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To speakers of Modern Greek the Homeric poems of the seventh century BC are not a foreign language The Greek language has enjoyed a continuous tradition from earliest times until now This book traces its history from the immediately post classical or Hellenistic period to the present day The aim is both to analyse the changing structure of a language stabilised by a peculiarly long and continuous literary tradition and to show how changing historical circumstances are reflected in the development of the language In particular the historical roots of Modern Greek internal bilingualism are tracedThe questions treated will be of interest not only to students of Greek but also to students of linguistics

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    A very good book for everyone who is learning modern Greek especially if he is interested in Roman Byzantine or all in all the path of the Greek language through time It bringa also info how history has shaped the form of the language and what is that thing that we call Greek today A great starter for everyone who wold like to take a deeper step in the histoy of this language culture and people