comedy books that top hers Sadly My Fair Godmother is a dissapointment.What started out as a decent high school romance turn into a wild goose chase through the medieval ages Its sooo boring Savannah jumping from one place to another Savannah and Tristan fighting monsters stupidly Its too juvinile for me and not to mention I didn t even laugh once while reading this book.NOT recommend this at all It s a Mall World After All , My Double Life and Fame, Glory, and Other Things on My To Do List are waaay better than this rubbish book This was a great blend of fairytale, YA romance, and silly humor The story starts with two sisters Jane, the older sister who is studious and smart Savannah, the younger sister who is beautiful andnot so studious.Along comes Hunter, who is both handsome and smart He also happens to be Jane s longtime secret crush Unfortunately, he doesn t even know she exists But he has noticed the beautiful Savannah, and much to Jane s disappointment they begin dating.Enter Chrysanthemum Everstar Chrissy for short , who is in need of an extra credit project See, she s only aFairGodmother, due to the fact that her professors at the Department of Fairy Advancement aren t quite sure she s ready to graduate to full Fairy Godmother status yet.So the story is about Jane, right Not so much As Chrissy points out, girls like Jane are too self reliant to need the help of fairies See, Jane decides she s had enough, and gives herself a makeover She was never ugly, she just couldn t be bothered to worry about all of those things that Savannah did to look nice As it turned out, all it took was a little effort on her part, and the next thing you know, Jane is just as stunning as her sister Hmmm It doesn t take long for Hunter to realize that he doesn t have much in common with Savannah, and not much longer before he realizes how much easier it is to talk to Jane For him, she s the entire package You guessed it Jane gets her happily ever after But wait, doesn t that make Jane an evil boyfriend stealing sister Well, kindabut as Chrissy points out again, Jane is only eighteen years old, and she doesn t truly understand the ramifications of her actions.And that s how this becomes Savannah s quest for her Happily Ever After, with the help of her very own Fairy Fair Godmother Ok, actually in spite of her Fair Godmother.Despite Chrissy s knack for messing up every wish that Savannah makes, you start to notice that what she s doing makes sensein a warped way, of course She also has a pretty good grasp on what Savannah s actual problems are, even if she doesn t seem to care With a little bit of Tough Love, and a whole lot of disinterest in Savannah s feelings, comfort, or life, Chrissy sets out to give her a fairytale ending Alright, I have not idea how to work this part into the review without making it longer than it already is, so I guess I ll just have to throw it in randomly.Snow White turns out to be the village idiot I swear, it s the best part of the book.