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I See Him And I Know What This Turmoil Inside Of Me Means He S The One My ForeverKayla Is The Nature Lover, The All American Beauty Who Can T Understand Why She S So Drawn To Distant, Brooding Lucas Adopted As A Young Child, She Has No Way Of Knowing That She S Inherited A Terrifying And Thrilling Gene That Will Change Her Life ForeverLucas Is Dangerous, Gorgeous And A Werewolf As Leader Of The Dark Guardians, Shape Shifters Who Gather Deep Within The State Park, He Has Sworn To Protect His Pack But When Lucas Finds His True Soul Mate, His Love Could Put Them All In Harm S WayAs Lucas And Kayla Struggle With Their Feelings For Each Other, A Greater Danger Lurks Humans Have Discovered The Dark Guardians And Are Planning Their Destruction Kayla Must Choose Between The Life She Knows And The Love She Feels Certain Is Her Destiny

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    I see him and I know what this turmoil inside of me means He s the one My forever Fucking great, so you know you want to spend the rest of your life with a dude whom you had barely talked to interacted with before when you re at the tender age of seventeen Not to mention, this twenty something dude or was he supposed to be 19 had been eyeing the heroine and thinking about making her his mate back when she was sixteen years old.I need to calm the fuck down Moonlight is a dull, extremely unoriginal Twilight rip off which isn t even worthy of a proper review, the only difference between this book and Twilight is that this time around the sexy hot brooding guy is the werewolf.Did I mention that the gender roles and love relationships in the book is Dark Age level of backward as well It s as though sex revolution and feminism never happens.

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    Rating 4.5 starsEver get that giggly feeling in your stomach when you read a really, really cute book That s what I got from reading Moonlight I love this book with all my heart Werewolf or shape shifter books are easy to find nowadays, but there are only few that actually pull you into the story and refuse to let go for me, Moonlight was one of them The synopsis doesn t do this book justice because I started it with a hesitant mind and ended up loving it I can t ask for a perfect voice for this novel Kayla is such a sweet, nature loving character who I adored from page one And Lucas is the leader of the Dark Guardians who made me sigh every time he was around There s nothing hotter than a bad ass shape shifter, and there s nothing sweeter than Kayla and Lucas s relationship The plot, although admittedly a little predictable, is always fun to read because of the awesome way it s written and the fast paced plot Moonlight is so much lighter and enjoyable than I ever could ve imagined, and I would recommend it to everyone without a doubt BUY or BORROW This is the kind of book I wish I had on my shelf, because the first thing I want to do is go back and read it again It s all the sweetness and fun without being cheesy Original review at Mimi Valentine s YA Review Blog

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    Well, let s jump on the Twilight bandwagon, shall we Except, this time, we ll do it with werewolves.This book is overall okay, but I m going to be cruel and use it as an example of why I previously avoided most YA in the first place It was unsatisfying and extremely predictable The characters were not well developed, and there was a backstory that I felt could have been included, or at least described Hawthorne s characters fluctuated from sounding too young to using words that I felt an average seventeen year old wouldn t know yet.I m going to say something I m probably going to regret, but Stephenie Meyer was at least original The werewolf imprinting plotline in her series was clearly imitated in this book The male werewolves in this book also decide on a soul mate on the basis of love at first sight Then they go and get a tattoo of their beloved s name somewhere on their backs Can you say ridiculous and the most unadvised thing to do in real life Can you also see the sexism in male and female roles The werewolves here also communicate by telepathy, but I think that s common.Not to mention the book cover is embarrassing, but the author has nothing to do with that.

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    There was just something wrong with this book There was nothing particularly bad about the writing, or even the plot but there was just something about it that made it a rather uneventful read But what exactly When I finished it which took a while despite being a ludicrously easy read I finally worked out what it was it was a Middle Grade novel with a Young Adult plot.The writing was just slightly too simple, the cover ups too obvious, and the emotions underdeveloped While this is understandable when your narrator is 12 it is harder when she is a teen And when the plot involves werewolves and undying love, there is a certain amount of maturity that you expect from the writing and the characters.Bottom line Skip it even if you are a die hard YA Romance lover I don t plan on getting the next books life is too short to read books you a apathetic about.http 2

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    Genre Paranormal YA UF Moonlight is a guilty pleasure Not because it has naughty sex scenes or bad language jumping off the page quite the opposite It s pretty sweet and innocent, like PNR novels accept YA approved Of course I have to say right up front if you re seeking something that has mind blowing writing, hidden depths, and a unique plot this is the not the book It s not really fantastic in any form, but there is something about it that draws a reader in and just takes hold.Moonlight goes where you expect it to and with a 263 page count it really doesn t get to explore all the fantastic ideas that are lurking around It focuses on girl meets wolf boy, girl is soon to turn wolf, wolf boy perfects girl, and they mate for life Moonlight is not all romance, there is an interesting plot about humans trying to get the secrets of the Guardians werewolves and an evil brother bent on revenge Again for how small it is, the characters are well fleshed out This is Kayla s journey to grow up and become her true self Lucas is the clich brooding male lead that the ladies love to swoon over mysterious, quiet, and devoted to his future woman Kayla and Lucas bonded well together, both being really likable.The world of the Guardians is clearly something that needs to be explored in later books, there are boys and girls to turn into wolves and find mates All of the guys already have their future mates tattooed onto them, so my curiosity is killing me to see if I guessed the right couples In the short course of the book Hawthorne made me appreciate the cast of side characters While it reads like a beach book, it does not have the tone of one It deals with death, loss, fear, and dealing with the choices we make and living with them There s not much meat to it, but readers will find themselves engrossed in the world of the Guardians and the mystery of finding a life mate Moonlight s power is to take an adult plot from paranormal romances and turn it in to a YA read Sexual Content Kissing and a few heavy make out scenes There is a scene where a boy pushes himself on to the main character in the acts of making it look like he might rape her A few dirty jokes and questions sprinkled in every now and again.3 5 Adored it, just a few minor details held it back Originally posted at Book Whispers

