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New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Renee Jones Returns With The Second Book In Her Electrifying Series Featuring Lilah Love, An FBI Profiler Who Doesn T Fight Her Dark Side She Embraces ItIt S Lilah Love S Job To Inhabit A Killer S Mind The Unapologetically Tough FBI Profiler Is Very Comfortable There But Her Latest Case Is Making Her Head Spin It S A String Of Brutal Assassinations Carried Out Across The Country, Each Tied To A Mysterious Tattoo Body By Body, She S Followed The Clues All The Way Back To Her Hometown And Every Step Of The Way, The Killer Has Been Following HerHere, Beneath The Glamour Of The Privileged Hamptons Community, Is A Secret Long Buried But Never Forgotten It S Bigger Than Lilah It S Powerful Enough To Escape The Reach Of The FBI And It S Personal Than Anyone Can Imagine Because It S Hiding In Lilah S Own Past To Fight It, She S Forced To Turn To Her Lethally Tempting Ex, Kane Mendez He S An Expert At Bringing Out Lilah S Darkest Impulses If She Plans To Survive, She S Going To Need Them

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    LILAH LOVE CONTINUES The fourth book in my LILAH LOVE series is finally HERE and available on ALL RETAILERS Lilah Love is back, and yes, Kane is with her of course LOVE KILLS picks up right where LOVE ME DEAD which is only 99 cents right now left off This might be my favorite Lilah book to date, and I hope you all feel the same I would love to hear what you think once you read the book BUY LOVE KILLS US UK CA Universal LOVE ME DEAD FOR 99 CENTS AND ON ALL RETAILER US UK CA Universal Audio Apple Nook Kobo Paperback HAVEN T READ THE SERIES Get books one and two FREE on KindleUnlimited LOVE KILLS They call him Umbrella Man because he makes it rain blood He wants to play with Lilah Love What he doesn t know is that Lilah is a killer too, and games just piss her off.

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    This is going to be kind of a short review as I don t want to give anything away, and basically everything I said about book one applies to this book as well It was a fantastic book Well written Fast paced It was teeming with twists and turns, and intrigue Lies Secrets, and betrayals Thankfully, we are given some answers to the questions we were left with in book one, but some remain On top of that, we are left with a whole slew of new ones Again like book one, we have a full cast of characters that make up this book Each one intriguing Each one mysterious Each one potentially hiding secrets Last, that brings me to the one thing I did not care forthe relationship between Lilah and Kane I love both characters, and I love when they work together, but as a romantic pairingwellthey were a bit of a snoozefest Their relationship progress felt stagnant to me I honestly don t know how to explain it better than that I almost wish the author had done away with the romance angle completely maybe just had Kane and Lilah be good friends that end up working together as there are so many other things going on that the romance takes a huge backseat Anyway, that was just a small issue in the grand scheme of things and all in all I adored this one and can t wait to see what happens in the next installment

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    Honestly, I don t even know where to start with this review Lilah was literally all over the map in this one She was fierce, she was determined, and absolutely no one, friend or foe or family alike was going to stand in her way While her attitude rubbed me the wrong way pretty much from beginning to end, I absolutely respected the crap out of her LRJ created one heck of a heroine with this woman and you really don t have to like her in order to admire how she gets the job done.A killer is still on the loose, secrets abound, and the only person that Lilah knows she can truly trust is Kane Mendez And rightly so because while he ll turn on anyone else, he ll always have her best interests in mind If only she could accept that he deserves not only her trust, but her heart Especially when he s there for her during all of the turmoil that has arisen during this case As they get closer to the killer, the facts turn into doubts and Lilah is stuck trying to make sense of it all, with Kane by her side Despite the fact that most of the evidence she collected would be inadmissible in court in real life, it was a heck of a lot of fun watching her do it I m really looking forward to her and Kane kicking some secret society buttocks Release 07.10.2018 Romantic Suspense Thriller Heroine POV 1st person Heat 2.5 Lilah Love 2All views expressed are my own 100% honest 100% of the time Want of my reviews Go to

