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Be Enseler De Be Enmeseler De Olaylar Cad Lar Kendine Ekerdi Ve Sonra, Iki Durum Arp Rd Cad Lar Kap Lar N, Eperlerin, S N Rlar N, Aynalar N, Maskelerin Ekimini Hissederdi Bir De, Sahnelerin Ah, Evet Sahnelerin Ko Ba Da Lar N N Nl Cad Eh, Art K Iki Nl Cad S Da Kap L Yor Bu Ekime Nk Havamumu Nine Ve Ogg Ana, Bamba Ka Bir I I In Gittikleri Ankh Morpork Ta, Opera Evi Ne Dadanan Hayaletleri Kovalamak Zorunda Kal Yornsanlara Ihtiya Duymayan Her Insan, Insanlara Ihtiya Duymad N Bildirebilece I Insanlara Ihtiya Duyard Ve Cad Konseyinin M Stakbel Yesi Agnes, Ait Oldu U Yeri Bulmak I In Kendini Yollara Vuruyor Olmak Istemedi I Ki Inin Kim Oldu Undan Emin Fakat Kalbinde Ve Zihninde Hissettiklerinden, De IlDiskd Nya N N On Sekizinci Kitab Maskeli Balo, Sahne Tozu Yutanlar N, Ger Eklikten Kopanlar N, Maskelere S Nanlar N Ve Kendini Arayanlar N Yk S Ne Odaklanan, Teatral Oldu U Kadar Da M Zikal Bir Roman

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    The Phantom of the Opera on the Discworld.With witches All of Sir Terry Pratchett s Discworld books are good but having an adventure with Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Og makes it all the better Here we find Lancre s two most famous witches traveling to Ankh Morpork to find Agnes Nitt who has taken up in the chorus of the Ankh Morpork Opera house And of course they happen upon a Scooby Doolicious murder mystery surrounding the legend of the opera ghost.As in all of the Discworld books, Pratchett tells the fun surface story and then also delves into satirical observations about so much Here we explore themes of jealousy, greed, art and the opera Pratchett s rapier wit comes through in full force in this extraordinarily humorous parody.

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    Granny looked out at the dull gray sky and the dying leaves and felt, amazingly enough, her sap rising A day ago the future had looked aching and desolate, and now it looked full of surprises and terror and bad things happening to peopleIf she had anything to do with it, anyway.Agnes Nitt and her alter ego, Perdita X Dream, have joined the opera Agnes has a remarkable singing voice she can even sing harmony withherself , but unfortunately, she is a traditionally built woman So, she gets to sing in the background while the skinny, attractive star uses her voice and gets all the acclaim No one ever said life is fair, even in Discworld.But strange things are happening at the opera house There are reports of a phantom hanging about, instruments have been smashed, and now, bodies are dropping from the rafters.I guess it s lucky that Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg are in town Since Magrat s absence, they ve discovered that three witches are needed for a coven, AND to keep them from driving each other batty, so they ve come to vet Agnes for the job And while they re there, they might as well clear up all this phantom nonsense to boot.Maybe it was the predominantly female cast, but I enjoyed the stuffing out of this one.Granny gets to find out What s Opera, Doc and Nanny provides possibly the best explanation of its charms that I ve ever heard Well, it s quite simple reely, she said A lot of people are in love with one another, there s considerable dressing up as other people and general confusion, there s a cheeky servant, no one really knows who anyone is, a couple of ole dukes go mad, chorus of gypsies, etc Your basic opera Someone s prob ly going to turn out to be someone else s long lost son or daughter or wife or something I also learned that opera would be a whole lot better if they sold peanuts and beer.Nanny and Granny are a great comedy duo Normally, I m a diehard Weatherwax fan, but I must say Nanny really stole the show in this one She gets to utter my favorite line from the book as she elbows her way through a crowd to check out what all the fuss is about Let me through I m a nosy person I think, Granny Weatherwax is the woman I d like to be a thin, wise, knows when to keep her mouth shut, Katherine Hepburn type of woman Nanny Ogg is the woman I am a short, blowsy, doesn t know when to shut up, Bette Midler type of gal Oh, well She may be a bit sloppy and unkempt, but she gets the job done Just what you d expect from a nosy person Like me.

