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The Streets Of Stoneham, New Hampshire, Are Lined With Bookstoresand Paved With Murder When She Moved To Stoneham, City Slicker Tricia Miles Met Nothing But Friendly Faces And When She Opened Her Mystery Bookstore, She Met Friendly Competition But When She Finds Doris Gleason Dead In Her Own Cookbook Store, Killed By A Carving Knife, The Atmosphere Seems Cutthroat Than Cordial Someone Wanted To Get Their Hands On The Rare Cookbook That Doris Had Recently Purchased And The Locals Think That Someone Is Tricia To Clear Her Name, Tricia Will Have To Take A Page Out Of One Of Her Own Mysteries And Hunt Down Someone Who Isn T Killing By The Book

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    4 stars to Lorna Barrett s Murder is Binding debut in the Booktown Mystery series I had my eyes on this one for awhile as a quaint little village full of bookstores in New Hampshire sounds a bit like heaven And it didn t disappoint Story Trish Miles uses her divorce settlement to move from NYC to a Stoneham, a lovely little village on the New Hampshire and Massachusetts border, where she opens a mystery focused book shop nestled amongst several other book shops Soon after, the older sister she s never really been close with decides to show up and build a new relationship after she and her husband also separate.As Trish gets to know her fellow booksellers and villagers, she s making both friends and enemies Some of the folks resent the new store owners for bringing too much traffic into Stoneham but some are eager to help re build the town After The Cookery s book shop owner, Doris, is found stabbed to death and her valuable first edition cooking pamphlet is stolen, Trish is the prime suspect She works to clear her name against the town sheriff who seems to have it out for Trish She eventually does prove her innocence but nearly dies herself Trish also goes on a few dates to see what the men are like in the NH town learning quickly she s got to drop her New York roots in order to survive in New England Add in a few side stories about a nursing home and a nudist colony, Trish has had trouble in this small town than she did when she called NYC home Strengths 1 Stoneham is an intriguing town with a fine cast of characters Introducing Trish s sister into the mix gives her some roots which makes it feel right for them to stay Having the older characters, like Grace and William, gives some depth to the history and the relationships 2 Writing style is easy It took me a few hours to get through the book and left me wanting to hear Weaknesses 1 The initial mystery was too easy to solve It was clear who was mixed up in the shenanigans from the beginning and as the clues started to come forth, readers could easily solve the puzzle half way through the book It was about how would Trish solve rather than what actually happened Final Thoughts A good debut novel Has many charming highlights I suspect it will continue to get better About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by.

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    Murder is Binding is a great cozy mystery book filled with excitement, twists, and interesting adventures I certainly look forward to continuing the Booktown Mystery series over the winter, because winter just feels like the perfect time to read cozy books like this one.Trisha moved to a town in New Hampshire that is considered one of the safest, friendliest places in the U.S She opened her mystery bookstore named Haven t Got A Clue in an area where all bookstores are grouped together and called Booktown Next door to her is the cookbook store, and when a murder happens there everyone is shocked that this could happen in their safe little area Naturally, our mystery lover Trisha, and her bossy sister are on the case.I love how this book oozes references to the great mystery writers who paved the way for the current mystery writers Example Her cat named Miss Marple You can definitely tell this author truly loves her mysteriesand just reading in general Yes, I m aware most authors probably love reading, but it was just nice to see her pay her respects through her own novel As far as cozy mysteries go it had a decent story The plot seemed very well thought out and not too predictable It s weird that I enjoyed this book so much, because I really didn t like the main character, Trisha, too much She was kind of rude, and I normally like sarcastic characters like her, but she just annoyed me In fact, I found myself relating to her sister, and would have probably liked the book if it was about her sister.This isn t a book that s going to be very memorable, and although I am going to continue the series I don t feel the urge to read the next book right away It s just a fun, light book that will be here waiting for whenever I m in the mood for it.3.5 5 stars.Recommended to all cozy mystery lovers I didn t love it, but maybe you will At least it s a very quick read so if you don t like it you won t waste too much time.

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    Actual Rating 3.5 4 starsGosh I wish this town truly existed I would be THRILLED to live in a small town that has the streets lined with book stores

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    First of a new series, for once Every now and then I read a book and put it down thinking, That author put a lot of work into coming up with that gimmick I m not knocking these gimmick based mystery series some of them are quite good, and anyway, what is Miss Marple if not a gimmick transformed into an icon through sheer venerableness And her author s talent Anyway the Booktown series features not one but two winning gimmicks Tricia MIles is owner of a mystery bookstore in a small New Hampshire town that s established a colony of bookstores , and her sister Angelica is a talented cook The cover of this book says Includes Recipes Seriously, though, this is a pretty good light read the main characters are interesting, so s the mystery, and if it seems a little bit contrived that Angelica winds up staying in town, that s okay Just for variety, here, the local sheriff is actively hostile and the answer to the question Who done it really is difficult to get at I could ve done with one or two fewer coincidences, but it was fun all the same.