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    OMG I love her twisted mind Awesome book Such a horrible name for a book, don t you think Unless you are looking at the sequel to the story about FBI agent Lilah Love And if you have read the first book, Murder Notes, then you will understand why this book is named such as it is.I m so happy to be able to review this new book as the first book just blew me away But make sure you have your head in the right place to read this story Dark, gruesome, and a whole lot of sexy all wrapped up together.If you re ready for that, check out my review below.Murder Girl by Lisa Renee JonesSometimes I have to wonder about the type books I gravitate to I love the twisted minds and the amazing ability a writer has to have to create these twisted paths and intersected stories.Not many writers have that ability I ve read many books in this genre romantic suspense, thriller, crime fiction, cop fiction and there several authors that stand out as doing well There are also authors that I don t read any because they don t do it well Trust me when I tell you that Lisa Ren e Jones is an author that does it extremely well She always has the perfect balance of intrigue, darkness, edginess, raw emotion, sex and heat, and so much wrapped into her stories She writes in a way that makes you feel addicted to the book like a craving you just have to have I started reading her books from the romance side and now I read her books because of the intrigue and the suspense The romance and sex is the cherry on top Pun intended And trust me, Kane is definitely a cherry on top.Murder Girl is an intense, fast paced book that will twist you around in so many different ways that you feel like you cannot keep track of what s going on And I like that I like being surprised in a story That s exactly why I read books by Lisa Ren e Jones Huge impact in this one Make sure to grab it and part one, Murder Notes You simply have to read it first Now bring on part 3 copy received for review consideration

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    3.5 StarsIt is highly recommended that you read the first Lilah Love book MURDER NOTES Murder Girl is a continuation featuring all the characters from the first book The beginning of Murder Girl gives a several page synopsis of the first book, all the characters and how they all relate to each other.Lilah Love is an FBI profiler who manages to inhabit killers minds She calls it her dark side She is called in to investigate brutal killings taking place in various parts of the country Each killing is tied to a mysterious tattoo a tatto she is only too familiar with.The killer is leading her straight to her hometown a small community filled with long buried secrets.This is a well written suspense, with unforgettable characters Again, it is recommended that the reader start at the beginning in order to understand what s happening in this book Parts of the story seemed to drag a little, but would quickly pick up the action again.Many thanks to the author Montlake Romance Netgalley for the digital copy of this crime fiction Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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    NOW LIVE US UK Murder Girl starts off where the previous book left us, right in the middle of an intense investigation with Lilah Love This book takes us deeper into the secrets surrounding Lilah s family and leaves you on the edge of your seat all the way through Even the ending, which wasn t a full on cliffhanger, will have you dying for The suspense is what I loved from the previous story and also what I enjoyed most from this one I m a big mystery fan so when a book can leave me guessing the entire time I instantly fall in love With this book though I think I just couldn t stop comparing it to Murder Notes and I found it lacking when I did so This series started off so well that I went into this book expecting something extra special and it just didn t deliver for me The suspense was still well written and captivating yet there were moments that everything seemed to drag and it became a little boring I know the book wasn t a romance so I didn t go into it looking for a romantic aspect, but the fact that Kane was involved and his relationship with Lilah was brought up so many times made me start looking for one I m a true romance lover so I latched on to those moments and wanted answers to what was going on between Kane and Lilah, so then when we didn t get I was disappointed I think this story was amazingly well written for a suspense and it s one I will definitely recommend The 3 Stars rating and complaining in my review was just for my own reasons of not enjoying this book as much as the previous one and didn t have anything to do with the writing ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    This starts off right where Murder Notes ended I would recommend reading these in order otherwise the plot, the numerous characters and their connections may become very confusing However, at the beginning, there is a summary of the action so far I gave the first book 5 stars, I absolutely loved it and couldn t wait to continue Not exactly sure what happened, but this wasn t anywhere near as exciting In fact, there were parts where I almost switched off I still think the protagonist, foul mouthed FBI profiler Lilah Love, is fantastic and her relationship with Kane, member of a crime family, is interesting But I think the development of the plot was a bit lackluster Still, the ending sounded encouraging and I will certainly read book 3 when it becomes available.

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    2nd read Still love it 1st read I m seriously in love with this series I m fascinated by the process of watching the main character figure out clue by clue to solve a series of murders, as well as dealing with what happened to her two years prior and how that all may be connected To see how an author can have so much going on in a story and slowly connect everything that happens to the people we get introduced to just has me riveted to the pages Trust me, you will not be bored with this series The you read the it sucks you in, and the you want to find out the truth right along with Lilah The romance part is not a major focus but still a big part of the story You do get to see Kane and Lilah work together in this book vs the first book and I hope that will continue I like these two together Kane having Lilah s back just increases the excitement of the story He should be forbidden to her He should be the one she trust the least, but the fact that he is the only one she can trust makes him one of the most intriguing characters besides Lilah herself.This is not a standalone You have to read book one or you will not only be lost, but also miss out on some major things that happened While this did end with a bit of a completion, it still is not over Lilah has accomplished one task to a very big picture I m excited for the next book and looking forward to what will be revealed next.