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    I always love Pratchett s witches books and this one was as usual laugh out loud funny Granny Weatherwax is a wonderful character and then Death made several cameo appearances too which is always good Pratchett was a master of parody and some of his allusions to opera and to musicals were brilliant.I think the Discworld will always remain one of my most favourite series and my number one go to books when I want to read something light, well written, smart and funny.

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    anyway, you said you were at your wits end with thinking what you d do with the money Yes, but I d have quite liked to have been at my wits end on a big comfy chase longyou somewhere with lots of big, strong men buyin me chocolates and pressin their favors on me Money don t buy happiness, Gytha i only wanted to rent it for a few weeks Well, you are a witch Can t you do that thing with the cards and glasses Well, yes we could have a poker game, said Nanny Good idea Maskerade is Discworld s Terry Pratchett s answer to The Phantom of the Opera which is the winner of my category the most boring and pointless book ever And what an answer it is it s fun s and boisterousness answer to boredom and staleness It almost makes me forgive Gaston Leroux for writing the original.Letting the witches Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg on to the stages and behind the scenes of the Opera is just the ticket the story needed and Bob s your uncle, or maybe in this case Andrew Lloyd Webber.I need to re read the Witches books of Discworld to give a final verdict, but this is certainly among my favourites Well, basically there are two sorts of opera, said Nanny, who also had the true witch s ability to be confidently expert on the basis of no experience whatsoever There s your heavy opera, where basically people sing foreign and it goes like Oh oh oh, I am dyin , oh I am dyin , oh oh oh, that s what I m doin , and there s your light opera, where they sing in foreign and it basically goes Beer Beer Beer Beer I like to drink lots of beer , although sometimes they drink champagne instead That s basically all of opera, reely

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    Phantom of the Opera With the Witches WHAT COULD GO WRONG Well, obviously, anything This is Opera and the Show Must Go On With or without Greebo in the mix Quite fun because I love the Phantom of the Opera and I love the Witches, but am I a fan of Anges Nah Not really I keep wanting a certain Tiffany to join the stage Patience, patience.

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    The last time we saw the Witches, they were ushering off their third member into the perils of marriage, and to a King, no less Anyway, Magrat s gone now, and things are going funny without a third to balance things out Nanny Ogg in particular is worried about Granny Weatherwax, who is terrifying under the best of circumstances They take a trip to Ankh Morpork after Granny learns that Nanny wrote a book that is a bestseller, but has gotten no royalties from the swindling publisher And hey, while they re there, they might as well drop in on Agnes Nitt, a girl from home who s trying to make it as an opera singer, calling herself Perdita X They know she s a witch in the making, but Agnes is determined to resist her fate, even if it does mean everyone thinks the one singing all those beautiful arias is the skinny beautiful blonde girl who faints like a pro Meanwhile, the legendary opera ghost who has been such good luck has all of a sudden started killing people right and left Of course Nanny and Granny and sensible Agnes, with the great hair and the lovely personality get involved, and do as only the Witches can do, making sense out of a whole mess of nonsense in every possible form.This is my eighteenth Discworld book, and I feel like I m at the point in this series where Pratchett had just nailed his own style so hard that even the halfhearted books are pretty amazing My least favorite Discworld books have always been the straight parodies of things, so I was a bit surprised that I ended up enjoying this one so much although I do love Phantom of the Opera It was also a bit lightweight than my favorites, but the thing he does with masks was pretty great, and I really love Granny and Nanny, as well as reluctant Agnes Also, I waited the whole damn book for view spoiler the chandelier to fall hide spoiler

