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epub Murder With Peacocks (Meg Langslow, #1)Author Donna Andrews –

Three WeddingsAnd A MurderSo Far Meg Langslow S Summer Is Not Going Swimmingly Down In Her Small Virginia Hometown, She S Maid Of Honor At The Nuptials Of Three Loved Ones Each Of Whom Has Dumped The Planning In Her Capable Hands One Bride Is Set On Including A Native American Herbal Purification Ceremony, While Another Wants Live Peacocks On The Lawn Only Help From The Town S Drop Dead Gorgeous Hunk, Disappointingly Rud To Be Gay, Keeps Meg Afloat In A Sea Of Dotty Relatives And Outrageous NeighborsAnd, In A Whirl Of Summer Parties And Picnics, Southern Hospitality Is Strained To The Limit By An Offensive Newcomer Who Hints At Skeletons In The Guests Closets But It Seems This Lady Has Offended One Too Many When She S Found Dead In Suspicious Circumstances, Followed By A String Of Accidents Some Fatal Soon, Level Headed Meg S To Do List Extends From Flower Arrangements And Bridal Registries To Catching A Killer Before The Next Catered Event Is Her Own Funeral

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    Murder with Peacocks Meg Langslow 1 by Donna Andrews is a 2006 St Martin s Press publication Originally published in 1999 Fast paced and witty I need to start another series like I need a hole in my head, but.This series keeps popping up in crime novel sites I follow, or book recommendation sites, and because already had a couple of the books on my bookshelf, I decided to read one to see how well I liked it Well, for better or worse, I m hooked This is the first installment in a very long running series For a first in a series novel, published over seventeen years ago, it was pretty darned good In fact, it was a riot Meg s best friend, her brother, and her mother are all getting married, and Meg has been roped into helping them plans their weddings But, when her mother s fianc s former mother in law arrives, she stirs up a real hornet s nest, and the next thing you know her body is found While it is quite evident the woman was murdered, the suspects are very clever, and their motives are even murkier With local law enforcement ill equipped to handle such a serious crime, Meg s father rises to the occasion to play amateur detective But, before long, Meg finds herself bitten by the detecting bug, herself Along with her new friend, Michael, she begins to uncover shocking secrets, lies, and cover ups, that just might lead her to the murderer This is a madcap, screwball family comedy on one hand, and a puzzling murder mystery on the other Meg and her father have a special bond and work well as detection team Meg s inner monologue is hilarious, but also a poignant at times The story moves at warp speed, and is so entertaining, I finished it before I was ready to and that is always a good sign So, here s to piecing together another long running series and to many adventures with Meg and her zany supporting cast 4 stars

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    Meg Langslow has been roped into being the maid of honor for three weddings, her best friend, her brother and her mother Run off her feet with brides who seem unable to make a decision about the dresses but able to think of a thousand other things wedding related that Meg has to organise for them She starts to think her decision to help with the three weddings might have been a crazy idea, but life is about to get crazy When the sister in law of her mothers soon to be husband is found dead things go from hectic to downright deadly Murder With Peacocks was recommended to me by a friend here on Goodreads as I had read a couple of cozy mysteries previously, and they thought I might enjoy it I am forever grateful to my friend as it was a wonderful, entertaining read that had my not very good sleuth brain hard at work The way that the book is written you feel like you are right there involved in all the action, the characters are full of life and personality My favourite character would have to be by far Meg s father His whole personality and the way that the author describes him and his activities in the book won me over straight away As with most murder mysteries, it takes me a while to figure out who is the killer, this was no book was no different I had my suspicions about the person who was finally revealed to be the one responsible, but other characters were cleverly thrown in with their suspicious behaviour to throw me off course If you are a fan of cozy mysteries this book is highly recommended reading I will definitely be reading books in this series.

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    Sensible Meg Langslow travels to her hometown city of Yorktown, Virginia to plan three weddings, deal with her family s crazy shenanigans, and solve a murder Every once in a while I like a cozy mystery and thought this would fit the bill nicely I was disappointed, however The mystery in this is very flimsy, the identity of the culprit is pretty obvious, and the unveiling of the culprit comes out of nowhere and takes about a page All in all, the whole mystery aspect takes up maybe 30 pages of the book The rest of the time is filled with constant wedding planning, wedding shopping, wedding parties, etc etc etc.I did not care for Meg She spent the whole book letting people walk all over her and then complaining about it Either stop letting people use you as a doormat or quit complaining Sheesh I also didn t care for her eccentric family and found their actions ludicrous and tiresome rather than humorous The romance aspect of the novel was obnoxious Meg s love interest is supposedly gay although it s pretty obvious to anyone with eyes and ears that he s not She spends the whole novel thinking he s off limits while he tries to tell her over and over that he s not Yet every time he tries to tell her this, they get interrupted by something Every Single Time Seriously I feel that the author tried too hard to model this after popular British cozy mysteries These people lived in Virgina, yet there was not a single ya ll among them Instead they said things like you re mad , trousers , that s quite lovely who has actually heard anyone in America say a phrase like this Outside of Britain, I don t think people talk like this And they almost certainly don t talk like this in the South.Overall, if you re in the mood for a fun, cozy mystery, I suggest picking up something else as this isn t going to do it for you Or better yet, pick up one of Agatha Christie s Miss Marple books and see how a mystery in a small, quaint town is properly done.

