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This book started out bad The MC I already forgot his name is an Uber Slut I think that means like extremely promiscuous, whorey, tramp, skank, no standards his man hole is so loose it s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway and to top that off he is an Uber Drunk Driving Slut or UDDS for short please note MC will now be called UDDS from now on in this review It starts off with UDDS waking up with a stranger after drinking too much and driving to stranger s house where he had sex, probably protected but who knows with UDSS All of chapter one is like that just UDSS remembering random hook ups and stuff and he makes a big deal out of the fact that he went to bed on a Sunday night for the first time in months without going out trolling and getting drunk Yeah that s all the development we have for UDSS Then this is a spoiler but all happens in chapter one and two so not big spoilers view spoiler At the end of the chapter he gets a call that his dad died We know nothing about his dad and UDSS has never even mentioned the dad all he thinks about are the anonymous men he lets fuck him anywhere anytime So when we got this news it was like as a reader should we care that a slutty stranger got sad news about another stranger It felt like instead of developing a character and creating an emotional connection with UDSS instead the author just used a dead relative knowing hoping most readers will care from personal experience, that s all my personal opinions from reading this but seriously I relate to UDSS about as much as I d relate to Paris Hilton or any super slutty vapid random stranger Then when he moves back home he isn t slutty but its from lack of options like seriously after a couple weeks he is shaking because he hasn t been laid for a couple weeks It is pretty slow going at 31% nothing has happened except his dad died It is like we learn about the horses and feeding them and how they fowl and we have a seen where we watch Eli stick his arms up a horses backside to turn the fowl This stuff all bores me since there has been no plot or romance yet If this was a How To Guide to Farming or Horse I would say it is right on target, but as a MM Romance it is just not that good Note those are just my thoughts up to 31% I need to finish the book I have finished the book I was not impressed with it It never really got better IMO It seemed to focus on Everything but the relationship Like seriously how many times did I read about them brushing their horses in excruciating detail Or how many times did I read about them cleaning up after eating or cleaning the stalls How many different people did I read about getting riding lessons I lost count but it was way too many to keep me entertained A lot of the book felt like I was reading a guide to maintaining your horse farm UDDS meets Eli and then it skips a month and they are in love I guess developing the relationship wasn t important compared to learning about planting crops and harvesting them Apparently we weren t the only ones to learn nothing about Eli because when UDDS friend, Raine comes to visit he asks Eli a couple questions and UDDS thinks he better listen because he didn t know any of this stuff about Eli Like seriously you ve known him a month and a half and are in love with him but you didn t know he only went to Amish school until he was 14 or any of the other stuff Raine asked him an hour after they met Yeah, that sounds like a real deep connection.Then when UDDS tells Eli he was a whore and had sex with a different guy each night and Eli gets insecure he decides to reassure Eli by fucking him Like seriously you say you re the biggest slut and somehow doing what you have done for strangers than you remember is supposed to make Eli feel reassured Not only that after a month and a half you know Eli is poorly educated he is referred to as a boy a lot and probably has never heard of a condom but UDDS fucks him without a condom anyway and doesn t even mention condoms or safe sex to Eli You can only assume UDDS probably never uses condom so he didn t think of it Poor Eli really got shafted ending up with UDDS What was the deal with Len or any of them mourning the dead dad It skips two weeks after he dies and everyone seems to be over it By the end of the book Len is even already dating again after his lover of 20 years just died a few months ago Like seriously after 20 years it only takes a few months to get over it In conclusion I wouldn t have even finished if it weren t for the M M Group bingo challenge The story was so boring and mostly revolved around mundane tasks like cleaning, cooking, horse care, riding, really uninspired sex, and blah blah it went on and on I liked Eli and Len and the ranch hands but I never warmed up to UDDS It seemed like the author tried too hard to make him perfect and to me he was just bland hide spoiler Aww man this read..I just did not understand Geoff s treatment shown to Len I did not understand the why s of the slut ness of Geoff s persona And, I do not recall the use of condum s And, why is this book so poorly edited, from DSP, where I pay top dollar for my books The Book What I Loved and Took With Me The letter from Cliff sniffle The adorable hospital scene.The courting and Len s comment about the courting.The cuddling The warmpt of the farm home Len s strengthGeoff and Eli s sweetness Eli is YA ish in this book, I glad he is GROWN UP ish in the books that move forward.Gosh, I loved all that And, this book is like 3.5 Stars rounded down due to MAJOR editing issues Here are just a few editing issues.1 good is love no, no I think you meant God is love otherwise your sentence is off 2 And Geoff said, like my brown hair and my brown eyes.well in book 0.5 he had blue eyes and blond hair Ooh, and please note, the reading timeline was off..mixed up by date of pub I was opening up and closing books left, right and sideways.because I need my books in chroniLOGICAL order I hope this helps youMy recommended reading orderfor timeline ease 1 Book 0.52 Book 13 Book 4.5 Joey is in high school 4 Book 1.5 5 Book 2 Joey graduated from college 4.75 StarsGeoff is living the life of a young man with