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    Oh, how I love the witches I just can t help myself In this 18th installment of the Discworld series, which is the 5th involving Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg, there is only the two of them since Magrat became queen So they are trying to recruit a witch called Anges but she is than reluctant since she wants to become an Opera singer.Thus, Granny and Nanny travel to Ankh Morpork and get cultured sniggers The problem is that when they arrive, the opera house is haunted by a ghost and there has even been some fateful incidents But never fear Granny and Nanny and even Greebo are on the case so it ll all turn out to their meddling satisfaction whether you want that or not lol In between they save people, are kind to others, kick those that deserve it and cook very interesting meals indeed.By the way, I happen to own Nanny Ogg s Cookbook and it really IS funny so it surprised me and made me chuckle to read about the havoc she causes with it here.Moreover, we get great side stabs at operas in general, some musicals in particular, much hilarity ensues when the two witches go undercover,there are some epic scenes like when Granny plays a game of cards against Death in order to save a baby, and this book contains some of the best Pratchett quotes ever regarding all sorts of topics from people in power, money and fate to general human nature Or maybe not some of the best considering how high he set the bar, it s hard to tell sometimes The situational comedy was just that good in my opinion Also thanks to my beloved Greebo, of course both when interacting with Nanny and when trying to avoid interacting with Granny.Let s just say that I was chuckling and even bursting out laughing most of the time and when I wasn t, I was fully committed to the hunt for the ghost and killer Not to mention Granny s fantastic way of handling magic and interpreting certain rules view spoiler I mean, she knows the rules, knows what happened to Black Alice and how why and while she refuses to accept being bound by these rules, she really is a good person and simply side steps the rules, thus avoiding them altogether because she doesn t think linear So clever hide spoiler

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    Right Let s do some good she said, to the universe at large.Need I say anything about the Granny Weatherwax, the speaker of this line She is still one of the best characters in fiction In Maskerade, Granny and Nanny are faced with the difficulty of being a coven of only two witches They need a third Because, as we know, two witches is not a coven, it s an argument There has to be a third to settle the argument or act as a buffer.Unfortunately, Agnes, the hopeful addition to Granny and Nanny, has set her mind on pursuing a musical career, and not on becoming a witch So, Agnes joins the opera where she is cast as the vocal lead but as she is blessed with a good personality and nice hair rather than, erm, looks , her choice may not be all that she hoped for Also, there is the slight matter of unexplained deaths occurring at the opera In a twist of previous books in the series, Granny turns into a quasi Miss Marple in Maskerade, and Nanny is at hand to explain Granny s use of headology to perplexed by standers What s not to like

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    The musical Phantom of the Opera used to drive me crazy All that foppish flopping around with Christine being the sad weepy and yet easily manipulated girl who would run off and do whatever the creep with the dinnerware stuck to his face told him I always figured if I were in the opera house and saw what was going on, I d try to make Christine see the light.Now, thanks to Agnes Nitt, I know that wouldn t have worked But thank heaven for Terry Pratchett and Agness Nitt for taking Gaston Leroux story and setting it in Ankh Morpork, where the best satirist of the 20th century could have fun with it.Every bit of the story is comic, from Nanny Ogg s obscene recipes to the transformation of Greebo the cat into Lord Gribeaux Esme Weatherwax is just as wise and cranky as ever as well.I remember my first read through of this book, and how distressed I felt that Pratchett wasn t writing about his wizards Now I look over my Pratchett collection and have to say my favorite books don t involve the wizards at all.

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    Perd neme Se or Pratchett porque al empezar el libro pensaba que no me iba a gustar mucho La serie de las brujas no es mi favorita y una historia ambientada en el mundo de la pera no era lo que me llamaba m s la atenci n.Pero lo que he descubierto ha sido una de las mejores novelas del Mundodisco Una parodia del teatro y la pera con acci n constante, gente entrando y saliendo entre bambalinas, decenas de personajes, misterios que resolver y un simio tocando el rgano Y todo perfectamente hilado para no perdernos entre tanto caos.Ya no volver a dudar m s de usted.