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All Shane Perkins Ever Wanted To Be Was A Hero But After A Career Shattering Decision To Go Down Fighting, Shane Comes Home From The Hospital To Four Empty Walls, A Pile Of Money, And A Burning Desire For Someone To Miss Him The Next Time He Gets Hurt In The Line Of Duty He Ends Up An Officer In The Small Town Of Levee Oaks, And, Addicted To The Promise Of Family, He Makes An Effort To Reconcile With His Flighty, Troubled Sister Kimmy Makes Her Living As A Dancer, And Her Partner Steals Shane S Breath At First Sight Mikhail Vasilyovitch Bayul Dances Like An Angel, But His Past Is Less Than Heavenly Since He Left Russia, He S Made Only Two Promises To Stay Off The Streets And Stay Clean, And To Take His Mother Someplace Beautiful Before She Dies Making Promises To Anybody Else Is Completely Out Of The Question But Then, Mikhail Has Never Met Anybody Like Shane Earnest, Brave, And Self Deprecating, Shane Seems To Speak Mikhail S Language, And No One Is Surprised Than Mikhail To Find That Keeping Promises Is Shane S Best Talent Of All

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    If you have seen a grown man behind the steering wheel of his car in a traffic jam sobbing his eyes out, then it was probably me Once again Amy Lane reduced me to tears, but also put all the pieces back together again for one wonderful HEA.This time it s Shane s story We are introduced to him briefly in the first book as the nice new cop in town who calls on the family at The Pulpit regarding Benny and her child He finds himself accepted and also ends up with his feet under the table and being welcomed However, Shane also has his own story to tell.In the prologue we learn about the time before he comes to Levee Oaks and why he is now there This for me was absolutely horrifying to hear how despicable he was treated while he was a policeman in Los Angeles just because his department found out that he is gay or should I say bi He gets a pay off and makes a new life for himself in Levee Oaks.His sister, Kimmy, whom he hasn t seen for a long time contacts him as she is at a local renaissance fair He decides to go and see her She is a dancer and admits to him that she has been through rehab for drug abuse and is now OK, although she is still together with the source of her troubles, her boyfriend Kurt Here he meets Mikhail Vasilyovitch Bayul who is also in the same dance troop as his sister They spend a wonderful day together and find themselves drawn to each other I love the way that Amy builds up the attraction without it being insta love It is clear they pair of them have fallen for each other, but Mikhail we learn is damaged goods from his days on the streets in Russia Despite his unfeeling and uncaring exterior, we learn there are hidden depths to Mikhail but his teenage years of being a drug abuser himself, although now clean, and being a prostitute has affected his character and his general outlook on life.His mother is dying of cancer and her only concern is that Mikhail finds someone who he will be happy with for the rest of his life when she is no longer there The character of Mikhail s mother, Lena, was absolutely beautiful A strong stoic matriarch who loves her son than anything and is prepared to do anything to give him a better life, this she proved by the way she brought him to the USA to get him into rehab So all in all Mikhail has a lot to contend with and finds his strength and support in Shane.I loved Shane, the typical guy with a big heart who only wants to do good in life and make a difference He is the sort of policeman that doesn t see everything in terms of right or wrong, black or white, but everyone has their story to tell and tries to help the kids on the streets by finding them jobs, etc this stems for his childhood as wanting to be a hero Well, he is a hero for everyone but doesn t see it himself The job itself is quietly killing him even if he doesn t see it himself, the others do After a knife attack he lands up in hospital and once again the family from The Pulpit, Deacon, Crick, Benny and Jeff are all there at his side The one thing I love about these books is the fact that they live true to the saying, Friends are the family we choose for ourselves Well, never a truer word was spoken My favourite quote from Shane is I have an equal opportunity pecker but a one chance heart Mikhail has a dream to take his mother on a cruise and somewhere warm before she dies and is saving for this Shane helps him out without him knowing, but when he finds out later the Shane had helped financially it is not possible for him to be angry Mikhail s mother sees to that Well, Mikhail s mother dies and this was so poignantly written, sad but uplifting at the same time, it reduced me to a bawling my eyes out So there I was, a grown man sat behind the wheel of my car in a traffic jam with tears pouring down my face Geez, I still tear up when I think about it.Well, Mikhail is hurting and although his own emotional protection shield is to push those people he loves the most away, by thinking they will be better off without him or he is not good enough for them and doesn t deserve him doesn t work so easily with Shane He is head over heels in love with Shane and it takes and devious plan worked out by, Benny, Deacon, Crick, Amy, John and Andrew, to get him to realise this This part of the book was great, with the family working on him brings Mikhail around and he soon realises resistance is futile Their love for each other deepens to the point where there is no running for the hills for Mikhail and no question about not making his future with Shane.Again, as with the first book, the plot is so well lined out, intricate and keeps you in its grip all the way through and doesn t let go All the characters are present again from the first book and all have their role to play, but introducing Mikhail and Kimi as new characters This blog post would be a mile long trying to give you an idea of the ups and downs, twists and turns Shane and Mikhail have to navigate to find their happy ending The main thing that I felt about this second book is Amy Lane is an author who obviously has a big heart and great understanding for the social problems, discrimination and everyday fight to survive that a lot of people have in our society today Everyone has their story to tell and good can be found in everyone as long as you are prepared to look deep enough, be patient enough and give it time However, you can only help someone if they are prepared to help themselves a little first.The narrator, Paul Morey, again is excellent and clear to understand bringing the characters alive His voice characterisation of Mikhail s Russian accent is expertly done The only thing is that when producing a series of books I wish the producers would use the same narrator for all books Just as you get used to the voice characterisations of one narrator you have to get used to the other Just as in reading you have an image in your head of the characters and with audio books I feel it is sometimes made even vivid by the narrator Therefore having to match your image of the character to another narrator can cause some irritation at the beginning, but it is a short lived experience and as soon as I got into Paul s excellent reading i was hitched.I so love this series and can only recommend it highly, whether you listen to the audio books or read the books you re in for an emotional rollercoaster of a ride that will keep you enthralled from beginning to end Now moving on to the third book