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    The book was okay I didn t really connect with the protagonist, especially since she was unpleasantly snooty about her sister although that seems to change over the course of the book I get that the author is building up backstory and conflict to spice up the relationship, but the conflict is not really clear, just that the protagonist dislikes and judges her sister there s a lot about her sister s size, and how the protagonist s robe is a few sizes too small for her or something like that, and then if I recall correctly the protagonist s dress size is revealed which, adding on a few sizes, means that sis is by no means obese and so what if she were, anyway I like the sis better than I like the protagonist Also, as the proprietress of a bookstore, the protagonist is true to her character in being a bit snobby about grammar and word usage and so forthbut the book has several instances of inept phrasing, etc It s been a while since I read it, so I don t recall specific examples.I did like the introduction of a potential love interest, although he was featured so little that I cannot know whether future books will have a delicious unfolding of two adversaries attracted to each other or just fall flat.I d be willing to look for , but free not worth buying another, even secondhand.

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    Despite my dislike of the heroine s artificial Attitude and the unsurprising twist view spoiler twins hide spoiler

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    Quit this book 1 3 of the way through Did not like the main character and did not like the author s writing style at all.

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    This small town has been revamped as a booksellers town Although locals visit the shops, it is the tourist travel that keeps the town going now When mystery bookshop Tricia Miles finds the next door store owner of The Cookery dead in her shop, she becomes the sheriff s number one suspect It doesn t help that the sheriff hates her for a reason not readily known to Tricia But Tricia does know that if she doesn t get to the bottom of the killing, she will be looking the wrong way through prison bars Much happens in this novel, the first in the series While it does introduce the characters, and sets up future books, it is a delightful and intriguing mystery in its own right, and a promising start to the series.

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    I really need to stop raising my expectations when a book has a lot of holds at the library I think to myself, wow, it took me 3 months to get this one It must be something amazing But then, of course, it isn t and I feel robbed Case in point Murder is Binding It was a perfectly fine cozy mystery It follows all the cozy mystery cliches and demonstrates an imaginative love of books that should have won my heart But mostlyI felt disappointed 1 The main heroine is an insufferable twat who calls her employees the help and whines when her sister comes to town and offers to cook her dinner She is not always stressing about money admittedly, a welcome change from the usual cozy mystery heroine who is usually on her last buck but still weirdly obsessive with it Maybe the author just intended to channel the feelings of a small business owner, but at the same time, I really did not care about every dollar that went into her register Great, she sold 300 worth of books Remind why that is relevant again 2 The police chief was an offense to women Again, though, this feeling stems from disappointed expectations When the sheriff turned out to be a female instead of the usual overweight, incompetent, middle age male police chief or hot, six pack toting, very available sheriff detective I actually felt quite excited A female sheriff Cool Good representation and good opportunity for a different kind of logistics with the local constabulary Except the sheriff is the overweight, incompetent, middle age male stereotype except female so she can behave with petty jealousy and contrast with our lovely, intrepid, insufferable heroine Talk about a let down 3 Finallythe villain view spoiler Initially, I felt excited when I realized a main suspect was the hot love interest I mean, I think it is written in stone somewhere that hot love interests cannot be the bad guy But at soon as the newspaper guy turned out to be hawt and interested I knew the first guy was our man And then, as if to prove his evilness, the author literally has him turn into a super evil jerkface who locks up old women and throws rocks through windows for fun and probably kicks puppies or something He s super psycho No subtly what so ever Bad guys are bad and rude Good guys are good The end hide spoiler

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    In the Cozy Mystery universe this is probably a 3 star Maybe even a 4 star.In the general universe compared to other cheap novels easy best sellers this is probably a 2 star I had to settle on 2 stars regardless the plane of existence I might be careening through.I thought Cozy Mysteries were a fun guilty pleasure for me now and again, and maybe they still are But they are also dumb and silly and cheesy and usually average.On the one hand this CM started out better than others, it didn t belabor excessive Victorian descriptions of inns, boutiques, antiques or god knows what else Honestly this CM started out strong but great golly it was too long Listening on audio book I could not believe I was still listening days later and that really started to piss me off The length took away from the ease of just reading something fun and throw away.This is becoming a common theme for me, and a big mark for low stars, but I knew nothing about the main character No depth but her current predicament The way her sister Angelica acted, and Trish s the main character refusal to tell her to STFU was infuriating and unbelievable The sheriff s crazy hatred animosity toward Trish was also unbelievable There was no typical love story in this, which I have enjoyed in previous CMs but would probably have made this book hours longer The lack of romance might not be a bad thing in this case.It almost seems like the author was trying to write of a real for lack of a less insulting word crime who done it novel but there was just enough cozy mystery flair in there to make both points result in an average book I say give me full on ridiculous I hate myself for reading this cozy mystery shtick cuteness or give me something else Man, I don t know I think at the end of the day I wanted a particular kind of CM read and this wasn t it.