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Murder on a Girls' Night Out Audible –

A Different Kind Of Sister ActPatricia Anne Mouse Is Respectful, Respectable, And Demure, A Perfect Example Of Genteel Southern Womanhood Mary Alice Sister Is Big, Brassy, Flamboyant, And Bold Together They Have A Knack For Finding Themselves In The Center Of Some Of Birmingham S Most Unfortunate UnpleasantnessCountry Western Is Red Hot These Days, So Overimpulsive Mary Alice Thinks It Makes Perfect Sense To Buy The Skoot N Boot Bar Since That S Where The Many Times Divorced Sister And Her Boyfriend Du Jour Like To Hang Out Anyway Sensible Retired Schoolteacher Patricia Anne Is Inclined To Disagree Especially When They Find A Strangled And Stabbed Dead Body Dangling In The Pub S Wishing Well The Sheriff Has Some Questions For Mouse And Her Sister Sister, Who Were The Last People, Besides The Murderer, Of Course, To See The Ill Fated Victim Alive And They Had Better Come Up With Some Answers Soon Because A Killer With Unfinished Business Has Begun Sending Them Some Mighty Threatening Messages

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    One review will have to do for all of these books, mainly because I really cannot recommend one any highly than I do any other They are all funny, they are all interesting, and they are all touching portraits of Patricia Anne s the narrator life, not because of soppy sentimentality, but because they record a real woman, her real joys, contentments, and fears, the quiet triumph that her life both has been and is, and the ups and downs of her everyday existence or what passes for an everyday existence for anyone whose sister is the eccentric Mary Alice.I mourned when Anne George passed away as if I d lost a good friend Worse, I d only just gotten to know her I d quickly devoured all her Southern Sisters series save the last one and was eager for Alas, we only got one , Murder Boogies with Elvis At the same time, I m glad indeed she gave us eight wonderful novels I suppose longing for a ninth is greedy.Read this read all of them and enjoy.

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    When Anne George died after undergoing heart surgery, I felt badly for her family and I hated that I would never have another Sister and Patricia Anne book to read If you are a Southerner, you will love these two sisters who still squabble at ages 60 and 65 But they are devoted to one another and to solving crimes that occur in their hometown of Birmingham, Al Whenever I am feeling down, I can count on the Southern Sisters to make me smile or laugh out loud This is probably my favorite mystery series.

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    After reading an intense book, one that I pay much attention to, I find reading what s called cozy mystery a needed diversion, a no brainer Although I didn t guess the who dunnit it I didn t much care, just breezed through this book.I liked the sisters, both of them, and the book was pretty good, as cozy mysteries go Got a number of Anne George books, so I m sure I ll pick up another one but have read some Charlaine Harris, Snookie Stackhouse fame that I liked much, much By the way, apparently Harris is making so mint with the vampire series, now TV series so much so that she hasn t written a cozy mystery in years Too bad, she had a devoted following, myself included My favorite character was the Aurora Roe Teahouse She was a hoot and had a sex life to boot Someone mentioned to me that cozy mysteries are called brain candy and if that s a good description, this one was like black licorice for me I could eat it, and it was kindof sweet, but wouldn t eat it again, if I had a choice.

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    I love this series It is one of my favorite one to re read, which I have done A lot And it still can make me laugh.If you love cozy mysteries, interesting, quirky, fun characters and a sometimes ridiculous mystery storyline with Southern charm this series is for you Patricia Anne and Mary Alice are truly wonderful, and I find my days a bit brighter when I read this series REALLY very much RECOMMENDED

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    I m torn about how to rate these books, because even though they are easy reads , they are than fluff to me Maybe it s because you just can t help falling in love with Patricia Anne a.k.a Mouse and her crazy sister Mary Alice Their relationship is hilarious and heart warming.The entire series is fun, fast paced, and at times laugh out loud funny If you are familiar with the Birmingham, AL area where the stories take place, some of the fun comes from feeling like you are part of an inside joke for example, understanding the on going debate over Vulcan s backside.I can easily say that than the mysteries, my love of these books comes from Patricia Annes kitchen The place she has her coffee every morning, where Mary Alice munches on cookies and gabs about her latest scheme, where everyone is invited to have a diet coke or a chicken salad sandwich These books are like comfort food.

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    The world lost a major star when Anne George passed away I think her books are the funniest, warmest and loveliest of cozies Patricia Ann Mouse and her sister Mary Alice Sister are two completely opposites Mouse is small and petite and Sister weighs 250 and is big and brassy The two get themselves mixed up in some of the craziest mysteries you can think of In this the first , Mary Alice has purchased a nightclub called the Boot Scoot She and Mouse go to check the place out and find the previous owner has been murdered There are plenty of suspects to look at but when they get too close the sisters find themselves the targets of the murderer These books are wonderful and should be read by every cozy lover I plan to re read the whole series again and again.

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    Must have series i still remember with utter fondness.

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    I wanted to give this 3 1 2 stars but I rounded up to 4 because the book did what it intended to do provide a witty, fun and fast read Murder on a Girls Night Out was a cute, cozy mystery which was just what I was looking for when I picked it up It s a pretty quick read, so if you re enjoying it, you might want to order the next book in the series half way through Patricia Anne and Mary Alice are, to say the least, a hoot These two sisters are complete opposites yet compliment each other Mary Alice decides to buy a Country Western club on a whim and shortly thereafter the original owner is murdered What ensues next is a novel filled with hilarity and feel good moments Husbands, boyfriends, daughters, a bartender, a former student, politicians, hippies, and band members are just a few of the cast of characters This book was cute and cozy The sisters stumble on a murder and they sort of stumble on the murderer It s not like some other mystery novels where the heroines set out to find the murderer These two don t go looking for the trouble, it comes to them I think it might have been a little fun if they actually set out to find the culprit a la Cagney and Lacey or some other such crime fighting duo Maybe this will come in later books I am definitely going to find out I m already looking forward to Murder on a Bad Hair Day.

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    I am a huge fan of the Anne George Southern Sisters series of books Sure, they re fluffy, with emphasis on character than plot, but that s fine with me I have never laughed out loud while reading a mystery than I have with this series Small, meek, younger sister, Patricia Anne, a retired English teacher, plays the perfect straight man woman to over the top, thrice widowed, extra large, ass kicking, Mary Alice I recommend the entire series Read them in order for character continuity, and prepare to smilea LOT

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    An enjoyable read The author has a good sense of humor, and that is what made her story a page turner for me I found this book on the free give away shelf at my local library, and picked it up for my mother I m not really a mystery novel fan, but did start reading this one out of curiosity I immediately liked the narrative voice of the author, and was laughing at the entertaining dialogue between the two middle aged sisters As far as the mystery goes, I didn t really care who did it or why That wasn t the point for me I carried on to the end of the book because I enjoyed being a part of the characters lives.