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    It s been years since I read Keeping Promise Rock but I put off reading this book for a while after I bought it Why I honestly have no idea Maybe I didn t want my heart to be ripped out of my chest, ran over by a stampede then put back together with glue In any case, when I finally read this, I absolutely loved it Even than Keeping Promise Rock Ms Lane has such an amazing ability to get me so drawn into a story I don t want to put it down I absolutely loved Mikhail and Shane They both had their flaws and their problems but yet they fit together and healed each other when no one else could It s a sweet yet sad story Watching these two work through their problems made me tear up a few times but it was also fascinating to see how they handled it all.One thing I really loved about this book was Mikhail s witty, sarcastic, defensive humor I found myself cracking up at the way Mikhail would talk to Shane but rather than it being mean, it came across as affectionate Shane took everything in stride with a calm presence I loved that he s so lovable, that he has such a huge heart And I m glad Mikhail was there to keep that heart safe because Shane has a horrible, yet admirable, problem of putting everyone before himself The story is slow yet easy to read There s multiple conflicts ranging from injuries to bigotry to grieving and that they both have to get through and even some scenes that had me hanging on the edge of my seat I m glad things worked out for these two because they both deserve to be happy Overall, definitely a great addition to the series I m looking forward to reading Living Promises and hope to see of Mikhail and Shane someday

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    What a wonderful second book for the series It s been a while since I read the first book so some of the details were a bit fuzzy but as I read this bookI started to remember Deacon Cricks journey and I wondered to myself WHY has it taken me so long to read this story.Shane was an all around great guy He just wants to see everyone in his life happy even if it means that he s not Mikhail..oh goodness This fiesty Russian is by far one of my absolute favorite characters I ve ever read He was just the right mix of fiesty, jealousy, adorbs, tender and loving, even with all these wonderful qualities he didn t feel like he deserved anyone is good as Shane.Be warned your emotions will be brought outyour heart might feel like it s getting ripped apartyou WILL smilelaugh and fall in love I will not be waiting as long to read the next book this time.