few responsibility and full of hormones and with all the tail he can get in the city, he s living the life of riley.The bubble burst on Geoff life of burning the candle at both ends when his dad dies Coming home to the ranch is alot of things now for Geoff but most importantly it s the fact that his dad is no longer there that is, one of his dad s He has two and with a few carefully placed words and some home truth he soon agrees to stay and take control of the ranch.It s hard work but Geoff is strong and his heart is in it so it becomes a labour of love to work the farm with his dad and the men who works for them When all seem to be going well except for minor family incident Eli, a young Amish boy turns up in the barn On closer inspection Geoff realises this is not a boy but a young man and quickly also learn that he is on a year out from home what could Geoff do but offer him a job of course.Thus begins a point in both their life s where something magical happened to them and they are lapping it up and enjoying it as much as they can Things are not as wonderful however no matter how much they would like to think so, because family and community intolerance and ultimately that inner voice of responsibility call to them both to do the right.Despite the decision that they have to make it is a bitter pill to swallow but it is one they have to live with as than just Geoff and Eli will be affect by the word of the few This is my first book by Andrew Grey and it is not going to be my last I was attracted to the book by the cover there is a wholesomeness about the cover that is such a difference from the usual crop of overdone sex up men that immediately I wanted to find out if this transferred to the pages between this book.YES it did, everything about LOVE MEANS NO SHAME is geared at the heartstring and in such a way that I felt like I could reach out and touch these characters Geoff is the main protag, as the whole book is centred around him He has been blessed to have grown up in an environment that allowed him to grow up into the man that he wanted to be, he loved, he laugh and he was happy on his terms The one thing that Geoff has never had to deal with is a death in his immediate family and with his dad s death it brought alot of home truth home to him it was time to be a man.Manning up comes for Geoff in different forms, it starts off with tackling the family bitches, then it was dealing with the farm and his dad All of this he takes in his stride but the biggie comes in the shape of Eli, the scared Amish young man that he finds in his barn.His sense of responsibility kicks in and as much as he tries to deny what he was feeling, Eli is like the little train that could and before long he was everywhere and everything to Geoff At this point I fell in love with these two, Grey gave them life and wrapped them in so much layer of wanting and needing each other but also gave them solidity to have their feet firmly planted in reality so they knew right from the start that honesty is the best policy and also when to fish or cut bait HighlightsThis is one of those books that once you click the last page you think WOW yup, that the feeling I had.The main protags were dynamic in their personality no two could have been different and yet so alike in how they were brought up and their whole approach to tackling life s challenges and ultimately the responsibility that they must take on.The support cast had their own little ball a rolling and I admit, I was hard press to keep up with the love life of Geoff and Eli because the side stories were angsty, topical and down right nasty in some scenes.There was a simplicity to this book that made it a good read for me it had none of the over the top lifestyle or personality These characters were real, they got, up , worked, came home and went to bed got up the next day and did it all again When the chance to grab a little happiness came their way I was most definitely on the sideline waving my pom pom s for Geoff and Eli.I like the fact that Grey wrapped the mystery of the angst and nastiness of the book nicely into the plot and I has another DAMN moment when all was reveal that was a real surprise LowlightsVery little to be honest There were scenes that I probably would have liked Grey to expand on, but that is just me not wanting to let the characters go.The mystery was so well time and well played that when the DAMN moment was reveal I was let down that I was not going to know about this big mystery but I soon realise that another book LOVE MEANS COURAGE was out and I am on my way off to get Bottom lineEvery now and then you read an authors work that leaves you thinking that you should have known about the author months ago or even years ago but for me I read this book at the right time as I have a decent amount of back history to get through with this author.LOVE MEANS NO SHAME is a keeper and for than just the cover Each character in this book made a name for themselves, each scene was written with attention to detail and to get me involved in the life of the ranch and the people on the ranch.I have read Amish books before and even met a few and I thought that aspect of the book was done with such class and style and this than anything else added that touch of realism to the book.Mr Grey is an author that has pushed his way onto my auto buy list and it was a pleasure to have read LOVE MEANS NO SHAME I think this is a wonderful book I love the message I love the characters And I love Andrew s style of writing I read it a few years ago and since then several times I own it in paperback I think Eli s character is my favorite I loved his tenderness I think everyone who deals with predudice and fear should read this book I think Andrew spells out LOVE in a poignant way It was a book that meant a lot to me the first time I read it The theme of no shame stupid out in a personal way I am truely grateful for Mr Grey s thoughts on coming out And following your heart Eli and Geoff are one of my favorite couples. Geoff Is In The City, Living The Gay Life To The Hilt, When His Father S Death Convinces Him To Return To The Family Farm Discovering A Young Amish Man Asleep In His Barn, Geoff Learns That Eli