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    Find this and other reviews at Carlene Inspired.Available Now Lilah Love, our Murder Girl, is back and she s on the hunt for answers Unwilling to accept everyone s solution of a fall guy Lilah is looking for the true murderer, whether that person is an assassin or a serial killer or something else entirely Sure, she has killer instinct, but a stalker, her family, and her ex boyfriend make focusing difficult As the clues continue to tie together, and tie to her, she finds that everything going on in the Hamptons is a little personal than she first thought it to be A bad drug still feels good when you re doing it I am so excited that Lisa Renee Jones came up with the Lilah Love series I thought book one was good, but Murder Girl is even better I definitely only predicted some of the things that happened and those that I didn t predict shocked me I mean come on, serial killers, assassins, odd tattoos, and several dead bodies It pretty much is a guaranteed great read for me Lilah is as witty as she was in the first book, only this time it was sort of nice to see her have to give in a bit and reveal she isn t entirely the closed off girl we think she is That said, she is an excellent FBI agent and I really liked the interactions she had with other FBI and members of law enforcement She also is smart and sassy, which makes her a great heroine to face a pretty charming and very handsome ex Of course, I mean Kane We met him in Murder Notes, but we get to know him a bit further in Murder Girl I d go as far as saying I d even like a book or chapters from his perspective, you know his back story and the time apart from Lilah has to be interesting On top of these two and their sort of odd relationship, there s the continuation of the story from the first novel The bodies, the crimes, and all signs point to corruption and assassinations, but how Lilah Love starting tying it all together is so interesting She sees things in tiny conversations that I d never think of and she definitely knows how to look for the right thing I can t give away the story, but let s just say she s darn good at her job, even when it gets personal.I ll admit, it took me a minute to get back into Murder Girl, the book takes a bit longer than the first novel to get to the excitement, but once it did I was hooked again We discover that nothing in the Hamptons is what it seems and Lilah s circle of trust just keeps shrinking It s almost stressful to read from her perspective, I m positive I wouldn t be as level headed as she was in discovering that nobody is as honest as they present themselves to be While it is a continuation from the previous novel and it ends with nearly all of our questions from the first novel answered, it also sets us up for a future novel, leaving us with, yes, questions That said, I m even excited for whatever could come next for Lilah Love The ending was perfect, like probably the best ending of a novel from LRJ, because it s just the right amount of intrigue to keep me wanting , but it also isn t a true cliffhanger and I m pretty darn thankful for that.Murder Girl is a stunning second novel in the Lilah Love series and though I always swear I am not going to start another new series I certainly cannot deny that I will be reading every single Lilah Love book that Lisa Renee Jones releases If you like your heroines sassy, the smut hot as heck, and the action constant, plus a bit bloody, this is the series for you.ARC PROVIDED.

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    Check out all of my reviews at GIRL Lilah Love 2 by Lisa Renee Jones is the second book in this thriller suspense FBI profiler series and picks up right where the first book s overall plotline left us hanging for You can pick up this book which has a great synopsis of book 1 in the beginning, but the first book was just as well written, so I really do recommend you take the time to read it, too.Lilah Love is one of the best profilers in the FBI She can get into the mind of the killers she profiles without emotional involvement hampering her job and so the nickname Murder Girl Her present case has her returning home to the Hamptons and her ex, Kane Mendez is waiting for her Lilah believes in law and order, but is drawn to the dark, while Kane is the bad boy, millionaire business man who could be all bad, but he continually tries to fight the dark for Lilah.Lilah is piecing together the clues of a series of murders others believe are not connected, but she believes are done by an assassin and are all tied together Each time she gets another piece of the puzzle, she is taken down another path that may go back years and could connect to a secret in her past and her family.Lilah has to find the assassin, deal with her continually conflicted relationship with Kane and hopefully keep everyone she cares about alive Lilah is a great main character Foul mouthed, beautiful and seriously devoted to catching killers Her romantic interest in Kane can go so many ways and I am looking forward to seeing if the author can work out their differences enough to bring them together or if he remains of a character who helps Lilah and just has benefits Lilah s FBI supervisor and the assassin, Ghost, are both going to make future books very interesting, also I definitely recommend this book and series It is well written and a page turner that just keeps throwing new twists and revelations at the reader Bring on book 3, please Thank you very much to Montlake Romance and Net Galley for allowing me to read this eARC in exchange for and honest review.