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    kay so i dont have the write words to explain to you how much i loved this book,it was just so AMAZING The Love and Passion and understanding and forgiving of each other was just out of this world Shane and Mickey Were fantastic i couldnt put it down, I love the way Amy Lane writes and draws us into her world I Just loved it i can not wait to read another one in this series I cried and Laughed i got anoyoyed but no much i fell in love with every single cat,dog, Family member and just wanted to be a part of this world I Loved this book had to be the best book i have read in ages Quote by Mickey Oh yes, you are pretty There..If I scratch your ass,will you preen for me of course you will.Look at that tail you are a kitty in search for a piece of ass,yes you are Mickey She cannot have you.You are mine.I dont are how perfect she is for you You wernt watching her when you spoke,you were watching me,and you are mine and another Mickey I cannot face you if you think i look at you and see anything less then the man you are.I am not settling for you, i am reaching for you and there is a difference and you are that man I just loved this BOOK I would totally re read it again I just loved every one. Deacon and Crick Thud Crick did the freehanding,and Deacon said it looked a damned sight better than the water tower.Crick turned red and said Fuck you,Deacon and then Deacon had smirked,So so GOOD

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    Beautiful Heartbreaking Loved Just when you think you got it down Promises in the Dark Pat Benatar Oh I loved this story Shane is a fascinating character with all his quirks and weirdness and secrets, but Mikhail was the one I grabbed onto his beauty and aloofness and underlying vulnerability just kept me holding my breath for him at times, hoping he d let some of his frailties and fears escape for Shane to take care of You are still my hope, and now, I m your promise It was great to catch up with the rest of the gang too.Highly recommended for reading after Keeping Promise Rock and my review here

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    Amy Lane writes so beautifully that I get lost in the language as much as the story I loved Shane, we should all be so blessed to have someone so strong and solid in our lives and Mikhailthe way he is short and curt with Shane speaks volumes of the overwhelming love he feels for him Mikhail s characterization is so real, his ups and downs, he comes right off the page This book made me laugh really hard, Crick and Deacon s banter is nice to read again, and cryI looked like an iguana afterwards But in a good way Truly awesome book.

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    Amy Lane is an awesome writer.This is the second book in the Promises Series In this we follow Officer Shane Perkins who joined the family at The Pulpit in the last 40 or so pages of Keeping Promise Rock and Mikhail Vasilyovitch Bayul who we also met briefly the previous book Shane is big hearted and Mikhail is damaged and they need each other but they just have to figure that out We follow them from their meeting through their courtship and them finding themselves and each other This book really only spans a year s time although the bulk of the story happens between October and February and we breeze through the rest of time in comparison Again we see the importance of this family and I m starting to see the overall arc of this series and this motley cast of people When it ended I just stared at the author s bio page wanting .While this was not the epic tale that was Crick Deacon s story, it was no less of an emotional journey We also get to see a little bit of our old favorites, and we got a little bit insight on Jeff, which helps set him up for his own book I wish there was of Andrew but I know he really didn t have a place in this story although I did find his absence odd in when people were teaching Benny to drive But this book is also funny Not a gut buster, but funny in the way people are in real life Mikhail and Shane both speak this language that is really funny if you follow it which I did.Ok, this is the timeline stuff that I enjoy so if you hate timelines, you can skip this paragraph Shane meets The Pulpit Family in June and this book starts in October It overlaps Keeping Promise Rock and in the two instances where the action actually overlaps it was like having the camera pan and see another scene at the same event This book is definitely connected to the first and reading out of order I think would be confusing If I had to wage complaints, there would be 2 and they are so small they clearly didn t effect my overall enjoyment of the book First, some pretty big things happen to Shane that involve the whole family during the time the first two books overlap and it seems weird that they weren t even mentioned in passing during the narration And second there is a character that is not at the big picnic that is the final scene of Keeping Promise Rock but appears in this book when we revisit the same scene in this book I think it only stands out to me because one everything else is so skillfully woven together Also this character felt awkward when first introduced like a set up for possible conflict and so being insinuated into this event felt strange as well, but maybe that s just me.From the author s website I know that the next book is called Living Promises and will be about Jeff and Collin, I don t think we know who Collin is, yet And then there will be a final book, Return To Promise Rock and it will see the final HEA of all the characters.I m excited

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    Amazingly treacley small town gay romance he s a cop, he s a dancer not like that Hit some buttons of mine, missed others, details uninteresting to anyone who isn t me.But this book did make me think about the value of romance as a genre This is a story about two people coming together while one loses his adored mother to slow, wasting disease And it s about their friends s struggle to keep a business alive, and a soldier come home but not the same, and making the best of the baby you didn t want to have It s about gestures all the shit that just happens And because this is a romance, it doesn t have to mean anything, and we don t have to, like, have a drum circle about the unbearable lightness of human existence or whatever It just is The shit that happens The way people die and how money is short and sometimes there s no condom, but you do your best anyway, and at least the company is good contemporary fiction or whatever we re calling it these days can never reach me like that, because it s usually trying too damn hard to have a big fucking epiphany This book was mostly trying to get a couple of guys laid, and somehow it managed to get so much vital stuff of life into every frame.So okay I ll chalk one up for romance Sometimes, it s just about the shit that happens to you And as a person to whom shit happens on a startlingly frequent basis, I appreciate that we don t have to talk about what it all means.