Is Spending A Year Away From The Community Before Accepting Baptism Into The Church Despite Their Mutual Attraction, Geoff Is Determined Not To Become Involved With Him, But Eli Has Discovered That Geoff Shares His Feelings And Begins To Court Him, Neatly Capturing First Geoff S Attention And Then His HeartTheir Budding Relationship Is Threatened By Closed Minded, Gossipy Relatives And The Society At Large, A Whole New World To Eli, And He Must Decide Whether To Return To The Community, His Family, And The World And Future He Knows Or To Stay With Geoff And Have Faith In The Power Of Love This was a sweet but also very sad read I read this after Love Means Courage the story of Geoff s dads Cliff and Len , that s why the death of Cliff at the beginning of this book had me especially sad.So, here we got the story of Geoff and Eli Geoff, who came back from Chicago where he had worked as an accountant during the day, while he had spent his nights with meaningless one night stands to take over the farm when his father died and Eli, a sweet, young and innocent Amish man Two very different men, who had found the love of their lives in each other.I really enjoyed reading this book, even though I think I cried during the half of it.3,5 stars I loved this book and the whole time I was reading it, I was patting myself on the back for buying 3 others of his at the same time Really good book, y all Really. Overall book rating 4 sweet stars Audio book Narrator R Kirstein 4stars Book cover 3.5 StarsThis book is about little Geoff all grown up This book started out sad but it just shows you to waist no time and to love to the fullest every minute of every day.Little Geoff finds the love of his life I truly loved this story. After his father passes away Geoff goes back to take over the running of the family farm.One morning he finds a toung Amsih man sleeping in the barn, Eli Eli is on his rumspringa and Geoff offers him a job and a home Over time the two fall in love.I liked seeing Eli leaarning about the English and trying new things.Geoff and Eli were good together and apart from some angst towards the end it was a good story. Parts of this book are interesting with a deep emotional connection but unfortunately the very uneven pacing drags the action and length of the book out Also most of the conflict is resolved and told off page so the reader is unable to experience some of the problems and emotions as the characters do Mostly this is a sweet, easy romance that throws a little texture in by way of bigoted attitudes but really those attitudes impact very little in the main relationship The writing is average with some painful editing mistakes and awkward prose choices, but the strong relationship may draw some readers in enough to ignore those problems Geoff returns to his family home after his father dies from cancer Geoff must now run the farm and in doing so, he discovers a local Amish man sleeping in the barn The young man, Eli, is on a year away from his community and accepts Geoff s offer to work and live at the farm Eli and Geoff have a strong attraction that neither fights too hard but soon Eli realizes his actions may have deep ramifications on his Amish family The story is decent enough but there is very little actual action Geoff returns to the farm and he and Eli date rather quickly They re together for a short time before Eli realizes that his Amish family may be affected by his actions and chooses to return to the community Once there, though, Eli is unhappy and does return to Geoff Unfortunately the story is told in third person POV from Geoff s perspective which greatly limits the potential of the book What motivates Eli, how he deals with the new culture, community, his sexuality, and the problems inherent against his upbringing is never brought into the story at all Instead Eli is very easy going, loving, and accepting of everything His reasons for returning to Geoff and how he can reconcile the potential problems to his family the very reason he left in the first place is never resolved Instead there is a vague statement that Eli will deal with that if it happens Considering the concerns were enough to leave the love of his life, Geoff, this weak rationalization felt ineffectual and unsatisfying Further, the emotional and intense scenes seemed to be brushed over quickly while day to day activities are drawn out almost to the point of boring The prose is made up of short, quick sentences lacking description but stating action Such as Geoff walked to the door He looked outside This is punctuated with often awkward prose and dialogue which contradicts with word choices There are also several conflicts brought up that aren t resolved such as the aunt s damaging gossip This is mentioned several times and even alluded to the reason that Geoff, Raine, and Eli are attacked in town yet other than Geoff s decision to cut the aunt out of his life, no action is taken or mentioned Clearly if this gossip is enough to provoke violence and potentially affect Geoff s farm, then something else must be done However, nothing is mentioned and if action occurs it is off page Other examples such as this create the feel of unimportant details added in for texture and mild conflict The relationship between Eli and Geoff is mostly conflict free and easy as they slowly and gradually explore the physical side of their relationship while going about their lives There is the small problem of Eli leaving, which while an emotional scene, is muted by the lack of intensity and the easy, off page resolution Overall I was mostly bored reading this story and felt the writing didn t help much unfortunately The pacing is inconsistent with extended scenes of mundane detail and often barely skimming by any emotional tension The ending, while sweet, is completely unsatisfying with an off page resolution and no additional insight into the characters choices and thoughts The majority of any action is told rather than shown and thus the reader is presented with a story that holds no connection and no energy As a sweet, bland romance, perhaps this will appeal to some fans but the lack of tight writing and interesting dialogue is enough to recommend better choices.