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[Ebook] ➧ Mummies & Pyramids (Magic Tree House Research Guide, #3) Author Will Osborne –

I enjoyed this book because I love Pyramids I did not like this book because if I were in Ancient Egypt I would have to build my house out of mud bricks. I enjoyed this book as a quick read with some neat facts about mummies and ancient Egypt One thing I didn t know about mummies is that the people that made them threw out their brain because they didn t know what they brain was for Lol It seems funny now, but they didn t know as much about the body as we do. Magic Tree House Research Guides Are Now Magic Tree House Fact Trackers Track The Facts With Jack And Annie When Jack And Annie Got Back From Their Adventure In Magic Tree HouseMummies In The Morning, They Had Lots Of Questions Why Did People Make Mummies What Was The Mysterious Writing On Mummy Cases How Did Most Ancient Egyptians Spend Their Days How Were The Pyramids Built Find Out The Answers To These Questions And As Jack And Annie Track The Facts Filled With Up To Date Information, Photos, Illustrations, And Fun Tidbits From Jack And Annie, The Magic Tree House Fact Trackers Are The Perfect Way For Kids To Find Out About The Topics They Discovered In Their Favorite Magic Tree House Adventures Funny story with this my mom bought this for me when I was very young while we were on vacation Well, I lost it in the hotel and never found it XDThat s probably for the best, because the cover really creeps me out This book was a good introduction to ancient Egypt for my five year old It was a bit awkward having to discuss the bits about death and mummification, but there s no real alternative way to discuss mummies. I really liked this book because it was non fiction and I learned a lot about mummies and pyramids I also learned about where mummies were buried It made Mummies in the Morning make a lotsense. Very informational for young readers. A little scary for my 4 year old I would definitely recommend it for an older kid The information was great for a mama reader though I learned a few things I didn t know. Fun and engaging for students My kids loved to discuss this book and draw parallels to their lives. Ancient Egypt is one of those topics that you don t even know where to start Of the books on Ancient Egypt that I have been previewing lately this one seems to have the most organized and the most clear information for elementary kids It s short enough to read together in a week or less, and thorough enough to really cover the different topics of Ancient Egypt well.