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    I liked this book even than Keeping Promise Rock The characters seemed real and engaging, and their difficulties were external than internal I prefer when the big obstacles to a relationship are not just the characters misunderstanding and doubting themselves and each other, although some of that in the mix is fine These two guys had a nice assortment of issues and personal qualities and a story line that was intense without seeming over dramatic Mikhail in particular is damaged and prickly but sweet and funny and very appealing Shane is the guy who makes it through life by never expecting much so he can be happy with what he gets You want to hug him and tell him he s worth having the best, not just being okay This is a new favorite shelf book for me.

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    Such a lovely installment in this series While there isn t quite as much angst as in Keeping Promise Rock , I didn t mind not having my heart ripped out of my chest with every page Shane really is the hero everyone dreams would be there to stand up for them when they most need it Mikhail has had such a trying life you can t help want him to have some happiness now.Shane Perkins has always wanted to help save people The best way, he always thought, was to become a cop, but after being left without backup and getting shot because his precinct found out he was gay Shane has traded in his big city position for the smaller Levee Oaks He may not have needed to work after the settlement he received from the police force for their blatant disregard of his life, but it s all he s ever wanted to do In Levee Oaks though he s finally found people that he considers his family Crick and Deacon and their crew of misfits have become his family and he wouldn t trade them for the world Still when his twin sisters informs him she s performing with a Renaissance Festival nearby he can t wait to reconnect with her as well He never expected the absolute smack upside the head he felt upon seeing her dance partner Mikhail Vasilyovitch Bayul has always had dance It s been the one constant in his life and has been all that s allowed him to put food on the table Even if back in Russia it was also what took him down the dark path into drug addiction and prostitution to pay for it all If it hadn t been for his mother that dark hole may have been where he ended up for all time Instead she managed to pull him out of it all by moving them to America and getting him into rehab He s been clean for a number of years and enjoys his work as a dance instructor His only goal now to keep his promises to his mother, to stay clean and to make sure she gets to go somewhere warm and lovely before she passes As her cancer is getting worse that last promise is adding a lot of stress to his day to day life The addition tip income he gets from dancing at the faire is incredibly helpful He enjoys dancing with Kimmy as well, despite her rather offish boyfriend and his drug issues Meeting her brother though turns out to be one temptation too many for Mikhail to resist.First of all before we even get into the meat of the story, I do so love a smart MC I LOVED Shane s reaction to knowing he d been set up in that alley in LA That call to IAB was just awesome He wasn t going to back down, was going to be the hero no matter what, but he wasn t going to go down without a fight Shane s sense of self sacrifice may be a little over developed and lead him into trouble than anything else, but that s just what he needs Mikhail and the rest of his friends for He s never had someone actually care if he lived or died, so if he was going to go it needed to mean something Honestly both these characters really didn t give themselves enough credit It took both of them falling for the other to make them truly see the worth in themselves Something they ll still always struggle with, but the validation their love of the other gives them is enough to keep them fighting They re both quirky and weird in the best way possible I don t know what it says about me that I follow Shane speak as well Could just mean I m bonkers, but hey, I m ok with that I love how over the top caring Shane is with everyone in his life He rescues puppies and kittens for gosh sakes It s adorable Of course he s going to fall for someone like Mikhail who needs to have someone to care for Shane looks out for everyone else in his life, he needs Mikhail to look out for him Oh, and how wonderful was the end of their courtship view spoiler After Mikhail s mom dies and he s absolutely horrible to Shane, I couldn t believe Shane s plan It was so brilliant I m not going to let you forget about me, I m going to stalk you by sending all of my friends who care about you too to see you every day and make sure you re taking care of yourself So sappy, and so wonderful hide spoiler