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New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Renee Jones S Heart Pounding Thriller Of A Woman S Secrets And A Past That S About To Come Out Of Hiding As An FBI Profiler, It S Lilah Love S Job To Think Like A Killer And She Is Very Good At Her Job When A Series Of Murders Surface The Victims All Stripped Naked And Shot In The Head Lilah S Instincts Tell Her It S The Work Of An Assassin, Not A Serial Killer But When The Case Takes Her Back To Her Hometown In The Hamptons And A Mysterious But Unmistakable Connection To Her Own Life, All Her Assumptions Are Shaken To The CoreThrust Into A Troubled Past She S Tried To Shut The Door On, Lilah S Back In The Town Where Her Father Is Mayor, Her Brother Is Police Chief, And She Has An Intimate History With The Local Crime Lord S Son, Kane Mendez The Two Share A Devastating Secret, And Only Kane Understands Lilah S Own Darkest Impulses As Corpses Surface, So Does A Series Of Anonymous Notes To Lilah, Threatening To Expose Her Is The Killer Someone In Her Own Circle And Is She The Next Target Classic Lisa Renee Joneswriting, if you have read any of her previous books, you know what I m talking about It s captivating and thrilling with gradation of tension as it build up towards unfolding of the plotand then you have still long way to goi m keeping this short and short LOL as i am way overdue with this ARC provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review LILAH LOVE CONTINUES The fourth book in my LILAH LOVE series is finally HERE and available on ALL RETAILERS Lilah Love is back, and yes, Kane is with her of course LOVE KILLS picks up right where LOVE ME DEAD which is only 99 cents right now left off This might be my favorite Lilah book to date, and I hope you all feel the same I would love to hear what you think once you read the book BUY LOVE KILLS US UK CA Universal LOVE ME DEAD FOR 99 CENTS AND ON ALL RETAILER US UK CA Universal Audio Apple Nook Kobo Paperback HAVEN T READ THE SERIES Get books one and two FREE on KindleUnlimited LOVE KILLS They call him Umbrella Man because he makes it rain blood He wants to play with Lilah Love What he doesn t know is that Lilah is a killer too, and games just piss her off. Currently on sale US UKPutting this review into words is very difficult right now because the only thing my brain is doing is screaming I need This book takes you on twists and turns through secrets and murder, and I loved every second of it It follows Lilah Love, a FBI agent with a big secret, as she heads back to her hometown after being led there by a killer Told completely in Lilah s POV, it weaves a tale so suspenseful you ll catch yourself checking your locks and looking out for a stalker.As much as I was dying for answers and wanted so bad to just skip to the end, I actually thought the slower pace of the story was perfect It added so much intrigue and gave me time to try and figure out what all the secrets were I loved that it captivated me so much and had me on the edge the entire time There was always something happening between these pages that had me questioning everything.For some reason I actually haven t read Lisa Renee Jones in a long time and it s something I m regretting very much right now This book brought back every reason that I love her writing She has the ability to write so much information into a story without it ever being too wordy, and instead it just keeps me on the edge of my seat I m already dying to read the next installment of the Lila Love series and I m not ashamed to beg for it ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. I have no idea how to put into words all the feelings I had when I read this book.Seriously, all over the place In many good ways, let me add When I first started out reading this, I am not a person that reads a lot of suspense, Murder, and mystery books so I was optimistic starting this one out With saying that, this book is exactly those things A lot of mystery, multiple murders, and an overload of suspense It has several hot as hell men, current lovers, past lovers, ex partners, co workers, exfriends, stepbrothers, brothers, I can literally go on and on Every time I thought I figured this plot out, someone New was introduced to throw me way off Lila is a FBI profiler detective that s investigating a series of murders that takes her back to her home town where her nightmare began She hasn t been back home in over two years She s got some dark secrets she s hidden and kept in the past These are told in bits over the entire book She has a very dangerous, sexy as hell, troubled headmafia, billionaire ex boyfriend and he is her biggest temptation to deal with They definitely have a lot of unfinished business And a completely unresolved love that he very much wants to address These two have such an intense chemistry with burning passions but how will Lila deal with it if Kane is a suspect in her long line of possible killers murderers Let me say this, this story isn t about the love story, To me, it s a complete suspense read, with a side of burning love I am looking forward to finding out in the next book just exactly what the F is going on because right now, I m so overly confused and need answers as to what the heck just happened If you love you some suspense, alpha bad boys, and a lot of blood, you ll want to check this one out.