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    For of my reviews, check out my blog The Book GoddessI loved the premise of this book, the world The idea was so amazing But it fell flat I wanted to love this book so freaking much but I couldn t It was rather boring and strange Kayla is in love with a boy who never speaks to her He is the cliche bad boy He is brooding and mysterious Until you get to know him, then he becomes a mushy and reminds me of a puppy.The plot goes like this Kayla lost her family at a young age, she was adopted by a loving couple who takes her camping in the forest where her family was killed A year later she goes back and is now what we call a guide She meets all these shifters, but doesn t know they are shifters and that she is one of them too The bad guys are trying to catch a werewolf and Lucus has family issues with his brother who tells the bad guys about them being shifters The bad guys end up getting away and Lucus kills his brother Kayla finds out she is Lucus s mate and ends up deciding to be with him It s all quite childish, their love.I hate intsa love and that s what this book has The writing was plain and simplistic Nothing special The idea was awesome but so poorly flushed out It just breaks my heart because I wanted to write this book but from now on, I m going to stay away from this author I ve not liked anything she s written.

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    This book was a disappointment The dialogue was off and seemed scripted Wasn t natural I don t see what s the deal with the Dark Guardians Shouldn t all werewolves or shifters hold their secrets and guard the others from evil and harm All it takes is for her to swear Seemed a little weak That the female shifters have to find a mate before their first change They might not survive through it without a mate but a male shifter can When Kayla does do the change, it s pretty fast and I think Hawthorne didn t put enough in it at all The whole story is pretty uneventful The big villain dies too easily The tattoo is a little corny, but okay The whole thing with Kayla figuring out what happened when she was five seemed like Hawthorne was trying too hard When I could tell that Hawthorne didn t mean to put an ending to the human scientists in this book, though it was a problem that needed solving, it felt like Hawthorne just completely forgot about them and cut off their part in this book The villain that did die in this book seemed like the real bad guy I would have rather liked him to stay.

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    If you loved twlight you will deffinatly love this I totaly lied Even though the names of these books are similar to twilight they are totaly different In this a girl named Kalya finds out things about her self that she never thought were possible While finding out these things Lucas also the love of her life is captured in wolf form at the time by reascheres Once Kayla frees him form his captures there is only a little time left and no time to explain Kayla s full moon is right around the corner With the love of her life by her side dragging her who knows where tells her its time With the love of her life there to help her through it, will she make Will there love be strong enough If you are in the mood for a romance action fillied outdoorsy adventure this is it perffect, in every way shape and form From the perfercne all the way down to the cornny jokes Find your love and follow your heart it really helps.

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    Cansados del t pico hombre lobo feroz y malvado He aqu un claro ejemplo de algo novedoso Aqu los hombres lobo, son buenos y no muerden Salvo que te metas con ellos Se encargan de proteger al resto, y esperan ansiosos encontrar a su pareja Los lobos solo tomamos una pareja para toda la vida.Yo tragu con fuerza Entonces has estado digamos esper ndome Toda mi vida Una historia llena de aventuras, acci n, y mucho romance.La autora, ha sabido hilar toda la historia a la perfecci n, para que cuando ponga Fin , te deje una sonrisa en la cara.Personalmente, esta era yo al terminarla.

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    I can t remember how I came upon this series, but what I do know is that I m so glad I did Moonlight is the first in the Dark Guardian series and once again I ve found myself a new series that I already can t get enough of.As a fan of the paranormal genre, I m always excited when I find a book within that genre that has a new twist to the old storyline The Dark Guardians series has taken the old tales of werewolves and produced a new and unique spin on the characters.Rachel Hawthorne created a story out of her very realistic world and had me believing instantly Her main characters, Kayla and Lucas were great Brave and compelling Kayla meshed very well with the dark and brooding Lucas Their story was romantic, yet frustrating, moving and yet so much fun I loved it all With werewolves being a reality and some ill intent humans after them for their own nefarious purposes, readers will be on edge to see if Kayla and Lucas will be able to defeat them and remain safe or if their in deeper water than they thought Will their romance and feelings be enough to keep them strong for the fight ahead, or will it all be just too much for Kayla to handle with the other revelations she s faced with I ve always been a fast reader but I was able to really fly through this book, it took only one day for me to finish and after I was done I wanted to jump right into the next installment There s a little bit of everything in this series romance, adventure, action and suspense, plenty of description and depth to keep you interested and wanting to come back for I really had fun with this one and already ordered the second installment, Full Moon, because I just can t stand not knowing what will happen next, I m hooked yet again I m really looking forward to see where Hawthorne and her Dark Guardians series takes me next