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The tribe knows that Tib's friend Tumtum is real But not everyone loves the red dinosaur as much as Tib does The other children aren't interested in playing with the creature and they make fun of Tib than ever And some adults are still worried that Tumtum is dangerous Tib's mother even forbids Tib from seeing his friend How can Tib prove to the tribe that there's to this dinosaur than meets the eye?

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    The difference between humans and animals is that humans get bored fasterGood thing this book kept my attention I'm a fan anytime the art compliments the storyline or enhances it I actually liked the second book MUCH better than the first You get to learn and connect with Tib’s village and I like the interweaving of both the adults and children’s perspective Bannister’s illustrations are bold and striking as they reflect a vivacious village in the prehistoric period I like the realistic bullying aspect that continues in this story Flora presents what is very true to life Within the plot you have the parents worried that Tib is “weird” because he refuses to play with the other children and wants to play with a “dangerous” wild animal When he is banned from playing with Tib and has to play with the other children his parents find out maybe the dinosaur is his best choice Those kids do not like him and dare him to do dangerous activities instead of letting him be who he is I lived in a neighborhood who had similar kids and my mom decided my brother and I would most likely be safer playing in the backyard by ourselves Let's just say these kids built a ramp and decided to go kart off this ramp on to a roof I do not need a ‘bullying’ resolution at least not yet when we are only on the second book I am definitely hooked on this fun series of exploring all the plot nuances of fitting in neighborhood watch parenthood friends crushes and ultimately having a best friend who just happens to be a dinosaur that poops the color purple This review is courtesy of NetGalley