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    Reading for my local book group.Meg has returned to her hometown for a chaos filled extended stay She s a bridesmaid for three weddings with three demanding brides and has her hands full with their ridiculous expectations It s the same old town, with the same uninteresting men, save for Michael, who is rud to prefer men Not only is he gorgeous but he s intelligent and friendly and they become fast friends Meg does her damndest to banish all lusty thoughts when they re together but the mere sight of him makes it difficult When a woman disliked by everyone turns up dead Meg, her oddball dad and Michael start a sleuthing Cute and fluffy is this book I couldn t figure out why Meg wouldn t say no to her annoying brides ok, one was her mother but STILL All of her tasks seemed to keep her in close proximity to cutie Michael who couldn t seem to get a word out without interruptions I ve read many a book with romance interruptis but this one took it to unheard of heights.Tame and cute and light hearted fun but for me it just wasn t enough I d liken it to being allowed a mini cupcake when you re craving a whole damn cake I wanted action, romance, sexual tension at the very least , laughs, time with offbeat Dad, WAY sexy Michael and grisly deaths Instead I read page after page of snore inducing wedding info Dress selection, card writing, color choices, tracking down freaking peacocks for a wedding It s all here It all became a little tedious after the first few chapters and took me ages to finish Guess this type of book just isn t for me I hear they get better as the series goes along, and I m supposed to read the entire series for my book group, but I don t know if I have the patience to bother.

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    I loved it and can t wait to read books in the series The characters were great, the situations funny and laugh out loud I enjoyed the style of the book although it wasn t a fast read but I didn t even notice that until looking at the clock and seeing how late the book was keeping me up.

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    Murder With Peacocks is the very first of the Meg Langslows, one of those amateur sleuth sorts of series Meg is a blacksmith, of all things which I think is possibly the coolest profession I ve encountered thus far in any of the mysteries of this type To go along with this profession, we are given a clear impression that Meg is not exactly of a dainty sort of build, of which I also approve She s a Virginian by birth, who fled out of her hometown This got her even sympathy points from me, a Kentuckian by birth who did pretty much the same thing So yeah, liking me some Meg.Her love interest Michael was also enjoyably swoonable Typically mind bogglingly gorgeous and charismatic as well as intelligent and amusingly snarky, about what you d expect out of a hero in a cozy mystery, but his lack of any real uniqueness of character wasn t a flaw in the slightest It was easy to see why he and Meg clicked, and watching him throw himself without blinking into the wackiness of Meg s family was quite delightful The recurring gag of most of the town being convinced he was gay while he kept trying to get a moment alone with Meg to prove otherwise got to be a bit much at times, especially given that Michael is an actor On the other hand, given what I ve experienced out of people in the South, it wasn t at all unrealistic, either So And I was absolutely feeling for the poor guy when towards the end he had to belt back some wine to work up his courage to get Meg alone and talk to her only to discover yet another dead body Muahahaha.Which leads me into the real strength of this book the actual plot and setting Since I ve also been reading Deborah Donnelly s Carnegie Kincaids, having Meg trying to plan out weddings for not one, not two, but three of her relations hit a bit of deja vu for me, especially when Michael observes to Meg that there are people who get paid good money for what she s doing for her family Like Donnelly, though, Andrews has a great knack for taking what ought to be a pretty normal everyday situation and turning it on its ear with mischief, mayhem, and murder The supporting cast here is fabulous I especially like Meg s father, who for a switch winds up being the person driving most of the investigating, while Meg wants to do what any normal person would do and get the madness of the three back to back weddings out of her hair Mrs Fenniman is hysterical, and so are Mrs Tranh and the cadre of little Vietnamese ladies who help out Michael at his mother s shop.I also liked that the local law enforcement, once the string of Suspicious Incidents got underway, actually started launching investigations of their own and bringing in FBI types as well Who then were snuck into the weddings undercover as random assorted cousins This, too, was hysterical Especially watching their various deadpan responses to being introduced to the actual guests _ All in all quite entertaining, and definitely enough to get me to come back for .

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    Fun and easy read One of those mysteries where the humorous story is important than the mystery, and I often find these types of mystery books enjoyable This is the first in the Meg Langslow series, and now I d like to read the rest of the these books This series may not be as unique or interesting as Donna Andrews s other series, the Turing Hopper series, where one of the main characters is a computer, but, like that series, it s amusing, and I think I might end up enjoying this series even than the other.

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    Wow this author has lots of fans and is highly regarded But I missed it entirely in this book.Having just spent 18 months as the mother of the bride, I thought this might be fun I was mistaken.The feeling of this book is meant to be fun and frolicking It didn t play that way to me.I found Murder with Peacocks to be boring, excruciating, and worst of all downright stupid The idea that THREE brides would make such demands on the maid of honor is absurd The fact that an intelligent, capable, independent woman in her 30s would allow herself to be treated that way is beyond the pale The cast of characters was supposed to be a collection of types mostly lovable, if annoying I found them totally unlovable and thoroughly annoying The flighty best friend is a selfish and clueless idiot The best friend s fiance s brother is irritating Neither the mother nor the father is appealing in their eccentricity The brother s relationship with his fiancee is hard to swallow And the portrayal of the family, friends, town inhabitants and local constabulary is something of an insult to Southerners.And the plot what plot It s a loosely tied together series of dramatic deaths I know it ain t Agatha Christie, but this is so unremarkable and so un mysterious.

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    I think I may have found a new mystery series to read I m not usually a big reader of cozies, but I found myself rather liking Meg Langslow and her friends family The wacky relatives and good natured goofiness of the story reminded me of an only slightly colorful version of life growing up in small town Virginia Minus the murder, of course.In this book, we re introduced to Meg and her family as Meg has been roped into helping her mother, her brother s fiance and her best friend prepare for their weddings Between the bridal antics and the intrigue surrounding the mysterious death of a rather unwelcome wedding guest, the story keeps rolling at a good clip The snarkiness and humor are fun and engaging rather than eyeroll inducing for the most part, and I greatly enjoyed myself.